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Julene's Lectures & Events for August 2010 
Saturday August 7. 12:00 - 5:00 Astrology Consultations Julene will be available for astrology consultations at Crystal Era  608 Middle Ave, Elyria, Ohio 44035
Thursday August 26th 7:00 pm Lecture: Chart Themes & the Soul's Calling
Julene will be speaking at the Ohio Valley Chapter of NCGR in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this lecture Julene explains the law of three for repeated messages in our birth chart and how that relates to the theme of your birth chart and life. She will use chart examples  along with their biographies to show how this works. 
 Upcoming Astrological Events in Northeast Ohio & Online
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LCAA Monthly Meeting: Aug 23, 2010 at 7:30 pm EDT
Library on Chardon Rd, Willoughby Hills, OH This is the Lake County Association of Astrology, featuring a new lecture each month. Afterwards, astrologers gather at a local restaurant for food and conversation.
International Academy of Astrology - FREE Online Monthly Lecture.
Aug 7, 2010 at 6:00 pm EDT Login from your home pc to watch and listen to the live lecture.  
 First Ever
Online Astrology Conference
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November 20-22, 2010

60 Speakers from all over the world! Log in to the webinar from your home computer to see and hear the live lectures
on your own computer screen through your own speakers. No need to pay for air fare or hotel. No need to find a sitter ffor the kids or pets. Be a part of this historical event. Registration is open!
 Planet Watch
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Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn are visible in the evening sky this month!  The set times for the planets at the beginning of August are as follows:
Mercury 9:40 pm
Venus 10:25 pm
Mars 10:45 pm
Saturn 10:55 pm
Jupiter rises around 11:00 pm at the begining of August and 9:00 pm at the end of August. Jupiter is in the constellation Pisces.
Venus conjoins Mars & Saturn this month in the constellation Virgo
Aug 7 - Venus west of Saturn
Aug 8 - Venus east of Saturn
The pair set around
Aug 19 - Venus west of Mars
Aug 20 - Venus east of Mars
At the end of August  all three set between 9:00 - 9:30 pm.
Watch For Shooting Stars!
The Perseid Meteor shower is active from July 29 - Aug 26 and peaks on August 13 - 14.
Mercury Data:
Aug 6 - greatest eastern elongation 
Aug 20 - retrograde station
Soon after Mercury will not be visible
Sep 3 -inferior conjuntion
Sep 12 -  direct station
Difference Between Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac
 When you look up at night. The zodical constellations along the ecliptic plane (apparent path of the sun in our sky), you are observing the sidereal zodiac. The fixed stars of the constellations are the backdrop of the sidereal zodiac.
The planetary ingresses in Planet Data are the tropical zodiac. The tropical zodiac aligns with the earth's seasons. (For more information read my article Celestial Mechanics)  This is the zodiac that most western astrologers use because it connects us to the life cycles of nature.
Julene's Sky Watch Column appears as a regular feature in  The Mountain Astrologer. It is a guide to locating the planets in the night sky.  The articles are  fablous. Subscribe, you'll love it!
If you want to find all the visible planets in the sky this month, visit the IAA library where I post sky maps of the planets in the section called Mountain Astrologer Sky Maps.
Astrology Classes with Julene Packer-Louis
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A New Semester Begins at  The International Acedemy of Astrology the Week of August 9th  
As usual I will be teaching two classes in the diploma module:
DPL01-Forecasting: Pinpointing Major Themes
Timing & Client Preparation
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Dear Friends,
This has certainly been a busy summer. I've been blessed to be quite booked with classes, consultations, lectures and promoting IAA's Breaking Down the Border's conference. We had an excellent video created for us by Bill McClure. It is like a movie trailer for the conference. I hope you can find 5 spare minutes to watch it.  
IAA's Media Director, Linda Furiate, who is a publicity coordinator for Breaking Down the Borders has done interviews via Skype with some of the presenters that will be speaking at our conference. I even made a video myself and hope to make a few more. Visit the astrologyconference youtube chanel to watch.
Aside from the astrology, my husband and I have been busy at home too. We painted our kitchen and dining room. We've been tending to our garden and enjoying nature's bounty of beans, squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes & peppers. He got a new truck, because I wrecked his old one. It was on June 28th and as I look back on what I wrote for that week in last month's Cancer Horoscope column I find "Be careful what you ask for you just might get it." I  was wishing we didn't have that car payment. We did find a low milage, beautiful used truck we could pay cash for, but still! Ask and the universe delivers.
On the left you'll find upcoming events for August, information on where to find the planets in the night sky, and more. Below you'll find this month's Leo Horoscope column, infomation on obtaining an astrology consultation, and astrology reports.
Enjoy the rest of the dog days of summer (heralded in by the helical rising of Sirius, the alpha star in Canus Major, Orion's lead hunting dog on July 28th) as you get the kids ready to go back to school. My kids go back on Tuesday Aug 24th.
Astrology Consultations with Julene
$60 Relationship Consultation
With Saturn, Mars & Venus all entering Libra this month, I'm offering a discounted rate on my Relationship consultation. This consult does not compare your chart to some else's. Instead it is all about you. The Sun is in Leo, so why not?
The focus is on your patterns of relating, answering the question of why you attract the type of people or situations that you do. You know the same issues you seem to encounter with every romantic interest, boss or co-worker. The "oh not this again!" If this happens to you, you will benefit from this consult. We'll work to determine what belief or past experiecne is behind the scenerio that gets repeated over and over again. Then we'll come up with ways to change that program to attract the type of relationship you want. I can also help you discover why your current relationship is bringing certain issues to light for resolve at this time. With that knowledge, some powerful changes can take place to bring you closer together as your relationship blossoms into something better and you understand the higher purpose of why you are together.
For more information on this consulation and other consultations I provide visit my website.
Ordering Information.
All consultations will take place over the phone and include a MP3 recording of your consultation sent electronically.  If you live near Cleveland, Ohio we can meet in person. You can order via Pay Pal through my website, please include a phone number or email address where I can reach you to schedule your appointment and collect the necessary information I need to prepare for your appointment. If you prefer to pay by check,  contact me for information on where to mail your check. 
Horoscope for the Month of Leo
July 23 - Aug 22
lecture pic  The sun entered Leo on July 22nd  at 6:21 P.M. EDT.  When the sun is in Leo it is a great month to let your creative juices flow, focus on a pet project you've been thinking about getting around to and enjoy putting it together. It's also a time to remember to have fun and to let your inner child play. 
Saturn has moved into Libra tightening up the cardinal T-square with Jupiter and Uranus opposing Saturn from Aries and Pluto squaring the three from Capricorn.  Where you've felt stuck with a challenging situation, things should start to break free and get moving along.   If you've been feeling like you have to pay the piper every time you turn around, know that he's about paid off. The important thing is the lesson the universe is asking you take away from this time - responsibility and work ethic. 
All three outer planets are retrograde this month. There are collective issues that will come to fore that challenge us to awaken and transform. When Jupiter stations retrograde this month we will likely be faced with where we have excesses, and how to better manage our resources so we are giving back as much as we taking from our planet.  When Mercury goes retrograde later this month, we may just come up with some practical ideas on how to do that. Mars & Venus join the cardinal T-Square this month and the collective issues can become echoed in our personal lives or we may feel like we are ready to take up a cause or some action to help bring harmony into our own sphere of influence.

Week of August 2 - 8
The Moon begins its last quarter phase on Tuesday. Also Jupiter squares Pluto on Tuesday. Mars opposes Jupiter and square Pluto on Wednesday.  If you've bitten off more than you can chew you will know it. To the extent that you seem to be having a crisis in consciousness from being overwhelmed, ask for help and have faith that others will do a good job even if they don't do it exactly the way you would.  On Friday Venus enters Libra and joins the cardinal convergence party.  Venus opposes Uranus on Saturday and conjoins Saturn on Sunday.  By this time Mars has moved on and Venus come in to soothe the ruffled feathers.  This weekend spend time one on one time with a loved one or best friend. Go to the salon, try out that new restaurant, or that new thrift shop. Sunday is a good day to find deals on the clearance racks.
To read the rest of this article for the rest of the month of Leo, please visit my website.
Computerized Reports & Monthly Aspect Calendars are Available through my Website
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Personalized Monthly Aspect Calendars & Monthly Forecast Reports
I post monthly aspect calendars at my website for the current transiting aspects. If you haven't seen them, check out the one for Aug 2010. I can individualize them for you. Instead of seeing the current planets aspecting each other, your calendar can have the current planet aspects to your natal chart each day. These will cost $3. 
If you are unfamiliar with what your daily personal aspects might mean, you can order a Monthly Forecast from my website for $5. Discounts occur when your order three or more months at a time.
Natal Astrology & Compatibility Reports
If you want to know what insights your birth chart provides, I have a very detailed  20+ page Astro Insight natal report for $15.  A shorter version is available for $10.
Compatibility reports also come in short and more detailed versions for $10 or $15. The longer Heaven Sent report has an option for friends as well as the typical lovers report.
Solar Return Report
If you or someone you know has a birthday coming up, order a Solar Return Report for $15. This report begins when the sun returns to the same degree of the zodiac it occupied when you were born and gives you the theme and trends for the upcomingn year.
Ordering Information
For fastest service, you can order via Pay Pal through my website, and your order will be emailed within 24 hours. Or you can contact me for information on where to mail your check. All charts and reports are sent via email.  If you prefer to have your report printed and mailed to you by postal service, there is an extra charge.
This month I want to share with you a podcast I found at the Yoga Journal Website
There are several 20 minutes video podcasts to choose from. It's Yoga Instruction streaming into your home at any time of day you choose to practice, with many routines to suit your mood or target area of the body. 
Julene picNamaste,

Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP
Your Certified Professional Astrologer for Life
Save $30
On ALL Relationship Consultations booked before August 22, 2010.  
Offer Expires: August 22, 2010