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May Newsletter

Open House 2Clinic Specials
Nurse's Week Special
Treatments for nurses only $25 during the month of May!
New Patient Referral Program  
Refer a new patient to the clinic and your next treatment is free!

Friday Night Special

$25 treatments after 5pm on Fridays
(excludes initial visit)

Early Bird Special
$25 treatments before 9am daily
(excludes initial visit)

   Certain limitations apply to each special. Limit one special per patient. Not valid with other discounts. 



On the Horizon


May 21

Summer Semester begins


June 2 & 3 

Clinical Aromatherapy & Reflexology Massage 


June 15 

Mini-Seminar Series:


June 23 & 24 

Cancer Support & Prevention with Michael Gaeta 


July 27 

Mini-Seminar Series:  

Feng Shui



Herbal Product of the Month    


Reevis Mountain Remedies  


Reevis Mountain


Warmer temperatures brings more opportunities to get outside and play. Should you run into some unfriendly wildlife, PIHMA offers Reevis Mountain Remedies to relieve pain from insect bites. These remedies come directly from the Reevis Mountain School where Peter Bigfoot has sustainably grown in his own organic garden, harvested and processed by hand, and extracted into alcohol-based tinctures. Scorpion Sting Remedy effectively reduces the pain of and speeds the recovery from the sting of scorpions. The herbal ingredient in this tincture is western mugwort. The Bee & Insect Sting Remedy relieves the pain and bring about faster healing of bee, ant, wasp, and spider stings. Its herbal ingredients include desert tobacco, western mugwort, desert plantain, eucalyptus. Echinacea (Snake Bite) Tincture can be applied as a saturated bandage, while drinking the tincture diluted with the herbal ingredient of Echinacea root. For those who are prone to allergies, Pollen Allergy Relief is used for pollen-induced allergies and related lung and sinus congestion. The main herbal ingredients in this tincture are brittle bush, plantain, squaw tea, yerba santa, chaparral. Let's hope you don't come across unwelcome critters but if you do, PIHMA's got you covered!        

To see if any of the aforementioned Reevis Mountain remedies are right for you, call PIHMA's clinic today at (602) 274-1885 for an Herbal Consultation. Because everyone is different, herbal products are sold only after consultation with an herbal intern. 



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Live the Medicine  

Serve Compassionately

Act with Integrity

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Commit to Excellence


"Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten." 
--  B.F. Skinner


National Nurse's Week
Nurses Week Special

The American Nurses Association
(ANA) developed National Nurse's Week to celebrate the nursing profession and all that nurses do. Nurses work in hospitals, schools, clinics and homeless shelters as staff nurses, educators, nurse practitioners and nurse researchers. They serve these roles with passion and a strong commitment to patient care and safety. PIHMA joins ANA in celebrating the profession by offering all nurses $25 acupuncture treatments during the month of May as a thank you for all you do!           
It's not too late to register for summer semester!
Now Enrolling!
Contact Admissions at (602) 274-1885   

Aromatherapy Course at PIHMA

The clinical Aromatherapy & Reflexology Massage is a weekend course dedicated to providing "hands on" instruction to practitioners seeking to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in Clinical Aromatherapy application. The course was created as part of an ongoing mission to advance the use of Complementary Therapies into healthcare settings.

Clinical Aromatherapy & Reflexology Massage
Saturday & Sunday, June 2-3, 2012
9:00am-5:00pm (both days)
at PIHMA College & Clinic
301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Ste. A-230, Classroom E
Phoenix, AZ  85012
Course Fees: $350

(a separate charge for 8 oils and blending supplies is $100 & must be purchased BEFORE the class from Cindy Via.email: cindy.via@bannerhealth.com; the oils will be provided at the class)

To register, contact Deb Harbinson at (623) 512-2001.

Mini-Seminar Series at PIHMA

PIHMA is hosting a series of mini-seminars targeted for nurses yet
open to all interested individuals. The next mini-seminar focuses on reflexology. You will learn how to integrate holistic principles and practices into your delivery of care...and your life!
Foot ForwardReflexology:
Best Foot Forward for Health
Friday, June 15, 2012 
8:00am -12:00pm 
at PIHMA College & Clinic
    Seminar Fee: $39

Click here for more information and to register!

Cancer Support & Prevention Seminar

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in today's world. PIHMA welcomes Dr. Michael Gaeta, visionary educator, clinician, writer and publisher in the field of natural healthcare for this powerful seminar which looks at cancer's contributing factors and the potential holistic practitioners have to transform the lives of their patients by providing low-cost, effective means of preventing cancer in healthy patients and supporting optimal health and vitality in cancer patients.

Cancer Support & Prevention with Michael Gaeta
Saturday & Sunday, June 23-24, 2012

9:00am-5:00pm (both days)
at PIHMA College & Clinic
301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Ste. A-230, Classroom E
Phoenix, AZ  85012
Course Fees: $295 (16 L.Ac. CEU's)
(Student Rate: $200)


Kudos to PIHMA's Student Interns
PIHMA's teaching clinic provides cost-effective acupuncture treatments and herbal consultations to its patients. PIHMA's students need valuable feedback to ensure they're on the right track to succeed as practitioners. This is why we provide a post treatment evaluation form for patients to share their opinions. Here are a few highlights of what our patients are saying about our interns:

Scott Elkins: "Everything was just right!"

Grayce Thoburn: "YAY! MUCH BETTER!"

Kathy Bilak & Oksana Stoj: "They make a great team.  I felt exceptionally well cared for during the entire experience.  If different situations arise concerning my health, I would not hesitate to return and would definitely insist on "Care by Kathy"".

Heidi McHardy: "Fantastic Needles!"

Kat Myers: "This is helping. Thank you"

Kat Myers: "Kat was awesome!! Easy to talk to."

Kat Myers: "Well Done!!! I feel Great - THANK YOU"

Jodee Chenaur & Charmaine Marck: "Both times I saw each of them they were very good."

Bosun Kim: "Bosun was awesome!  Felt like he really knew what he was doing. Thank you!"

Margaret Steele: "Excellent treatment and fixed my problem!"

Selene Hausman: "Thanks Selene!"


The results of a recent survey declared that 97% of PIHMA's patients would enthusiastically recommend our clinic to a friend or family member. Without our patients, PIHMA's students could not get the education and experience they need to succeed.  We thank you for providing feedback and encourage you to keep doing so. Your opinion is important to us!  

Message from PIHMA's President

Dear PIHMA Community,

It is with great regret, that I announce the passing of our Board Chair, Lucia Chow, MIM, who died on May 1st at 1pm. She fought valiantly and quite successfully her cancer and the side effects of chemo with Chinese medicine. Toward the end, Lucia realized that the western medical paradigm was not as effective as the Asian medical paradigm of Balance, and that returning to Balance was the key to preventing and curing cancer all along. Unfortunately the experimental chemotherapy she received significantly weakened her system, and she could not counteract the subsequent spread of the cancer.
Lucia served on the PIHMA Governing Board since 2004. With her unique background of a Masters in International Management and her knowledge of Chinese customs and culture, she contributed much to our growth, development and good feng shui which helped us survived many difficult years. She had a brilliant mind, a kind and compassionate spirit, was unselfish and always good humored.
She learned the Chinese science and art of Feng Shui and I-Ching from her father and received all of his secret teachings (unusual for female children). Indeed, I was amazed at her ability to mathematically calculate the exact date of my son's birth, predict with accuracy PIHMA's major events, obstacles and personnel issues. I even had the opportunity to check over 50 potential locations when we searched for our new, current home of the college. I was able to verify the information she provided about why the location would have problems with the realtor of the site, confirming that the business had bankrupt or the owner had health issues. Her annual updates and analyses of the coming year were always accurate to our great amazement. Combined with her excellent sense of business, she helped PIHMA grow successfully. She and her husband, David Mo, were true experts in these other sciences of Asian medicine and culture. We know Lucia's spirit continues to stay with us as she is indeed a part of the web of PIHMA's fabric. We will miss her greatly. Thanks for remembering Lucia and holding her family in your prayers.
Our VP-Board Member, Dr. Adelaid Severson has now stepped into the role of Chair and will capably lead our governance, along with members Mark Johnson, CPA, Alumni Member Marie Yahner, New Student Member Kirby Woods, all of our Board Advisors, and the nonprofit Board Members.

With sympathy and faith,

Catherine Niemiec, J.D., L.Ac.
Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture


301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Ste. A-100

Phoenix, AZ  85012

(602) 274-1885