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Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21
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The International Acedemy of Astrology and the Conjunction Group
proudly present:

Annual Christmas Party

ONLINE around the World


Come along and celebrate the end of a spectacular year for IAA and Conjunction. Everyone is invited to astrologically forecast what 2011 will hold for their own countries or associations - anything you would like. But in general it is a social occasion to simply be with friends and enjoy the festive season.   

Saturday, Dec 4, 2010
5:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PDT
10:00 PM GMT

It is FREE to attend, but seating in the cyber lecture hall is limited so register now
What is Yogic Astrology?
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Yogic Astrology combines the disciplines of Yoga and Astrology as a journey to awakening where we plug into, connect, give and receive the infinite potential the universe has to offer in the ever present eternal now. Astrology provides the road map to awakening and Yoga provides practice of awakening.
Together these two disciplines help us find our unique way to connect to all that is and become the change we seek in the world as we unite our body, mind and spirit to bring ourselves into alignment with the rhythmic cycles of the cosmos and participate with joyful presence, compassion, love, and synchronous awareness in the life unfolding perfectly on time around us allowing us to be informed and attuned co-creators of our destiny.


 Astro Data
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Times Below are EST


5:15 AM Sun enters Sagittarius  


9:19 AM Mercury squares Jupiter


8:15 AM Mercury sextile Neptune

9:28 PM Mercury squares Uranus 


3:36 PM Last Quarter Moon  


9:51 AM Mars squares Jupiter

7:36 PM Venus enters Scorpio


7:11 PM Mercury enters Capricorn


11:34 AM Mercury sextiles Venus


2:41 PM Mars sextiles Neptune


9:01 AM Mars squares Uranus


12:36 PM New Moon

8:18 PM Mercury conjunt Pluto

8:51 PM Uranus station direct


4:46 PM Moon occults Mars


3:01 AM Sun sextiles Saturn

6:49 PM Mars enters Capricorn


11:17 AM Venus sextiles Pluto


7:06 AM Mercury Retrogrades

4:10 PM Mercury sextiles Venus


8:59 AM First Quarter Moon

11:09 PM Mercury conjunct Pluto

11:10 PM Mercury conjunct Mars

11:13 PM Mars conjunct Pluto


4:47 PM Sun squares Jupiter


5:31 AM Sun sextiles Neptune

9:55 AM Mercury enters Sagittarius

1:49 PM Sun squares Uranus


8:23 PM Sun conjunct Mercury


6:31 PM Mercury square Uranus


12:03 AM Mercury sextile Neptune

3:13 AM Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

6:39 PM Sun enters Capricorn Winter Solstice

7:59 PM Mercury square Jupiter

Astrology Classes with Julene Packer-Louis
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I am teaching DPL01: Forecasting - Pinpointing Major Themes at the International Academy of Astrology which covers cycles, transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar returns, and eclipses.

I am aslo teaching DPL02: Timing Techniques & Consultation  which covers timing life's major events, client preparation and consultation techniques.
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Dear Friends,


Breaking Down the Borders was a huge success! I had so much fun working behind the scenes on IAA's first cyber astrology conference.  I feel blessed to have been a part of this and to have worked with Ena Stanley and Chris Turner, from whom I learned so much about what it takes to put on a successful conference.  Just watching Chris was amazing! So many people were monumental in making Breaking Down the Borders a success: the 60 fablous speakers we had from all over the world; our 9 fabulous hosts and hostesses; Terry Johnson and Bob Miles for hosting our foyer which added a social element to the conference; our CFO Cathy Rec and Media Director Linda Furiate who handled the advertising and publicity; and our web programmer Ed Perrone who designed the Breaking Down the Borders website and did a miraculous job programming everyone's lecture links appeared on a page especially for them.   We all worked together like a finely tuned machine and I can't think of a better group of people to have the honor or working with. I want to extend a special thank you to those who attended the conference, enjoyed themselves, and provided praise, thanks, and valuable feedback in the survey.


Order Breaking Down the Borders Recordings 

These recordings are downloads of the audio-visual presentation of the lecture. The format is a windows media file that plays on both PC's and MAC's.



I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I certainly enjoyed the long weekend spent with family and my aunt and uncle who came in from Canada. 




Julene's Professional Astrology Consultations
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Julene's consultations are geared toward self understanding and spiritual awakening. By understanding the paradigms that lie behind the probability that we will continue to react the same way in a similar situation, enlightenment dawns on what needs to be integrated to break those paradigms and evolve upward. Thus we begin the evolutionary process of integrating our lessons, and evolving at a soul level beyond the ego. This opens us up to attract new events and higher levels of experience.


Julene also does relationship consultations drawing out the reasons why you are together, what you have come together to learn, and how you are helping each other in your evolution. Through synastry, the relationship comes to life as a journey to self discovery that comes from another mirroring back ourselves. Through composite, the purpose of the relationship becomes illuminated.


Discount for the Month of December, 2010. 

$50/hr each for you and a friend.


The holiday season is fast approaching, with it comes the New Year resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Find out what trends await you in the upcoming year,  how to most easily facilitate your own process of spiritual awakening, and reach your goals in 2011. In the spirit of the Holiday Season, I am offering my professional astrologicaal services for $50 an hour when booked in pairs. So grab a friend or family member and book together to save $40 off my regular hourly rate.


Consultations take place over the phone or in person if you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Payment can be made through Pay Pal at my website or be sending a check to me in the mail.  You will receive a free mp3 recording of your consultation via email. If you do not have email, a CD recording can be sent to you via postal mail for an additional $5.


Visit my Services Page for ordering information on my consultations.

 Sagittarius  November 22 - December 21

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Happy Birthday to Sagittarius! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and how wonderful to be able to observe your ruling planet in the southern sky at sunset during the month of your birthday. Jupiter is known as the greater benefactor of the zodiac. Jupiter in the horoscope indicates the expansion of life experience. It represents wisdom gained through experience and higher education. Jupiter expands everything it touches. It embodies our quest for our personal holy grail as we gain wisdom and seek Truth through exploring other cultures, philosophies, religions and beliefs. The archetypal need of Jupiter is to expand one's horizons - physically, mentally, and spiritually - as we search for meaning and Truth behind the experience. Its glyph is a sideways crescent with a cross on the lower left indicating it is open to scooping up on a soulful level the experience of matter. Jupiter embarks upon the spiritual quest, desires to explore new realms of experience and to understand foreign cultures, and seeks the Truth, which form our philosophies and beliefs.

If your Sun is in Sagittarius, you have a certain wanderlust to continually experience new things that broaden your horizons. This expands into the area of philosophy and you tend to form your beliefs based on your own experiences and what rings as inner Truth. You are generally open-minded but can become dogmatic. You like to think outside the box and can become impatient with closed-minded individuals. You aim high in life and tend to achieve what you set after because your optimism keeps you going along with faith in yourself and your abilities. Your love for adventure takes you down many paths in life where you meet all sorts of interesting people from all walks of life. You may be known for telling fascinating stories of your experiences, and at times for playing "I can top that." You value your freedom to go where the moment takes you and seem to expand whatever it is you touch. In that regard you can be a trail-blazer or pioneer.

We all have Sagittarius somewhere in our birth chart. Planets in Sagittarius seek to broaden the physical and mental horizons.  The Sagittarian way is expansive, optimistic, adventurous, freedom-loving, free-spirited, questing, truth-seeking, philosophical, theosophical, and far-reaching. Sagittarius quests for Truth through the expansion of mental and physical horizons and affords the archetypal need of the planet the freedom to find it in their own way. Its symbol is a centaur archer. The horse part personifies the free-spirited will and the human part representing the intellectual nature. The archer has its arrow aimed upward indicating the far-reaching vision it is after. The house that contains Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter will bring these experiences to that area of life.

Stargazer's Planet Watch
lecture pic     Saturn & Venus are visible in the morning. Locate them in the constellation Virgo above the east-southeast horizon. Spica, the brightest star in Virgo, lies between these two planets. Saturn will be above Spica and Venus below. Venus is the brightest planet because her greenhouse gas atmosphere is highly reflective. Venus will shine through the early morning dawn, and can be seen above the colorful sunrise.
        Jupiter is visible in the evening. Locate him nearly due south as sun set darkens the sky near the border of the constellations Aquarius and Pisces.
        Mercury & Mars might be visible for a few more days if you have good viewing conditions. Both can be spotted barely above the south-west horizon at sunset in the constellation Sagittarius. Mars will not be visible past December 5th and Mercury will not be visible past December 14th.       
        If you want to find all the visible planets in the sky this month, visit the IAA library where I post sky maps of the planets in the section called Mountain Astrologer Sky Maps.

       Julene's Sky Watch column appears as a regular feature in The Mountain Astrologer and contains much more information than this short bit.  The articles in TMA are fabulous. Subscribe, you'll love it!

My gift to you this month is a free personal aspect calendar for the month of December.


These were so popular last month, I am offering them again. You can check out the daily transit version generated by Sirius Software at my website for the month of December. The personal version provides the daily transits in aspect to your natal planets. To order email me your name, date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. I will email you a .jpg file of your personal calendar to print.

Julene picNamaste,

Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP
Your Certified Professional Astrologer for Life



For you and a friend! 
Find out what trends await you in 2011 and how to best facilitate your process of spiritual awakening and reach your goals in the New Year. 

Offer Expires: December 31, 2010