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July Newsletter


PIHMA reaches 1,000 Twitter followers! 

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Try a movement class

Community Movement Class Schedule  

(May 24 - July 29)  



Yoga w/Brian


Qi Gong w/Dan



Tai Chi w/Kevin 


Yoga w/Adabelle



Yoga w/Brian


Yoga w/Brian



Acu-Yoga w/Kat



Stretch & Renew w/Adabelle



ONLY $5 per class for Faculty, Staff & Students!!



Clinic Specials


New Patient  

Referral Program 


 Friday Night Special

$25 treatments after 5pm on Fridays  

(excludes initial visit) 


Early Bird Special

$25 treatments before 9am Daily  

(excludes initial visit) 



Limit one special per patient.  

Not valid with other discounts. 


On the Horizon


 July 15th (4-8pm) 

PIHMA College & Clinic OPEN HOUSE


July 15th (7pm) 

The Legend of Drunken Master


July 29th (3-5pm) 

New Student Orientation


July 30th, 31st (8am-4pm)

SWIHA's Mind Body Wellness Conference  


August 1

Fall Semester Starts 


August 12-14  

Holistic Nursing Self-caring Seminar 


August 19th (7pm) 

9,000 Needles


Herb of the Month

Ju Hua
Ju Hua 

Ju Hua is very popular as a summertime tea in southern China. Perfect for the long Arizona summers, a simple tea from the flowers can be used to alleviate fever and headaches and also to disperse and remove toxins from the body. Ju Hua is excellent for counteracting inflammation, dispersing wind, and clearing heat.  It can also be effective in relieving symptoms of fever, dizziness and vertigo, improve vision and a wide range of eye problems such as soreness, redness, night blindness and strain. The herb enters the Liver, and Lung Meridians

To see if Ju Hua is right for your, call PIHMA clinic today at 602.274.1885 for an Herbal Consultation. Because everyone is different, raw herbs are only sold after consultation with an herbal intern to create the appropriate formula for you.


Volunteers Needed    

Attention PIHMA Students:  

You need community service hours and PIHMA needs your help... let's work together  and create a win/win situation!  Events and presentations are a great way to spread the word about PIHMA College & Clinic. Join PIHMA as we educate the general public about the benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine.  Contact Carrie Thoreson at cthoreson@pihma.edu for volunteer opportunities.  





Live the Medicine

Serve Compassionately

Act with Integrity

Be Innovative

Grow Thoughtfully

Practice Gratitude

Commit to Excellence



"The greatest wealth is health." 


- Virgil


Acu-Man w/Patient 

Golden Fan


AOM Acupuncture and Herbs

PIHMA College & Clinic  


Friday, July 15th, 2011  

4:00pm - 8:00pm


PIHMA's Summer Open House is next Friday from 4-8pm and we'd love for you to join us!  We're looking for students who can perform auricular acupuncture or who can be present to assist with any questions the attendees may have.  Student volunteers  will get credit for community service or clinic hours just by helping out.  Faculty are encouraged to attend as well! Please contact Carrie Thoreson at cthoreson@pihma.edu for more information or to volunteer.  

    • FREE Campus tours (meet staff & faculty) 
    • FREE snacks & beverages  
    • FREE Qi Gong class (4:00-4:55pm) 
    • FREE auricular acupuncture treatments (4:00-8:00pm) 
    • FREE tongue & pulse diagnoses (6:00-8:00pm)
    • FREE movie at 7:00pm - Legend of Drunken Master

The Valley's Only Accredited Asian Medical College.   

Cultivate Success


New Entrepreneurship Class  

for Students and Alumni



We are very pleased to announce a class new to PIHMA's fall offerings:  Thriving as a Practitioner...Entrepreneurial Skills for Acupucnturists. This is an exciting opportunity for current students and alumni to be exposed to entrepreneurial thought and the process for innovation/idea generation, all components integral to practice development and maintenance.


Through this two credit dynamic course you will begin to develop your own entrepreneurial mindset and the business skills essential to the entrepreneurial acupuncture experience. Students are introduced to the basics of business and challenged to think creatively about marketing, networking, opening, and growing their acupuncture/complementary health care businesses.


The class will be taught by new faculty member, entrepreneur Matt Michaud.  When you see Matt around campus please extend him a warm welcome. 


Interested in registering for the class?  It is open to students and alumni.  Fill out a registration form and submit to the Registrar soon to reserve your space.



PIHMA's Website Gets a Facelift  


PIHMA's Upgraded Website









PIHMA is pleased to announce the release of our newly redesigned website.  The site has been updated with a fresh new look and improved navigation.  Visitors can  find detailed information about the college and clinic, connect with what's happening at PIHMA, and more.  Take a look for yourself by clicking on the image above or visit www.pihma.edu.  


PIHMA Email LogIn Clarification:

Please note there are now two Logins on the PIHMA website - one to access secure documents on the website and one to access your PIHMA email.  To access your PIHMA email, simply click on the 'PIHMA Email' tab on the menu bar.  It will take you directly to the login screen where you can enter your Username and Password to access your email.  Default passwords can be changed under the Settings > Personal Settings option.  

If you have any questions, please contact Carrie Thoreson at cthoreson@pihma.edu



Ready to get fit? Just walk next door!


North Phoenix Baptist Church, located just next door, has invited PIHMA students, staff and faculty to enjoy their Family Life Center Health Club at the low cost of their Church Member rates (only $20/month).  You can easily fit in a workout before or after class, work, or your clinic shift.  Take advantage of this amazing offer and enjoy amenities such as group fitness classes, racquetball and tennis courts, a cardiovascular room, an indoor roller skating rink and more!  All you'll need is your PIHMA I.D. badge to be eligible for the discount. 

The Family Life Center is open Monday through Friday from 5:30am to 9:00pm and Saturdays from 5:30am to 4:00pm.  For more information, contact the FLC at (602) 707-5903.       


North Phoenix 


PIHMA Community Member Spotlight


From the mundane to the fantastical, the stories of you, the members of the PIHMA community, create the fabric of our world and enrich our shared experience.  Beginning next month, PIHMA will spotlight a member of the community.  To do so, we need your help.  Nominate someone (even yourself) to tell their story.  Tell us about a patient success, about how an instructor inspired you, or about an outstanding classmate or community experience.  Nominations can be sent to Carrie Thoreson at cthoreson@pihma.edu

Extraordinary stories from seemingly ordinary individuals



New Patient Referral Program


Without our patients, the education of PIHMA's students would be impossible.  For this reason, we've implemented the New Patient Referral Program.  Now when you refer new patients to PIHMA's clinic, your next treatment is on us! 


For every new patient you refer, your  

next treatment is  


And there's more!  Ask the front desk for details...


Let your friends & family know  

about this exciting new program!



FREE Summer Movie Series


Join us this summer on the third Friday of June, July and August and enjoy a movie on us! All showings will begin at 7:00pm at PIHMA College & Clinic, Suite A-230, Classroom E.  

The Legend of Drunken Master The Legend of Drunken Master

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 7:00pm 

When Chan mixes up his luggage during a train trip, he finds himself at odds with evil foreigners trying to steal sacred imperial treasures. Never before have such elaborate, acrobatic fight sequences been captured on film.


9000 Needles Poster

 9,000 Needles 

Friday, August 19, 2011 - 7:00pm  


Having faced the confines of the American health care system, a forty year old stroke patient travels to Tianjin, China in search of the rehabilitation he needs. (Donations accepted for the Devin Dearth Foundation) 

Free water and popcorn provided



Mind Body Wellness Conference

Healing Through Holistic Integration

Friday & Saturday, July 30th & 31st 

8:00am - 4:00pm 


Join PIHMA at SWIHA and learn how to integrate tools and techniques from different modalities to expand your clientele and improve your practice. The conference includes morning yoga meditation, AM & PM workshops, lunch, and vendors. Click here for details.  



2 Fortune Cookies


 And the winning entry is...


 "Your happy destiny is unavoidable."

And in second place... (a four way tie!) 

"That was not chicken" - Jerry Coy

"Even a broken clock is correct twice a day." - Susan Wadsworth

"Wine is potent, and death is certain, but nothing is so steadfast as love." -

Tayllor Arbour

"More far. More better." - Vicky Herrod

 Honorable mentions... 

"Help, I'm being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery!" - Jerry Coy

"Woman make rules. Man follow." - Dan Bedgood

 "Plan ahead or find trouble on your doorstep." - Hermann E.

"This fortune unintentionally left blank." - Anonymous

"Your lucky numbers are 5 8 0 0 8." - Anonymous

"Chocolate good. Death bad." - Dan Bedgood

"Worry is the misuse of your imagination." - Toni B.

"Confucius say drink lotsa wine." - Anonymous

"Take the time to stop and smell the roses." - Anonymous

"The young sparrow that flies against the wind will never taste the nectar of the holy avocado."  - Anonymous

"Sometimes when you win, you lose." - Susan Wadsworth


Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries in PIHMA's first ever Fortune Cookie Contest!



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