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The International Acedemy of Astrology Proudly Presents:


Breaking Down the Borders


     This is the first ever internet conference put on by IAA. We have 60 of the top speakers from all over the world from all focuses of astrology including modern, traditional, financial,  mundane, evolutionary,

and psychological astrology.

      You can ask questions to the speaker afterwards, just like a physical conference in a hotel.  Only this way there is no airfare and lodging cost.

     You will receive a complimentary windows media audio/visual file of each lecture you attend that is yours to keep for as long as you like. To be a part of this historical event register here.

 Julene's Lecture:

11/19/10 at 6:30 PM EST

The Saturn-Uranus Cycle and the Real Estate Market


Astrological World
Video Blog Update
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   Well it has been eons since I've had the time to do another video blog for Astrological World, which is supposed to be my blog on current events in the news shown through the eyes of astrology. 

      As we are all well aware the Chilean Miners were rescued over 22 hours on October 12th and 13th after being underground for 69 - 70 days since the mine collapsed on August 5th.  Using the chart of Chile and the transits at the time of collapse, rescue and few highlights in between, I unfold the story of their ordeal using astrology. You can view my video blog complete with astrology charts here.

 Astro Data
lecture pic

10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 8:35 AM EDT

10/25 Mercury conjunct Venus 9:17 AM EDT

10/26 Sun sextile Pluto 2:59 PM EDT

10/28 Mars enters Sagittarius 2:48 AM EDT

10/28 Sun conjunct Venus 9:10 PM EDT

10/30 Last Quarter Moon 8:4 AM EDT

11/01 Venus sextile Pluto 9:41 AM EDT

11/04 Mercury trine Jupiter 5:46 PM EDT

11/06 New Moon 12:52 AM EDT

11/06 Mercury square Neptune2:46 AM EDT

11/06 Mercury trine Uranus 8:16 PM EDT

11/07 Neptune Stations Direct 1:05 AM EDT


11/07 Venus enters Libra (Rx) 10:07 PM EST

11/08 Mercury enters Sagittarius 6:43 PM EST

11/13 First Quarter Moon 11:39 AM EST

11/15 Mars sextile Saturn 12:59 AM EST

11/17 Mercury sextile Saturn 9:09 PM EST

11/18 Sun square Neptune4:55 AM EST

11/18 Jupiter Stations Direct 11:55 AM EST

11/18 Venus Stations Direct 4:19 PM EST

11/19 Sun trine Uranus 00:58 AM EST

11/19 Breaking Down the Borders Conference Begins

11/20 Mercury conjunct Mars 1:53 PM EST

11/21 Full Moon 1:46 PM EST

11/22 Sun enters Sagittarius 5:15 AM EST 




The Quantum Physics
of Astrology
consult img
     In a lecture entitled Body, Mind & Soul: The Mystery & The Magic Dr. Deepak Chopra asks how many of us identify ourselves with a job title, relationship or other external reference when asked "Who are you?" He proposes that behind the ego identification we are "a holographic expression of the entire universe that is manifesting as a continuum of probability amplitudes for a space time event."
     This is an excellent case for why astrology works. Your birth chart represents a space time event of your birth.  The planets in their orbit around the Sun are constantly moving, yet the precise moment you are born at a precise location on earth freezes those positions into your birth chart the holds all the wonderful potentials that become YOU.
     This is like quantum physics in a way; where you can not view a particle and a wave at the same time. As soon as you focus of the wave, it is frozen at that moment into a particle. So it is with astrology. We experience this wave of continuum of time and space as we go through life and certain monumental moments become the particles of the events of our life that we freeze to take a deeper look at.
Astrology Classes with Julene Packer-Louis
news pic
I am teaching DPL01: Forecasting - Pinpointing Major Themes at the International Academy of Astrology which covers cycles, transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar returns, and eclipses.

I am aslo teaching DPL02: Timing Techniques & Consultation  which covers timing life's major events, client preparation and consultation techniques.
Online Monthly Lecture
news pic

Hosted by the International Academy of Astrology (IAA)
Nov 6, 2010  6:00 pm EDT 

Astrology in the Hands
with Peter Burns
In this lecture Peter Burns will explain some of the basic principles, how the hands reveal deep psychological insights, and how these insights support and add to those found in the birth chart.

Register then login from your home pc to watch and listen to the live lecture.  

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Dear Friends,

Last month on September 27, 2010 I gave a lecture at the Lake County Astrological Association Signs of the Times & Humanity's Evolutionary Calling. This lecture included a historical background of the prior convergences of the synodic cycles of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto to show similar themes over the last century that were apparent at these convergences. Then from a point of view of where we have been and what we were supposed to be learning, we had a nice discussion on where we are going now and in the future. This lecture is available for purchase at my website.


This Month on November 19, 2010 I will be lecturing on The Saturn-Uranus Opposition and the Real Estate Market at the Breaking Down the Borders Conference.  This lecture was inspired by a real estate CEU class I took on the History of the Banking Industry. I found myself frantically writing down dates of many of the key turning points in the financial industry because I noticed they were following a distinct pattern. I was guessing the Saturn-Uranus cycle which was confirmed upon returning home and checking my ephemeris. While I am most familiar with the UnitedState banking industry, I did do a bit of research on a few other countries to include. I'll be using the charts of countries and Fanne Mae who is a key player in setting the standards of conforming loans that can be bought and sold on the secondary market. We'll also look at the multitude of foreclosures, what got us into this mess, and what is being done to hopefully get us out of the situation besides just throwing money at it.



The Lake County Astrological Association is now selling tickets for their annual Christmas Party held on December 5, 2010 at 12:00 PM at the Pine Ridge Country Club at 30601 Ridge RdWickliffe, OH44092. The cost is $25.00 per person and includes a family style dinner and lecture by renowned Astrologer Richard Smoot on "Predictions for 2011". To purchase a ticket before the cut off date of December 1st, email me for ordering information.


Happy Halloween!




The Sign of Scorpio  October 23 - November 22

 lecture pic                 


Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpio's who will soon be celebrating the solar return. Scorpio is a fixed water sign and its rulers are Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern). Last month I mentioned that the cardinal signs begin the seasons and Libra began the autumn season with the equinox. The fixed signs follow cardinal signs and indicate a time in nature when the season is fixed in full swing. We look at the trees and know it is fall by all the beautiful colors we see and the leaves that are covering our lawn.  It's time to get out the rake and leaf blower, and push them to the curb for the city's leaf sucker to haul them away to be transformed into mulch. The sun is setting earlier and the nights are getting longer. The hot days of summer fell long gone and the cooler days of autumn are upon us. Nothing warms the heart more than a fresh baked apple pie, now that we dare to turn our ovens on again.

Scorpio is also a water sign. Its realm is the emotions. Being fixed water, Scorpio feels things with unsurpassed intensity and depth. It is also tenacious and can have difficulty letting go of an insult or injury, also its tenacity makes for fierce loyalty. Any planet in Scorpio has the innate ability to see the transformational potential in all things. It seeks to eliminate the garbage, to transform it to a higher octave like a metaphysical alchemist turning the lead weight of shadow material into gold.  Scorpio also has the Phoenix as a symbol (or a snake, scorpion, and eagle). There is always the higher association with a bird of flight after exploring the murky depths of still waters that run deep and emerging reborn to a whole new level of being. Scorpio planets want to get to the bottom of things, find out what makes something tick and is especially concerned with what makes the psyche tick be it their own or someone else's.

The house where we have Scorpio is the area of life we most readily seek to experience transformation. Others in this area of life will confide in the Scorpio because they know their secret is safe while they work to sort it out, often after receiving some deep insight from the Scorpio person who likely has been there. This is also true of the house that holds Pluto. Mars the other ruler of Scorpio is the passionate side of Scorpio.  Scorpio being ruled by both Mars and Pluto will fight (Mars) to the death (Pluto) for anything it holds precious and will tenaciously try to hold steadfast against letting go.  So while transformation seems an odd thing to be the keyword for a fixed sign (resistant to change), we have to consider Scorpio as being fixed into a state of transformation, in the cyclical process of birth-death-rebirth.

          We literally see this perpetual transformation cycle in nature when the Sun is in Scorpio in the northern hemisphere. As we look outside and watch the trees shed their leaves and acorns, we see nature dying back to the earth. Yet at the same time we see the seeds of rebirth on the ground. Pondering the quote "the only constant is change" is a good way to understand how a fixed sign can be about transformation. The idea is to fix into the cycle of transformation and continually evolve upward, toward the eagle, becoming the phoenix again and again. 
Stargazer's Planet Watch
lecture pic     Mars, Mercury & Jupiter are evening planets. Saturn & Venus are morning planets.

Mars is visible low above the west-southwest horizon as the skies darken after sunset on October 23rd. This is also a good opportunity to view Antares, the alpha star of the constellation Scorpius. Both Antares and Mars are red objects and can be difficult to tell apart. In fact Antares was named the "Rival of Mars"; Ares being the Greek version of Roman Mars. Antares will be left of Mars and Antares will be slightly brighter than Mars. Mars sets around 7:30 PM and Antares around 7:50 PM (daylight time) on October 23rd

Mercury also begins to become visible in the evening around this beginning of November, but sets quickly at about 5:30 PM. Mercury who moves faster around the Sun and through the zodiac than Mars, will catch up. On November 18th at 5:30 PM look to the southwest, very low above the horizon and see if you can spot Mercury just below Mars. Mercury sets at 5:45 and Mars at 5:55 on November 18th. Mercury will continue to be below Mars for the remainder of November, but will move further east or Mars each night.

Jupiter shines through the evening twilight in the east-southeast and moves across the night sky remaining visible well into the night. Jupiter should be easy to spot as the brightest planet in the evening sky now that Venus is on the other side of the sun. Jupiter will be higher and further west each night at sunset. On November 15th at 6:00 PM locate Jupiter just below and left (east) of the Moon. They will be due south around 8:15 PM and set around 2:00 AM on November 15th.

Venus makes her morning debut around 7:25AM on November 4th. Of course day light is breaking at this time, but brilliant Venus will shine through for a bit. Venus is retrograde until November 18th. We can actually observe this movement by using Spica, the alpha star of Virgo, as our fixed star reference point. Spica lies between Venus and Saturn and is much dimmer than Venus but only slightly dimmer than Saturn. Continue to watch Venus each morning as she moves westward through the zodiac (retrograde motion) to come close to Spica. On November 18th Spica rises at 4:40 AM followed by Venus just before 5:00 AM.  After this, Venus will pull away from Spica in her eastward (direct) motion through the constellation Virgo. 


       If you want to find all the visible planets in the sky this month, visit the IAA library where I post sky maps of the planets in the section called Mountain Astrologer Sky Maps.

      Julene's Sky Watch column appears as a regular feature in The Mountain Astrologer and contains much more information than this short bit.  The articles in TMA are fabulous. Subscribe, you'll love it!

Julene's Professional Astrology Consultations
 consult img                 

Julene's consultations are geared toward self understanding of our probability amplitudes of the events we repeat in our lives. By understanding the paradigms that lie behind the probability that we will continue to react the same way in a similar situation, enlightenment dawns on what needs to be integrated to break those paradigms and evolve upward. Thus we begin the evolutionary process of integrating our lessons, and evolving at a soul level beyond the ego. This raises the octave of the wave of our probability amplitude and we begin to manifest our chart at more integrated and soul conscious level that opens us up to attract new events and higher levels of experience.


Julene also does relationship consultations drawing out the reasons why you are together, what you have come together to learn, and how you are helping each other in your evolution. Through synastry, the relationship comes to life as a journey to self discovery that comes from another mirroring back ourselves. Additionally I use a time-space composite chart with its own probability amplitudes of the relationship dynamics.


Discount for the Month of Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 22.

For both personal and relationship consultations, I am offering a 33% discount on all sessions where you want to explore your scorpionic shadow material that is holding you back in repetitive patterns keeping your from achieving your full potential. We'll bring it into a safe space of loving, non-judgmental light, which leads to self-understanding of the evolutionary process of transforming the ego paradigms at the root.  My goal is to awaken you to new possibilities of how to integrate that energy, break through barriers from old outworn paradigms that are holding you back while fostering self awareness that reaches toward the yogic goals of self actualization and realization. Thus changing your probability amplitudes to resonate at a higher octave to attract new levels of experience that are more aligned with your soul center.

Visit my Services Page for information on my consultations.

Book Review
Elements & Evolution by Eric Meyers M.A.
 news pic                 

This past month I have been reading a newly published book Elements and Evolution by Eric Meyers, M.A.  This book is incredible. Eric addresses the four elements: fire, earth, air water by their yin (earth & water) and yang (fire & air) attributes and then launches into a new dimension of charged (fire & water) and neutral (earth & air) elements. This gives each element its own unique quality that deepens the understanding of how each element operates. He explains the right and left brain process in association with the charged and neutral elements in a way that just makes sense. Eric then deepens the understanding of aspects when viewed through this elemental overlay of charged and neutral.

         I have to say this is one of the best books on elements and aspects I have ever read and I have over 100 astrology books! Eric's writing is both concise and lucid. He quickly captures the depth of each aspect and says a lot without being verbose (a feat in and of itself) all while explaining the four levels of manifestation and the integration process of the aspects through the signs.

        By the time I was done reading the book, I felt like I was taken on a journey through the cyclical evolution of the zodiac with new eyes. I was continually holding my chart and my family's chart in my mind as I read his book and quite often smiled or chuckled at the profound truth in his words. In fact I loved it so much, we ordered several copies for the International Academy of Astrology to put on our suggested reading list. For Elements & Evolution is certain to inspire our students to write deep and thoughtful delineations at various levels of manifestation, posing both the views of where a person is at and where they are going through integrating their aspects.

      I highly recommend this book to anyone, student or professional, wishing to deepen their understanding of the elements, aspects and the evolutionary cycle.


Order directly from Eric here or if you are student of IAA order here for your student discount.


My gift to you this month is a free personal aspect calendar for the month of November.


You can check out the daily transit version generated by Sirius Software at my website for the month of November. The personal version provides the daily transits in aspect to your natal planets. To order email me your name, date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. I will email you a .jpg file of your personal calendar to print.

Julene picNamaste,

Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP
Your Certified Professional Astrologer for Life
Save $30
Save $30 on consultations with Julene while the Sun is in Scorpio.  

Offer Expires: November 22, 2010