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November Newsletter


Open Houses, Seminars & Expos, Oh My!  


October was quite a busy month for PIHMA as we celebrated Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AOM) Day, provided an educational seminar with renowned author Lonny Jarrett, joined the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts for their annual Holistic Health Gathering, performed acupuncture on over 200 attendees at the Ultimate Women's Expo, and appeared on Channel 3's Your Life A to Z! PIHMA aims to educate the public about the benefits of AOM as it is the world's most widely used form of integrative, complementary and compatible medicine.   Acupuncture is highly effective, cost-effective and safe, it's no wonder this medicine is so popular and widespread!    


  AOM Day cupping demo  AOM Day auricular  Acupuncture points


Integrative Pain Therapy Seminar for Nurses & Other Healthcare Providers

Pain is a long-standing problem in America. Over 83 million adults live with pain which impact their daily activities and over 75 million people live with chronic debilitating pain. Treatment often includes some combination of pain medication, physical therapy, and surgery. Compelling evidence shows the benefits of treating pain with mind-body therapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, therapeutic touch, herbal therapy, and dietary/nutritional approaches. This seminar focuses on practical applications for nurses and explores many of the mind-body/alternative therapies and their benefits in the treatment of pain, as well as their impacts on patient and clinical outcomes.


When: November 18th, 2011Pain

8:30am - 12:00pm

Where: PIHMA College & Clinic

Cost: $39


Click here for more information & to register



Clinic Specials


New Patient  

Referral Program 


  Friday Night Special

$25 treatments after 5pm on Fridays  

(excludes initial visit) 


Early Bird Special

$25 treatments before 9am Daily  

(excludes initial visit) 



Limit one special per patient.  

Not valid with other discounts. 



Fall Community Movement Class Schedule

(Aug. 1st - Dec. 18th) 

Try a movement class



Mondays 12-1pm

(moved from Fridays) 

with Kat Myers  


Qi Gong

Mondays 5-6pm

with Dan Bedgood


Tai Chi Gung Fu

Wednesdays 6-7pm

with Jack Mathews


Click here for prices, class descriptions and instructor bios.



On the Horizon


 November 18th


Pain Management through Integrative Pain Therapy   


November 24th - 27th

PIHMA Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday


December 3rd

Introduction to Asian Exercises



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"If you want to be healthy and live to be 100, do Qi Gong" 


- Dr. Mehmet Oz 



Veteran's Day Traffic


The 2011 Veteran's Day Parade is scheduled to begin at 11:00am on Friday, November 11th. The parade route stretches from the intersection of Bethany Home Road and Central Avenue to Indian School Road at 7th Street.  Bethany Home Road will remain open, however for those of you coming to PIHMA be sure to allow enough time for the expected traffic back-ups. Street closures along the parade route will be in effect from 9:00am to 2:00pm. 


Click here for the parade route map. 



Introduction to Asian Exercises

New Half Day Class introduces participants to several different styles of Qi building movement 


Zen rocks


December 3rd, 2011 


PIHMA College & Clinic

301 E Bethany Home Rd

Phoenix, AZ  85012


$65, $55 Early-bird (by 11/18)  



Movement is essential to healthPIHMA is excited to offer this special afternoon class taught by Brian Skow which will introduce you to different styles of Asian exercises. All of these exercises were developed across Asia with the goal to build Qi, improve the flow of Qi throughout the body, and stretch and strengthen the physical body.   


Regular practice of Qi Gong or Zen Shiatsu Meridian Exercises can improve strength, coordination, balance and flexibility; lower blood pressure; reduce pain and stiffness; enhance sleep; and promote cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive function.  


In this course open to all, participants will learn:

  • The "Lifting the Sky" and "Carrying the Moon" Qi Gong exercises.
  • 10 Makko Ho (aka Zen Shiatsu Meridian Exercises).
  • The Five Tibetans, a set of five, active yoga exercises.
Register today! This class will fill up fast.

Click here to register and for more information. 



Herbal Formula of the Month

Bao He Wan - "Preserve Harmony Pill" or "Pill to Harmonize the Stomach"


It is November, a time of Thanksgiving dinners, the occasional overeating and overfilled stomachs.  This holiday season if you are feeling a bit overstuffed from all those wonderful dinners, than Bao He Wan may be for you.  Just as the name suggests, this little Chinese herbal formula is perfect for those occasional bouts of enjoying too much Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday goodies.  Bao He Wan can be used for abdominal distention, minor pain, bas, belching, nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea due to over eating*.  The herbs in the formula relieve food stagnation, harmonize the Stomach, improve digestion from meat and fatty foods, strengthen the Spleen, and restore the feeling of great tranquility to the entire digestive system.  Many Chinese families keep Bao He Wan in house as a first aid medicine, and carry it when traveling.


To see if Bao He Wan is right for you, call the PIHMA clinic today at 602.274.1885 for an Herbal Consultation. Because everyone is different, raw herbs and formulas are only sold after consultation with an herbal intern to create the appropriate formula for you.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Qi Gong Move - Push Up the Heavens

From a relaxed standing position, with the hands at your sides and feet shoulder-width apart, inhale deeply and raise both extended arms in broad arcs to either side of the body, the hands coming to an overlapping position above the head, palms up. 


Pushing your palms towards the sky and holding the breath in low in the abdomen, rise up on your toes. 


After holding your breath for a comfortable count, return your heels to the ground and exhale slowly as your arms drop in broad arcs back to your sides. 




PIHMA's Community Qi Gong Class is held on Mondays from 5:00pm - 5:55pm. ($10 drop-in) 


Become a student today!

Contact Admissions at (602) 274-1885


PIHMA Acupuncture College & Clinic 

presents:Nurse & Child


Practice With Passion

A Holistic Nursing Professional Advancement Series    

Expand your knowledge about how to blend East/West holistic theory, principles and practice, get an introduction to integrative and Asian modalities, and become a champion of holistic healthcare. Five weekends over five months starting February of 2012. 

Click here for more information   



Dr. Shi Visit Canceled


Due to circumstances beyond our control, PIHMA is cancelling the Drs. Shi and Bian Clinical Grand Rounds and Lecture series planned for later this month.  Instead we will start hosting a series of Clinical Grand Rounds highlighting the hidden Masters in our community here in Arizona.  There is an exceptional pool of highly talented acupuncturists within our state.  Some of these Arizona practitioners are Doctors with extensive training in China, and/or have with decades of experience practicing TCM, and who have thriving private practices.  We are inviting them out of their practices to share their expertise and talents with you in the collaborative clinical or practice management setting.  This will no doubt be an exciting opportunity for all. For more information, contact Jonathan Lindsey at jlindsey@pihma.edu. 



301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Ste. A-100

Phoenix, AZ  85012

(602) 274-1885