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2009 Pow PowSpring!  Everything is New!  No matter how many springs you experience, they never get old; the one you're in is always new and vibrant.  Hope and awakening are a natural part of this magic time when all of the seeds are popping up as flowers, and the ground and air are full of rainbow colors.
Rebirth.  Renewal.  Regrowth.  Anything is possible!
This is exactly what is happening all across the globe.  Our world has become ever more global both in economy and in how we all connect with one another.  Our current ecological and economic conditions are inspiring us to new heights of creativity and technology bringing amazing new products and services to market every day.
Philanthropy and the Green movement have taken hold in our collective consciousness and there's no stopping us now!  Our greatest minds are moving faster than ever with amazing ideas and solutions to our greatest issues.  We are truly in a new age of discovery, so hold on and enjoy the wild ride.
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FeatureFeature:  Walker Zanger
2009 Pow PowThe cosmopolitan style of urban living has a new look with the  Skyline Collection from Walker Zanger, a series comprised of linear geometrics, understated colors and modern textures. With its harmonious color blends and wide range of field-tile sizes, mosaics and finishes, the Skyline Collection adds a metropolitan accent to any environment.  For the ecoconscious homeowner, the Skyline Collection has added benefits as the line is made of 20 percent postconsumer recycled glass.
Walker Zanger at SFDC
Tile & Stone Showroom

101 Henry Adams Street, Suite 412
San Francisco, CA 94103

M-F 9:00 - 5:00
To the Trade only; however you can still visit the showroom any time, you just need a design professional to purchase.
ArchitectureArchitecture:  Group 41 - Joel Karr
Group 41 Rear-tinyGroup 41 is a diverse, boutique architectural practice headed by Joel Karr, whose work spans 3 continents and 5 countries over 28 years.  Group 41's work includes a variety of commercial and residential projects, including current work on a major Synagogue renovation, as well as high-end single family residences.  Their recently completed development property in Upper Noe Valley, "H House," is a magnificent 4400 square foot ultra-modern single family home.  Already widely published, it will also be featured in a coffee-table book due out in July.
Their additional passion is work involving the up-cycling of used shipping containers.  Joel's involvement with this unusual building type has resulted in award-winning designs, and the formation of CONTAINER NATION, a website that features the shipping Group 41 Rexford
container work.  A current design for a single family speculative development property is the most recent incarnation of this exciting construction methodology meant for market rate housing in the San Francisco Bay Area.
QAQ&A With Lauren Shelby 
Hello Lauren:

My husband and I recently purchased an older home with the intention of doing some renovation work in the kitchen and bathrooms.  What we can't seem to agree on is the extent of the work.  I would prefer to refinish the existing cabinets and add new doors and hardware.  My husband wants to take everything down to studs (gut the whole kitchen) and completely re-do things from scratch.  We don't want to 'over improve' the property and risk not recouping our costs when we sell.  But we are going to be here for a few years and really want the biggest bang for the buck.  What would you suggest? 
Abigal Quincy
San Francisco, CA
Coming to agreement can be tricky, and most often both parties need to compromise in one area or another.  The design process will help build a bridge between disparities and provide options that allow each party to receive what they want in the space while allowing their partner the same.  It can be tricky, but a good designer will walk you through the process and provide you with solutions that you probably wouldn't come up with on your own. 
Resale is important and must be weighed against your time remaining in the home and the quality of lifestyle you want to be in.  If you do 'take out' more than you cook, then a minimal investment is probably wise.  On the other hand, if cooking and entertaining in the kitchen is a primary activity then a larger scale investment is probably worth considering. 
Yes, but how do we decide?  Get help.  You need two primary professionals: a designer and a general contractor (GC).  Do not attempt a kitchen remodel on your own.  Crazy things happen in remodels and you want someone on hand who has knowledge and experience to deal with all contingencies; especially if you are changing the layout and moving plumbing and/or electrical.  Time spent up front with a designer will save you in time and money for the entire project, regardless of its size.  For best results, you should both meet together with your designer and GC so that all parties are on the same page and there is participation and agreement.  It can be challenging to juggle schedules, but a few of these meetings at the beginning will save you in the process and at the end of the project.
Projects require a team.  Taking the time to assemble the team that feels best for you will make the whole process a lot more fun.  The purpose of the project is to improve your life, the process should be a part of that too.
TechnologyTechnology:  Heavy Metal
Remember the days of Detroit's finest heavy metal?  Ground pounding muscle cars that were built to thrill and look mean doing it.  The Ford Mustang, The Dodge Charger with a 426 cubic inch power plant, or the Chevy Camaro with a sweet 327 and four on the floor shifting.  The only problem was they usually got about four hundred yards to the gallon.  For old school muscle car enthusiasts with an eye towards the environment, this creates a bit of a problem.  Well worry no more green gearheads.  Now thanks to hybrid technology you can feel the thrill of firing up a powerful V8 engine and still produce zero emissions while driving in town.  Sound too good to be true?  Not hardly.  The day of the eco friendly muscle car have arrived.  Check out the project car the folks at Popular Mechanics are working on.  Starting with a stock 2009 Dodge Challenger RT the retrofit will result in a parallel hybrid plug-in/solar/electric that burns no fuel at all in everyday driving.  Eco+Muscle. What's not to like?

TextilesArtist:  Tom Shannon
The Painter and the Pendulum... 
2009 Pow Pow
Art can take many forms.  Tom Shannon's magnetic sculptures can be astounding to look at; large polished stones seem to hover in mid air.  That's because they do!  It's just another example of this artist's fascination with magnetism that goes back to his childhood.  Tom Shannon also paints.  This featured artist works with the principles of gravity and motion to create art that echoes the rhythm of our world.  Using a sophisticated pendulum/paint delivery system he developed, his art is created by both machine and man.  A hand held remote control device allows him to control the flow of up to six colors while the pendulum swings across the canvas.  What is truly amazing are the shapes that spontaneously occur during the painting process.  Shapes that mimic organic patterns found in nature all the way to radio wave patterns.  Tom Shannon has continued this art form for most of his adult life with truly astonishing results.  A testament to Tom's strength is his ongoing battle with Parkinson's disease.  His desire to continue his work is an inspiration. 
Enjoy this video link as TED visits Tom Shannon in his Manhattan studio for an intimate look at his science-inspired art. An eye-opening, personal conversation with John Hockenberry reveals how nature's forces -- and the onset of Parkinson's tremors -- interact in his life and craft.
You can also visit Tom on his website
EnvironmentEnvironment:  EcoTimber
Wow Wow Wow! 
Eco Friendly - Gorgeous Floors!  
EcoTimber is delivering the goods, and they're doing it with a commitment to sustainability on mutiple levels.  Since 1992, EcoTimber has been the only flooring company devoted exclusively to forest protection and indoor air quality.  This means that with any product you choose from EcoTimber, you're making a safe choice for you and your family as well as the environment.  Don't you just love it when everyone gets to win together!
Get all of your questions about what sustainabilty means answered: The Eco Friendly Flooring Guide provides a thorough overview of health issues as they relate to wood flooring, as well as sustainability in forestry, logging, and the hardwood flooring industry generally. The Guide reviews the importance of supply chain and sources for eco friendly floors, FSC certification and LEED credits, environmental issues, wood treatments and finishes, wood flooring installation, and what to look for in sustainable wood flooring products.  To learn more about their commitments, visit the about page, and for beautiful photos of these extrordinary floors see the gallery page.
10432 East 49th Avenue 
Denver CO 80209
t 303.586.9420
f 303.586.9421
BuilderBuilder:  TurnerBuilt Inc.

TurnerBuilt Logo

Bruce Turner founded TurnerBuilt in 1983 and hit the ground running; developing a truly remarkable design/build construction and home remodeling company on the Coastside. Employing a dedication to quality, integrity and timeliness in commercial and new home construction and remodeling. Whatever the style or size of your project, you can count on Bruce and the TurnerBuilt Team to take tremendous pride in delivering top quality work within your budget and time constraints. You can place your trust in TurnerBuilt to keep their promises and treat you with the ultimate in professionalism and courtesy.    
TurnerBuilt Inc.
p 650.726.7800
f 650.726.7819
Philanthropic Feature:
Divine Commerce PhotoArt: A convergence of business and philanthropy
2009 Pow Pow


Philanthropy has been expanding over recent years into new models of sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship.  Author, Speaker, and Photographer, Lisa M. van Esk, uniquely combining her passion for photography with her global humanitarian adventures, is riding this trend by using her PhotoArt to raise money for her library project in Nepal.


While on a 2009 study tour in Nepal with Heifer International, Lisa was struck by the amazing spirit of the people and the sad lack of educational tools available.  She boldly committed to building a library for the village of Belsi in the Chitwan province and is donating 20% of profits from her PhotoArt towards funding this global education project.


Lisa's photos are spectacular and affordable ($195-495), a village in Nepal receives the gift of literacy, and Lisa gets to continue living her passion of capturing the beauty of the around her.  It's a new standard of a triple win. 


Lisa reached out to Room to Read, the world's largest publisher of Nepalese Children's books, and this non profit generously became a sponsor.  Another aspect of social entrepreneurship is forming partnerships to reduce budgets instead of putting all the effort into fund raising.  This project also currently has a PR opportunity for a solar sponsor, not forgetting to keep it Green.   

You can see more of Lisa's photos at:


For info on how you can support Divine Commerce PhotoArt & build a library in Nepal please contact:

Lisa M. van Es
Divine Commerce Consulting
CEO and Founder

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