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Once again Dining by Design ushers in the Thanksgiving Holiday! 


The 2011 IFDA table was an excellent collaboration and a fantasy table come to life - Lost in Paradise.  Some of my favorite comments of those viewing the table...
Opulent.  Lush.  "I feel transported."  "I want to go there."

An undertaking like this takes the efforts of many and the IFDA design team really went above and beyond - Lauren Shelby-Spaces Within Interior Design, Athena Charis-Manning-Athena Charis Design, Timothy Manning-Photographer and More, Jenny Floravita-Artist and Diane Nicolson-FIFDA.  In addition we couldn't have done it without Susan Crane-Bloom Artistry and the extraordinary support of Davis Dalbok and his wonderful staff at Living Green.   


Wishing you and yours a wonderfully collaborative Thanksgiving Holiday!  Enjoy the images below! 



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IFDA Dining by Design 2011
DbD 2011 Diane N Athena C Lauren S
Timothy Manning once again has provided us with excellent photography as well has his expertise in graphics, fine art and communications.

"Lost in Paradise" a casual boating excursion to that tiny island off the mainland and a trek through the jungle brings you to a clearing where you discover a place lost in time. Decorated with earthly treasures from centuries past and present, this exotic setting you have happened upon whispers of pirates and other mysteries and invites to sit, sup and dine and never have to work or worry for the rest of your lives.  


Oil Painting Mural by Jenny Floravita
DbD 2011 Mural Jenny Floravita
This incredible painting by Jenny Floravita - Artist is 12'x9'

DbD 2011 Athena C Lauren S
Athena Charis & Lauren Shelby
Table Hop & Taste

DbD 2011 02
Table Floral Design by Susan Crane- Bloom Artistry

DbD 2011 05

DbD 2011 08 Tim M Lauren S
Timothy Manning & Lauren Shelby

DbD 2011 10 Athena Dine Lauren
Athena Charis, Randy Shields SF DIFFA Dining by Design Organizer, Lauren Shelby, Diane Nicolson

DbD 2011 11 Athena Diane Irene Turner
Athena Charis, Diane Nicolson, Lauren Shelby, Irene Turner

DbD 2011 12 Tim Treadway
Athena Charis, Diane Nicolson, Lauren Shelby, Tim Treadway & Mrs Treadway

DbD 2011 13 table guests
Gala Dinner Guests at the "Lost in Paradise" table!

DbD 2011 14 table guests
Gala dinner Guests at the "Lost in Paradise" table!

DbD 2011 06
Chandelier by San Ramon Lighting


Fall 201

DbD 2011 J Hettinger Lauren Shelby

Lauren Shelby
Interior Designer
At the J. Hettinger table 
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