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Julene's Lecture:
9/27/10 at 7:30 PM EDT
Signs of the Times & Humanity's Evolutionary Path 
The focus will be on the current Cardinal T-Square involving Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, s & Jupiter; Chiron's ingress into Pisces (its return to its position in the 1960's); how the current world events symbolized in the current astrology have correlations with key times in our history. We'll be looking at the chart of the United States and various other countries as well as talking about what this means for us as individuals.  
LCAA meets in the
Willoughby Hills Library 
35400 Chardon Rd, Willoughby Hills, OH 44094
Doors open at 7:00
meeting starts promtly at 7:30 
 Upcoming Astrological Events in Northeast Ohio & Online
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FREE Online Monthly Lecture.
Hosted by the International Academy of Astrology (IAA)
Sep 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm EDT 
The Arabic Parts with Kelly Surtees
What are Arabic Parts and how can they enhance chart interpretation? Kelly presents a formula and application for the seven main Arabic parts - each one linked to one of the seven original planets.
Register then login from your home pc to watch and listen to the live lecture.  
 First Ever
Online Astrology Conference
IAA logo
November 20-22, 2010

60 Speakers from all over the world! Log in to the webinar from your home computer to see and hear the live lectures
on your own computer screen through your own speakers. No need to pay for air fare or hotel. No need to find a sitter ffor the kids or pets. Be a part of this historical event. Registration is open!
 Planet Watch
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Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn are visible in the evening sky this month!  Looking low above the horizon during the evening twilight between the south-west and west compass point you'll see Saturn furthest west, Venus in the WSW as the brightest object in the sky, and Mars above and slightly west of Venus. They are all in the constellation Virgo. Venus & Mars are visible all month long. Saturn will not be visible after mid-September.
The set times for the planets at the beginning - end of September are as follows:
Saturn 9:00 pm - before sunset
Venus 9:15 pm - 7:45 pm
Mars 9:30 pm - 8:15 pm
Turning your focus to the eastern sky at sunset, you'll find Jupiter rising nearly due east at  9:00 pm. Jupiter is in the constellation Pisces at the beginning of September. At the end of September Jupiter rises before the sunset and will pop into view above the eastern horizon as the skies darken.
If you have binoculars or a telescope Jupiter can help you find Uranus! The pair conjunct on September 18th. Take a look and see if you can a blue planet near Jupiter.
Mercury is visible in the morning sky, rising before the sun from mid-September on.
Julene's Sky Watch Column appears as a regular feature in  The Mountain Astrologer and contains much more information than this short bit.  The articles in TMA are  fabulous. Subscribe, you'll love it!
If you want to find all the visible planets in the sky this month, visit the IAA library where I post sky maps of the planets in the section called Mountain Astrologer Sky Maps.
Astrology Classes with Julene Packer-Louis
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I am teaching beginners Astrology classes at my home in Avon Lake on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 8:00 PM beginning September 1st. Reply to this email if you are interested.  The cost is $15 per class. 
I am of course still teaching DPL01 & DPL02 at IAA which covers transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar returns, eclipses, timing life's major events, consultation preparation and techniques. We are in the middle of a semester. The next one begins in October. More about that in next month's news letter.
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Dear Friends,
Last Wednesday I drove to Cincinnati, Ohio and made it all the way to Karen's house without one wrong turn during Mercury Retrograde. I was gloating about that to myself and my karma got me on the way home when I missed the entrance to the highway. That'll teach me to tease the Trickster!
My lecture Chart Themes & the Soul's Calling at the Ohio Valley Chapter of NCGR went well. The group is wonderful, very knowledgeable, and I really enjoyed the wonderful group chat about the chart examples I had chosen.  Before my talk they took me dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant where we ate on the patio by a waterfall.  The company was divine. I saw some old friends and made many new ones. I encourage anyone in the Cincinnati area to check out Ohio Valley NCGR.
This month I am lecturing at LCAA in Willoughby Hills, Ohio on September 27th on Signs of the Times & Humanities Evolutionary Path. This is another fabulous astrology group. If you're in the Cleveland area, you definitely want to check out this group.
We've been busy at IAA gearing up for the Breaking Down the Border's cyber astrology conference. Bill McClure made us another video trailer for the conference and IAA's Media Director, Linda Furiate, has been quite busy interviewing more of the speakers. Visit the astrologyconference youtube chanel to watch.
On the left you'll find upcoming events for September, information on where to find the planets in the night sky, and more. Below you'll find this month's Virgo Horoscope column, information on obtaining an astrology consultation, and astrology reports.
Enjoy the month of Virgo as we watch nature's transition from summer to autumn.
Horoscope for the Month of Virgo
Aug 23 - Sep 22
lecture pic  The sun entered Virgo on August 23rd  at 1:27 A.M. EDT.  Virgo is a mutable sign. Mutable signs are adaptable and sense change coming. The best example of mutability is found in nature. When the sun is in mutable sign the seasons are transitioning from the past season to the upcoming. When the sun is Virgo we sense that fall is coming as the leaves begin to change color and we start to notice the sun setting earlier. The nights are often a bit cooler even though the days may be just as warm. We start to prepare for fall due to our natural attunement we have with the cycles of nature. 
Virgo is also an earth sign so it has concern with the material world, practical matters, physical senses, dependability, and practicality.
Virgo is ruled by Mercury and has a natural affinity with the 6th house. This is the archetype that includes our daily routine, our health & fitness, the way we serve others. It has domain over labor unions, the service industries, harvested food, mechanical functioning, aptitude and efficiency. Virgo loves order and likes to put things in their proper category. The critical thinking can sometimes come off as judgmental or nit-picky but this is due to the need for order in the universe and daily life.
Therefore, while the sun is in Virgo it is a great time to restore order to your life and daily routine, examine where you can be more practical or dependable,  to ask how you can serve others, be conscious of the food you put into your body and how much exercise you need,  cultivate practical discernment, and spend enough time in nature to evoke all of your senses.
The T-Square I've been talking about is lightening up this month.  Uranus moved backward into Pisces on August 15th and Jupiter follows suit just before midnight EDT on September 9th.  It is time to revise our big plans and re-align spiritually with the universe. If we did the work last month when Saturn opposed Uranus, Jupiter squared Pluto and opposed Saturn - all in cardinal signs - it should pay off this month when Jupiter conjoins Uranus. We just might suddenly get that big break we've been waiting for and the more aligned with the spiritual forces behind the material manifest universe we are, the more likely we are to step into the flow and be open to receiving it when it comes.

Week of August 30 - September 5
   Retrograde Mercury trines the Moon on Monday. Be present in your communications, Freudian Slips are likely. 
   It may be hard to focus in the afternoon on Tuesday when the Moon squares Neptune. It may seem hard to remain grounded to the task at hand because you are off somewhere else even if you can't pinpoint where that somewhere else is. Later that evening the moon sextiles Uranus, moves into Gemini  and sextiles Jupiter. Something unexpected might bring a new opportunity or idea to expand your horizons or projects. Dare to dream big tonight, intuition is heightened.
   The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini occurs on Wednesday. The last quarter moon is the crisis in consciousness phase where we see the challenges we struggled with and begin to revise the intention or project that began with the new moon to prepare for the next cycle.  The moon also squares Mercury challenging us to change our thought process and ways of doing things. This is perfect after last nights insights, use these squares to revise what isn't working and keep what is. The moon trines Saturn to keep you focused on the goal.   
     On Thursday the moon trines Mars, Venus & Neptune. If you feel restless or snappy, take time in nature, revel in the pleasures of your senses - especially those that waft in on the air, feel the breeze on your skin or the wind in your hair. Watching the sunset or your favorite feel good movie is a perfect way to return to your peaceful center this evening.
   Friday is loaded with aspects. The moon moves into Cancer and aspects the T-Square (Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn), the Sun conjoins Mercury, and the moon sextiles the Sun and Mercury. This is a busy day where you may feel pulled in all directions at once. This evening, release the day by conversing with a nurturing partner or friend. Remember to also ask about their day and listen in return.
   Venus trines Neptune on Saturday and it's a beautiful day to see the beauty in others and the world around you. There is a romantic mood in the air. The moon squares Mars in the evening and you may feel a bit impulsive. It's probably not an evening where you feel like sitting around the house but rather want to get out and do something physical with that energy.
   The moon enters Leo on Sunday and trines Uranus and Jupiter in the early morning. This is a great day to exchange warmth, love, pride, and generosity with others freely and abundantly. Trust your instincts, feel alive, this is a great day to tune into the abundant universe and take the road less traveled. In the afternoon the moon sextiles Saturn and if you hit a road block, remember it is an opportunity to get you exactly where you are supposed to be. 
To read more of this article for the rest of the month of Virgo, please visit my website in a couple of days, as I'm not finished with it yet.
Astrology Can Enrich Your Life
 consult pic                 
Your birth chart is a map of the energy of the heavens that was present when you took your first initial breath. It is time-sensitive, location-sensitive and unique to you. Even twins have slightly different charts. Your birth chart (or natal chart) is a map of your destiny, your psyche, your inner self and outer self, and a road map of the potentials trials and achievements of your life path.

While we are predestined to experience certain themes in life as indicated by the probability amplitudes in our natal charts, and while we all have experienced the hand of fate in instances where the right person or opportunity crossed our path at the right time, we all also know that free will is happening at the same time allowing us to create our own destiny. We have the free will to make choices with what we are dealt that determine the quality of our lives.

My aim as a professional consulting astrologer is to arm you with self-understanding, empower you to create the life you want, and help you grow to become the best You that you can be.

"Man's being is not only given to him, but demanded of him. Man is asked to make of himself what he is supposed to become, to fulfill his destiny."

- Paul Tilly, quoted by Howard Sasportas in Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart

Visit my Services Page for information on my consultations.
You'll also find some computerized reports available to order with delivery promised within 24 hours right to your email. I have natal reports, compatibility reports, solar return reports, and transit forecasts. Of course a computer report is not a substitute for a professional astrologer who can see the chart as a whole instead of one piece at a time, but does provide some great insight for the curious who are not ready to commit to an astrology session.
This month I want to remind you that while Mercury is retrograde in Virgo until September 12th it is a great time to.....
... read that book you've been wanting to get around to reading
... take a class or study a topic of interest
... get back on that diet or excercise program you started at the beginning summer but recently gave up
... laugh when you dial the wrong number, hit send on the email before you meant to, make a wrong turn, forget where you were going or what you were saying (it's ok we are all doing it)
... clean out or re-organize your closets, move the furniture and clean the dusty baseboards behind the couch
... file away that stack of papers on your desk or re-arrange your office space (you'll likely find that important document you've been looking for! yes even if you've already looked there)
... clean out your car and maybe even wash it (you might find something in there you didn't even want to know was missing)
... double check that spam or junk folder before dumping it (chances are it caught at least one thing that wasn't junk)
... watch one of those movies that starts at the end and works its way back to the beginning - it might make more sense this time
... ponder where those missing socks go, look for them yet again and then let them go. The washing machine eats them, they aren't coming back!
... walk your dog around the block backwards (it might be fun and make the neighbors think about changing-up their usual daily routine, if not you'll at least make them look twice)
Julene picNamaste,

Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP
Your Certified Professional Astrologer for Life
Save $30
All returning clients save $30 on consultations booked during Mercury retrograde.  
Offer Expires: September 12, 2010