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The Snow is here! 2009 Pow Pow  Yipee!!! 
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you're probably aware that I'm an avid skier!  What does this have to do with design?  More than you might think.


You don't have to be a subscriber of Feng Shui to understand the lessons it has to offer.  The lesson of Creativity is Pleasure.  Hmm.  How bout that?  Feeling good is what allows our creativity to flow.


We learn in Feng Shui that to increase the vibrancy of creativity in our life we must embrace that which makes us feel good.  This is not indulgence; it is moving and embracing all of that in your experience with a sense of joy.  One way that we do this is to complete all things/tasks fully and with joy.  For instance, to look at the task of attending to the necessary paperwork awaiting us and move through it to completion with a sense of happiness.  When we authentically engage in this practice it does bring us joy and opens the door to increased creative energy in all aspects of our lives.


Another way that we practice sowing the seeds for future creativity is by being thoroughly present in the activities that bring us joy.  For me one of the greatest joys in life is the opportunity to ski.  The fresh air, the beauty of the snow and the mountain, the warmth of the people and the lodge, and the sense of utter freedom of flying down the mountain enveloped in a winter wonderland - this is bliss; a coming together of mind/body/spirit.  Gratitude! :)  For the joy, the skill, the freedom to create a new path down the slope each and every run, and gratitude to my parents for getting me on the slopes at age 3, a blessing to be sure.


Yes, but what does that have to do with design?  It's all creativity!  All of it!  Creative practice is occurring all of the time, with everything that we do.  How cool is that?  So we are constantly building energy for our creative future.  When we use happiness and joy in our daily activities it builds a higher vibration for that moment and the future.  The future could be years or a millisecond away; it's always unfolding in its' own special way for each of us, this is why it is important that we have a sense of happiness and joy in all that we do.  One of the ways I have the privilege of expressing creativity is in helping others create environments that are authentic representations of who they are and who they want to be.  This, too, is one of the greatest joys in my life.


In this issue you will find tremendous creativity from artwork and technology to construction and philanthropy.  Enjoy the journey and sow the seeds of your creativity through what feels good to you.



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FeatureFeature:  Star of the Kitchen
Is it a chandelier? A pendant lamp? A work of art? A range hood? Yes!  Exquisite form envelops durable function in this cooktop hood from DR Cooker Hoods, Ltd.
 2009 Pow Pow

Innovating top-of-the-line hoods for over 25 years, DR Cooker Hoods' Elica Collection has pushed boundaries with their stunning design concepts, the most recent of which is the "Star" model. Perfect for the design maven and the culinary minimalist, the Star handles your venting needs while masquerading as a lovely, hanging lamp sending rainbows of light in every direction. Made of stainless steel and hundreds of crystal-like glass prisms, this ceiling-mounted "Best Of" is actually a functional hood with a halogen lamp, long-lasting odor filters, washable grease filters and remote control to adjust the lighting with the touch of a button.
DR Cooker Hoods, Ltd.
2 Alpha Road, Aldershot
Hampshire, GU12, 4RG, United Kingdom
ArchitectureArchitecture:  David Baker + Partners
D Baker Team 
David Baker + Partners has a history and driving philosophy of urban activism. Besides creating or participating in events that help people engage with urban environments as a firm, such as Park(ing) Day and bicycle tours (San Jose Urban Housing Bike Tour, San Francisco Urban Housing Bike Tour, Berkeley bike tour), the staff at David Baker + Partners are personally involved in a number of active causes and organizations.
Visit the website of this visionary architect David Baker and his dedicated team.
QAQ&A With Lauren Shelby 
I have a spare room that I use as a home office.  Although I have houseguests with some frequency, I don't want to set up this somewhat small space with a bed that takes up the whole room all the time; nor do I want to have my guests using an airbed.  Is there some alternative that I can incorporate into the room, other than a futon, which I just don't care for?
Thank you,
Lori Frandsen
San Francisco, CA

Dear Lori,


I applaud your desire to create a space that truly functions for you every day while still being a beautiful space for your houseguests.  The cleanest solution is an old-fashioned Murphy-Bed!


The great thing about a modern version of the wall-bed is that it can look just about any way you want.  It's a truly cost effective way to create more space in a multi-function room for any budget.  You can buy a kit and build it yourself or work with any number of closet/cabinet companies to get great style.  This is the chameleon solution for a plethora of design challenged spaces!


The photo below from shows super, high style - classic form/function.  For more great examples and resources go to...


Murphy Bed closed open
TechnologyTechnology:  Black Box
2009 Pow Pow

Score!  Snowboarders can now record every 5.0 Grind, Backslide Rodeo or Suitcase Grab thanks to this new device called a Ripxx.  Modeled after the Black Box used on modern aircraft, the Ripxx incorporates GPS technology to record direction and speed while accelerometers measure tilt and pitch.


Loaded with maps of popular ski and snowboard resorts, it's ready to go when you are.  After the run you simply plug it into your PC and watch a computer simulation of the action.  The technology is so impressive the US Bobsledding Team used a version of the Ripxx to train for the Olympics.  So now boarders can Shred the Gnar and record it all with Ripxx.  Sick! :) demo video
TextilesArtist:  Cheryl Kampe
CK Coastal View
I recently had the great privilege and pleasure of showing a client some of Cheryl Kampe's extraordinary watercolors!  Cheryl's work in watercolor has amazing fluidity of movement and evokes an immediate and visceral response.  I love it!  Can you tell?
Please visit Cheryl's website to view images of her work and pop down to Viewpoints Gallery in Los Altos, CA to visit Cheryl & her work in person!
EnvironmentEnvironment:  Bio-Glass

Recycled glass has made a steady rise to the top of the list for use in a wide range of applications for 'standard' and 'green' projects alike.  Bio-Glass is comprised of 100% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable. Depending on color, slabs are either made from pre-consumer recycled glass, post-consumer recycled glass bottles, or a mix of the two.  It has a non-porous cleanable finish that does not support microbial growth or allow moisture to accumulate, helping to maintain a mold- and germ-free environment; durable, scratch and stain resistant.


Bio-Glass is committed to the environment: Green certified; Cradle-to-Cradle Silver rating; manufactured in Europe and shipped only in large quantities for minimal carbon footprint; they even choose a shipping container with the lowest C02 rating possible.


With indoor applications for countertops, walls & custom sinks to incredible exterior applications Bio-Glass is a leader in Green Style!

BuilderBuilder:  S.E.A. Construction
SEA logo

Founded in 1989 by Steve Albert - S.E.A. Construction is celebrating 20 years of award winning design and construction!  I've worked with S.E.A. enough to know that their success is in large part due to Steve Albert's commitment to clear and open communication with his clients. 


Consistently producing superior projects, S.E.A. backs up their work with an unprecedented 3 year warranty; providing a 24 month Warranty Walk-Through plan, including inspections and client support at 6 month intervals. This extra step inspires tremendous loyalty among clients and ensures that their beautiful remodels continue to look their very best and function as intended. 


Steven Albert believes in partnering with his clients to give them the advantage of complete visibility and control throughout the design and construction process. With the benefit of nearly 2000 clients in 21 years, S.E.A. has developed a very practical and transparent system that allows homeowners greater confidence in their remodel decisions.  


Check out S.E.A.'s comprehensive website, blog, and sign up for their information rich newsletter.


     SEA Kitchen

PhilanthropicPhilanthropic Feature: International Furnishings & Design Association
 Bashland logo
IFDA is the 'international voice' for promoting excellence through the furnishings and design industry; providing it's members and the community with the tools and resources to enhance the industry worldwide.  It's core values are that of inclusion, open sharing, mutual respect, community service, education, industry partnerships, and ethical business practices.
IFDA is the only all-industry association whose members provide services and products to the furnishing and design industry.  Through grants, scholarships, and community fundraisers IFDA raises and distributes more dollars than any other design organization, providing much needed support to students and professionals alike.
As the incoming President of the Northern California Chapter, I look forward to working with a fabulous Board of Directors to bring the industry the best in education, networking functions, social programs, and fundraising activities.
Among the events that we are planning are some fabulous CEU courses, networking breakfasts and luncheons, and the 2nd Annual Walk for Design Education.  It's shaping up to be an exciting year!  Stay tuned for specifics on how to enjoy upcoming events.

Winter 2009

2009 Pow Pow
Lauren Shelby
Interior Designer
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