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Ahh Autumn.  So clear, clean, and crisp; Nature's time of Gratitude.


I find this time of year to be inspirational.  It is so wondrous to see such magnificent changes all around us in our landscape, mirroring the changes that are happening underground as well as inside ourselves. 


This phase embodies the power of restraint, separation, and refinement.  Autumn is a time of completing the life cycle, making room for the new cycle to begin.  This is our opportunity to clear out all that does not nourish us and choose that which does.  This is when our rituals of celebration and gratitude begin in earnest and we see this as the 'social season' begins and parties abound.


Celebrate life, laugh, play, and dance, enjoy the fruits of your accomplishments.  Our physical beings and the Earth are delightful gardens, we are responsible for maintaining their beautiful balance, make your choices according to the deepest directives of your heart and your life will blossom before you.

May the Great Pumpkin bring you gifts.

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ArchitecturePatricia Motzkin Architect
  P Motzkin 
I had the great privilege and pleasure of meeting Patricia Motzkin at a recent IFDA event at the San Francisco Design Center.

Patricia has the wining combination of integrity, sensitivity, and humor, and this shows in the beauty of her work.  To learn more about Patricia and view some of her projects please visit

TechnologyPlaytime at Home: 

Bose  BUILT-INvisible Systems

  Bose concealed
For many of us playtime at home involves sound and visuals coming together; whether you're watching movies, television, or gaming you want the most pleasing experience possible.

Bose brings it with their BUILT-INvisible Systems.  As a designer this makes me Really Happy. :)  It really is invisible and can blend into any interior environment.  As a lover of great special effects this is the next best thing to visiting an amusement park!

Check out the details for yourself by clicking the logo below or the image above.  And give me a call when you're ready to remodel your entertainment space!


BuilderTurning matter into energy with

Nancy Castelli

Nancy Castelli and dog

Balance: Professional Organizing Productivity Consulting


Nancy's intuition and vast experience come together in a powerful combination to provide us with the guidance, direction, and motivation to get ourselves and our stuff in order.


Check out the website and her new book

'Get Organized TODAY'.

EnvironmentWorlds Biggest Wind Farm
  wind farm
The world's largest wind farm recently came online in September 2010.  The Thanet Wind Farm is located off the coast of Thanet District in Kent, England.  With a total capacity of 300 Megawatts the farm can generate enough clean power to supply approximately 240,000 homes.  Connected by an undersea cable the turbines deliver electricity directly to an on shore substation in Richmond, Kent.  This impressive project makes a significant contribution to the Government's national and regional renewable energy targets. 

For the orginal story please visit click the image above or the logo below.


PhilanthropicResource Corner
Viewpoints Gallery, Los Altos CA
Best gallery for wonderful fine art; amazing talent & very affordable.

TurnerBuilt Inc, Half Moon Bay CA
Friendly, reliable, expert builder.  Bruce Turner gets the job done!

Wildflower Farms, Half Moon Bay CA
100% Organic!  Very best in design & top notch quality from concept to completion & ongoing maintenance.

The Man Cave Store
Fun stuff for the Man in all of us!

Dining By Design, San Francisco CA
Presented by DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, in its tenth year in San Francisco, is the most anticipated high-design charitable event, showcasing top designers who create fantastic, one-of-a-kind dining/tabletop installations that are unveiled for two nights only.
Come see the table Athena Charis and I are designing for IFDA!

For the Startrek Geek in all of us
Live long and prosper. 

Fall 2010

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Lauren Shelby
Interior Designer
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Worlds Biggest Wind Farm
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