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Fires of Love (Beltane)

by Ian R Thorpe


Embrace the purifying flame, 

throw off the cloak of inhibition.

Stoke the good fires of Beltane
and let flames fuel love's fission.


The sun climbs high to summer glory, 

unfolds the leaf and swells the bud,
delivering all of nature's dowry

and a promise, now misunderstood.


From atom's heart to human heart 

spring passes the vitalizing flame
and in each nucleus a spark

sets passion's ardent torch aflame.


Goodfellow lies with Queen of Mai, 

the goddess smiles on merrybegot.
Fires of love join earth and sky,

reaching where men and gods cannot.


"Beltane, which falls halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice, means literally "good fire." It is a purification festival associated with immersion in water, smoke baths for animals and with renewal in the home. It is also a fertility festival, dancing round the maypole, crowning the May Queen and well dressing are all part of the ancient Beltane traditions. Goodfellow or Robin Goodfellow, sometimes an alias of Robin Hood is an English woodland spirit of generosity and inclusiveness (robs from the rich, gives to the poor) He can be mischievous but is not bad. The Queen of Mai (old English spelling) comes from the practice of placing garlands of haw or mai flowers on the heads of available girls at Beltane.


Amid all the dancing and festivity there are many pre-marital and extra marital couplings and a merrybegot is a child resulting from one of these."

Fire Flower    

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May Day Flower Power
May Flowers

Flower power is one of the most wonderful ways to enhance health and ease the soul. Scientific studies have shown that they're good for multiple facets of health & wellness.  Most of these benefits can also be attained by simply looking at photos of flowers & such... or at a garden out the window.  The link below provides a nice perspective and a bit more information.   


Healing with Flower Essences
Sweet PeaJacqueline Rene Pace
Jacqueline Rene Pace of Golden Tree Holistic provides wonderful, healing services including the ancient use of Flower Essences.

The life force and intelligence of each species of plant or flower is connected to different states of feeling or consciousness and can help us to dissolve negation or imbalance and to live more of our natural state of peace, health and harmony. 

Flower Essences may aid with: 
*Relieving and healing trauma.
*Mental clarity and focus.
*Relieving depression.
*Releasing phobia.
*Stress reduction.
*Recovery from disease.
*Balancing mind and emotion.
*Career related issues. 
*Increasing or balancing energy.
*Addiction recovery.
*Any of life's transitions.

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May Day 2012  

Lauren May Day
Lauren Shelby
Interior Designer


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Beltane Offering
Beltane offering

It is a precious thing to stop and observe the day, to wash our face in the May morning dew, to bring some flowers and greenery into the house, and to be aware, for a while, of our place in the natural world.


On this auspicious day and through the month of May I offer to you an opportunity to participate in the celebration of Beltane and the renewal of your home.


Begin your project with Spaces Within in the month of May and receive 5 - 10 complimentary hours of Design Time.*

~ ~ ~

All referrals resulting in booked appointments receive fresh flowers sent to both the referee and the new client!


*Complimentary time provided depends upon the size of the project.