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Year of the Rabbit
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Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18
Chiron & Prometheus
The Year of the Rabbit
Feb 3, 2011 - Jan 22, 2012

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The Chinese New Year is on February 3, 2011. The Chinese calendar is a combination of solar and lunar calendars. The Chinese New Year occurs on the first new moon after the Sun has reached 330 degrees of longitude measurement along the ecliptic. This 330 degrees corresponds to the Sun's entrance into Aquarius.


But wait, isn't the New Moon on February 2nd? Yes in the eastern time zone the New Moon occurs on February 2nd at 9:31 PM.  However China is 8 hours east of Greenwich Mean Time. Eastern Standard Time is 5 hours west. So there is a 13 hour difference. 9:31 PM + 13 hours = 10:31 AM on February 3rd.  


 The Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. 

The Rabbit is the 4th sign and it is ruled by the Moon. The energy is yin or receptive. Rabbit symbolism is about abundant reproduction,

refined creativity, and a peaceful creative flow of energy. They don't like to be pinned down or to forced into difficult choices and tend to side-step anything that might be disruptive. They are aloof, charming, sentimental, gracious, 

and helpful.


Shelly Wu teaches Chinese Astrology at IAA. For more information on the year of the rabbit,

visit Shelly Wu's website

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Times Below are Local Standard Time

 Jupiter is in the constellation Pisces and is visible in the evening. He will be above the SW horizon at sunset. Jupiter sets shortly after 10:00 pm on January 21st and around 9:00 pm on February 18th.


Saturn is in the constellation Virgo and rises in the east just before midnight on January 21st.  He rises around 10:00 pm on February 18th.

Venus is visible in the morning. She rises in the ESE in the constellation Scorpio around 4:30 am on January 21st. On February 18th she rises in the constellation Sagittarius around 5:00 am.
Mercury rises in the ESE just after 6:30 am in the constellation Sagittarius on January 21st. He will be visible through the first week of February and then disappear in the light of morning dawn.
Astrology Classes at IAA:  International Academy of Astrology 

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Next Semester at IAA begins the week of March 14, 2011

Online audio-visuaalc lasses for all levels of knowledge that meet in real time. Many new classes featuring some of the top astrologers whose names you will recognize.
Per usual, I am teaching DPL01: Forecasting - Pinpointing Major Themes  
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Dear Friends, 


It's been an interesting week for Astrology. Professor Parke Kunkle from Minnesota brought up precession, Ophiuchus, and told the world their astrological signs were wrong. He decided to fix it and put out new dates for the signs. This is like calling an electrician to fix your plumbing. Kunkle is not the first astronomer to do this, nor will he probably be the last. Every decade it seems some astronomer does this to send a new generation into a frenzy. This time the story reached epic proportions due to news spreading so quickly and vastly via our social media networks.  


Many news stations around the country called on me and my colleagues to set the story straight. I was interviewed on Fox 8 News on January 14th. While much of what I said wound up on the cutting room floor of a fun and light story not much more than a minute and a half in length, the point did get across that no one's sun is changing because the tropical zodiac that your sun sign is based on correlates to the seasons not the constellations. 


For more information on this, please my article Astrology for Astronomers: Why The Tropical Zodia Sun Signs Will Never Change Over Time at my website.


I am glad that when an astronomer alleged something was wrong with the sun signs of western astrology that the media reacted responsibly by getting second opinions from astrologers. Continue to read what you have always read and don't run out and change your tattoo.





Aquarius   January 20 - February 18

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Happy Birthday to Aquarius! If your Sun is in Aquarius you are concerned with socialization of your individual nature. You are likely to become involved with groups who hold the same ideal for humanity that you do. You are rebellious when you think bureaucratic society is repressing its people, even on the smallest level. You have no problem rising to a cause. You are an innovative thinker and progressive in your approach. You may be a trend setter. Some may think you are eccentric because of your fixed ideals and social convictions. You value your friendships because your sense of self is derived from them.


We all have Aquarius somewhere in our birth chart.


Planets in Aquarius either uphold or shaking up the status-quo depending on their convictions to the larger humanitarian ideal. The way of Aquarius is idealistically, progressively, industriously, innovating, revolutionary, unconventional, group oriented, convicted, liberating, and reformative. Aquarius seeks to connect with a social group that marches to the beat of the archetypal drive of the planet. Its symbol is the water bearer, the air function being the "carrier" of the emotional needs contained in the collective.


Chiron Myth  & Prometheus's Archetypal Correlation to Uranus               



Chiron is a centaur - half-man and  half horse. His key theme is the wounded healer. Prometheus stole fire from the gods so man could have intelligence and underwent a sacrifice for humanity for doing so. Thus Prometheus has archetypal correlations with Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius. For the purpose of this Aquarius issue of the Yogic Astrology Newsletter, I will skip ahead in the story of Chiron to the portion that involves Prometheus. For the beginning of the story, please see my article The Mythology of Chiron.

As we enter this story, Prometheus is chained to a rock while a vulture tears at his liver. This is his   punnisment  delivered by Zeus for stealing fire from the gods. Meanwhile Chiron, a reknowned healer, has retired to a cave to live out his days in agony because he can not heal his own  wound that  was delivered accidentially by Hercules when he returned from his Hydra labor.  


Hercules seeks out Chiron in the cave and tells him what is happening to Prometheus, the champion of humanity. Hercules explains that in helping Prometheus, Chiron can help himself as well.  Hercules has an idea that will end both of their suffering. In  Prometheus, Chiron saw the  reflection of his own wounded-ness, which left the centaur compelled to save Prometheus and therefore help all of humanity while ending his own suffering. Chiron agrees to the plan. Hercules then goes to  plead with Zeus for Chiron to descend to Hades in exchange for Prometheus' freedom.  Zeus agrees and it is arranged. 


The Deeper Symbolism: Chiron's wound was accidential and many our our Chiron type wounds are equally unintential and come from family patterns of relating.  That is also the symbolism of neutralizing karma and liberation from the wheel of life, death and rebirth.  It goes beyond karma to acceptance of one's fate, one's allotment, one's dharma or life purpose. Chiron knew what he had to do. He had been in the cave long enough that he was not making the sacrifice for anyone other than allegiance to his own inner voice. This is where the inner guide, the inner healer, the internal alchemist comes in.


Chiron is the inner guide that takes us to our own depths, is with us through our wounding, understands our suffering, nurtures us in the cave of isolation and helps us with the battle between the ego and its shadow. Chiron understands both the logical human intellect and the creative, instinctual and primal urges and values both equally.  Chiron is the inner teacher/mentor/guide/guru who helps us personally heal ourselves and transpersonally heal others who possess a similar wound.


By listening to our inner guide, we can understand pieces of our own purpose or dharma for this lifetime. We can become conscious enough and self accepting enough to recognize when we are falling into the patterns that reiterate Chiron's themes. This is our metaphorical  journey into the cave, the safe place for healing to begin. 


We are all capable of becoming our own shamans. Chiron's placement and dialogue in our own charts shows us how the inner guide works for us through both ourselves and others. Also it shows where we can teach, guide and heal others and how others work to teach, guide and heal us as well. Once we grasp the significance of the esoteric symbolism behind the exoteric reality, we really see our own Chiron story come to life. 



It is no coincidence that Chiron was discovered when opposite Uranus. To see the discovery chart of Chiron and read about  correlations  between Chiron's mythology and the discovery chart, read Chiron's Discovery & Synchronistic Events at my website.


My gift to you this month is a 30 minute Chiron Consultation for $30 

This consultation will focus on the sign and house of Chiron in your birth chart. It will also focus on the aspects Chiron makes to other planets to unfold your own personal Chiron story. As the story unfolds and you think of examples of how your story has manifested thus far, we will look at the planets that correlate to the triggers and look for them in upcoming transits as potential times for deep healing to take place.


Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP
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