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Can you say 'Green?'  I think you can.  It's everywhere and it's wonderful.  So pardon me while I inadvertently jump on the bandwagon in this issue.  I didn't plan for it to be a 'green' issue, it just so happens that there are some fabulous pieces of info and design to share that are, dare I say it again, 'green.'  Use what works for you and share the info with all of your people.
In my design work I have the privilege of relationship with the client and their environment; and in a collaborative experience we create spaces that are unique and special.  How we are in relationship to our home environment impacts us in everything that we do.  In taking the time and expending the effort and energy to create a harmonious relationship between ourselves and our home, we achieve a new level of harmony within ourselves, that in turn takes us to higher levels of well-being and more positive life experiences. 
Our Grandmothers were right...
 'Treat people the way you want to be treated.'
 'Don't judge a book by its cover.'
 'You get what you give.'
They're excellent ideals to live by and a good reminder that people are just humans and we are all doing the best we know how each and every moment as we move along our individual paths and along the larger path of our collective consciousness.  It's always best to be kind to one another and planet earth, this is our collective home and its well being is a reflection of how we care for ourselves and each other. 
Social Media - certainly a hot buzzword at the moment and a new meaning for SM.  This is not a fad folks, and it's not the way of the future, it's Now!  Life is about relationships and relationships are about communication!  That's all SM is - communication.  This wonder of technology is allowing us all kinds of wonderful new ways to share with each other and stay in touch.  I invite you to send me your design questions, dilemmas and challenges through these various communication portals and I will do my best to provide you with creative and practical solutions.
May this Fall Season bring you the Harvest of your dreams.
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FeatureFeature: "A Convenient Truth," a film produced by Maria Vaz 
This film is a must-see!  If planet earth is important to you, you will love A CONVENIENT TRUTH: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil.  The city of Curitiba has provided us with solutions to caring for our planet and each other through easy and affordable changes.  It's a remarkable story and includes exclusive interviews from world renowned Curitiba's mayors Jaime Lerner and Cassio Tanigushi, as well as other brilliant minds who made Curitiba a world class model. 
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A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil:
an inspirational documentary aimed at sharing ideas to provoke environment-friendly and cost-effective changes in cities worldwide. The documentary focuses on innovations in transportation, recycling, social benefits including affordable housing, seasonal parks, and the processes that transformed Curitiba into one of the most livable cities in the world.
Cities should be a solution not a problem for human beings. The city of Curitiba has demonstrated for the past 40 years how to transform problems into cost-effective solutions that can be applied in most cities around the world. 

MIT Study:  "Tracking Trash"

What if we knew exactly where our trash was going and how much energy it took to make it disappear? Would it make us think twice about buying bottled water or "disposable" razors?
"Trash is one of today's most pressing issues - both directly and as a reflection of our attitudes and behaviors," says Professor Carlo Ratti, head of the MIT SENSEable City lab. "Our project aims to reveal the disposal process of our everyday objects, as well as to highlight potential inefficiencies in today's recycling and sanitation systems."
Trash Track was initially inspired by the Green NYC Initiative, the goal of which is to increase the rate of waste recycling in New York to almost 100 percent by 2030. Currently, only about 30 percent of the city's waste is diverted from landfills for recycling. "We hope that Trash Track will also point the way to a possible urban future: that of a system where, thanks to the pervasive usage of smart tags, 100 percent recycling could become a reality," says project leader, Musstanser Tinauli. 
ArchitectureArchitecture:  Mark English
Mark English Texas Image 
Mark English is one of the Bay Area's special architects; Founder and Principal of Mark English Architects, he has been working in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area since 1992. His designs reflect  resourcefulness and efficiency to create high-quality residential design.  
Now Mark English Architects is making it's mark in the 'Green' sector.  Congratulations on their recent feature in "AIArchitect".
QAQ&A With Lauren Shelby 
How do I blend hand-me-down furniture and antiques with modern furniture and make it workable?
Oh my, what a question!  These things can all work together but you have to give them some common ground.  This is a simplified answer and may not address the question fully but it can be a start.  We need to give the seemingly unrelated items some common ground and cohesion... begin with an area rug; if the pieces are of a wide variety of colors & upholstery then choose a neutral, solid color; if the pieces are more simple in color & upholstery then you can be a bit more daring with the rug and find a patter and/or color that brings a bit of cohesion to the furnishings.  The next step is to accessorize smartly and carefully, letting the accessories be the dressing that ties it all together.
As I said, it's a simplified answer for a complicated question.  Feel free to send in your photo via email or Facebook and perhaps we can get you more specific feedback!
Window treatments on a low budget, Lighting for the Studio...
Window treatments are one of the greatest opportunities for creativity and impact in a room.  I always recommend making an investment in window treatments; you will reap the rewards every minute you are in the space and the beauty and inspiration they can provide is wonderful.  If that's too much for your budget there are some great online resources that have limited fabric choices for quick and easy pre-measured panels.  Still to pricy?  Current retail sources have some lovely pre-made panels ready to buy off the shelf. 
Lighting is an essential part of every design plan and deserves the utmost attention to detail.  Remember that if you light everything you light nothing, so being meticulous in this area is very important.  Down lighting has its place but can be very harsh, blend it appropriately with soft, diffused lighting and consider wall washers when possible.  Lighting can be a bit complex to plan and certainly requires a professional for installation but all the way around is worth the investment for and improved space.
TechnologyTechnology: Wine Bar of the Future
Jeff Rexford Photo 
When great design and cutting edge technology come together it spells good news for wine lovers everywhere.  For patrons of New York's Clo Wine Bar the interactive experience has given the cities wine enthusiasts plenty to talk about, as well as plenty to taste.  The bar's most distinctive feature is the eWinebook, the brainchild of creator and founder Andrew Bradbury.
The eWinebook is a fully automated electronic touch screen wine menu that behaves like an iPhone.  Providing every detail about your wine from the type of grape to the region, your choice is then precisely dispensed into your glass via an Argon gas filled wine storage system keeping the wine at its maximum freshness.  Andrew partnered with 2 by 4 Design in New York City to design the space.  Design and technology combine for a truly special experience.  Check it out!
TextilesTextiles:  Laura Cater-Woods 
Laura Cater-Woods  OMG!  THIS IS FABRIC!  Laura Cater-Woods just may be single handedly changing our ideas about what a 'quilt' can be.  This piece, titled 'Prana' is a marvel to behold - as is all of her incredible work.
Laura has taken her years of accomplishment as a painter and is applying those skills to textile work.  The results are exquisitely beautiful and inspiring.  In addition to her artwork, Laura is a gifted instructor offering wonderful workshops and classes that allow individuals to explore their creativity.
Please visit her website to explore her work and your creativity.
EnvironmentEnvironment:  Composting at Home
Solarcone, Inc.
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Love this product!  Great design at it's best for the benefit of individuals, families, communities and the planet.  With The Green Cone by Solarcone, you can eliminate your kitchen waste, reducing your family's trash by 20%+.
The Green Cone reduces food waste to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide and a small residue. The solar-heated garden unit safely eliminates all cooked and uncooked food waste, including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit.

Whether you're an environmentally responsible homeowner, a large family with significant kitchen waste, or the manager of a community recycling program, the Green Cone System is an invaluable tool to help you eliminate your food disposal problem... forever! Because over 90% of the waste material in the Green Cone is absorbed safely as water by the soil, the Green Cone only needs to be cleaned once every few years when treated with care. 
BuilderBuilder:  Bashland Builders 
Jeff Rexford Photo      Bashland logo
If you've been considering a remodel or new build project, the time is now!  "This is a great time to remodel," says Jeff Rexford, Vice President of Bashland Builders.  Bashland Builders is based in Emeryville, CA, and has been a Bay Area fixture since 1978.  Specializing in creating warm, inviting spaces, Bashland takes pride in taking your environment 'from adequate to extraordinary.' 
Homeowners who were priced out of the market just a year ago are now finding themselves able to afford a home, as well as finding they have money left over for improvements. As most of us know by now - upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms often yield a significant return on investment. 
Some of the lowest prices seen in years for both labor and materials are creating an ideal time for homeowners to improve their spaces.  Plenty of competition among subcontractors is resulting in great prices and allowing project completion in record time, making this the time to move forward on projects that have been on the homeowners' agenda.
At this time next year many of the bargains we are seeing today will be long gone, so taking advantage of current trends in order to improve your property is a wise investment.  At Bashland Builders the focus is always on quality construction.  Jeff and the rest of the team at Bashland are honored to provide their clients with superior service and an outstanding, long lasting product.  Please visit Bashland Builders at
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PhilanthropicPhilanthropic Feature: Room to Read
Room To Read
Room To Read is simply wonderful in it's vision and execution, bringing education to millions.  This is truly the way to build our future.
John Wood, Founder and Executive Chairman, launched Room to Read after a trek through Nepal. He visited several local schools and was amazed by the warmth and enthusiasm of the students and teachers, but also saddened by the shocking lack of resources. Driven to help, John quit his senior executive position with Microsoft and built a global team to work with rural villages to build sustainable solutions to their educational challenges. Founding Room to Read, John wove proven corporate business practices with his inspiring vision to provide educational access to 10 million children in the developing world.
Room to Read began working with rural communities in Nepal in 2000 to build schools and establish libraries. The organization's geographic reach expanded rapidly as significant needs and opportunities were identified in Vietnam (2001), Cambodia (2002) and India (2003). The Asian Tsunami in December 2004 provided a catalyst for entry into Sri Lanka followed shortly by Laos. In 2006, they expanded to South Africa, and began work in Zambia in 2007. In 2008, operations begain in Bangladesh and will commence program activities in 2009. 

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