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Upcoming Events & Dates of Importance  


PIHMA joins Local First Arizona


National Men's Health Week - May 13-19


Summer Movie Series


Summer Movement Class Schedule


Holistic Nursing Professional Advancement Series 


Fortune Cookie Contest


Clinic Specials


Father's Day Special

$25 acupuncture treatments for men

(June 13th - June 18th) 


 Friday Night Special

$25 treatments after 5pm on Fridays  

(excludes initial visit) 


Early Bird Special

$25 treatments before 9am Daily  

(excludes initial visit) 



Limit one special per patient.  

Not valid with other discounts. 

 On the Horizon


June 17th

Soul Masters     


 July 15th

PIHMA College & Clinic OPEN HOUSE


July 15th

The Legend of Drunken Master


July 29th

New Student Orientation


August 1

Fall Semester Starts 


August 12-14  

Holistic Nursing Self-caring Seminar 


August 19th

9,000 Needles


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Herb of the Month


Ru Xiang - Frankincense - Olibanum

    Ru Xiang

Ru Xiang enters the Heart, Liver, and Spleen Meridians.  It invigorates the blood, promotes the movement of Qi, and helps to generate flesh.  It is an excellent herb for treating pain and sores from traumatic injury, alleviates pain, and alleviates painful obstruction, rigidity, and spasms.   

To see if Ru Xiang is right for your, call PIHMA clinic today at 602.274.1885 for an Herbal Consultation. Because everyone is different, raw herbs are only sold after consultation with an herbal intern to create the appropriate formula for you.

Acupuncture in the News


Dr. Oz  


Click on the above link to watch a video from The Dr. Oz Show. This Monday's episode covered Dr. Oz's Top 10 Revolutionary Alternative Health Must Haves.  Gua Sha, which means 'to scrape away disease' in Chinese, can be used for back pain,  fever, fatigue, asthma, fibromyalgia, headaches, food poisoning and digestive problems.   




Live the Medicine
Serve Compassionately
Act with Integrity
Be Innovative
Grow Thoughtfully
Practice Gratitude
Commit to Excellence

"Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come"


- Chinese Proverb

AOM Acupuncture and Herbs

PIHMA College & Clinic  



Friday, July 15th, 2011  

2:00pm - 6:00pm


A career in AOM can be rewarding, liberating, and within your grasp. Join us and explore a possible future in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Open to everyone from all walks of life - whether you've tried acupuncture, had a passing interest, or have a serious interest - all are welcome! Campus tours and free auricular acupuncture treatments offered.


The Valley's Only Accredited Asian Medical College.   

 Become a Student Today!

Contact Admissions at 602-274-1885


PIHMA Joins Local First Arizona!


Supporting locally owned businesses throughout the state of Arizona, Local First Arizona (LFA) is a  non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies.  As a member, PIHMA Acupuncture College & Clinic hopes to join forces with LFA to educate citizens,  stakeholders, business leaders, and legislators about the significant environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of strong local economies. Together we'll  build vibrant communities that make residents proud to call home.  


Local First Arizona Business Directory  


Mens Health

In celebration of Father's Day and  in observance of National Men's Health Week, PIHMA Acupuncture College & Clinic is offering a clinic special just for  men from June 13th through June 18th - all acupuncture treatments only $25! Acupuncture can alleviate many ailments such as aches and pains, headaches, allergies, insomnia, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, stress, weight loss, depression and anxiety, and much more.  This is your week, gentlemen; take care of your health with a visit to the clinic!   



FREE Summer Movie Series


Join us this summer on the third Friday of June, July and August and enjoy a movie on us! All showings will begin at 7:00pm at PIHMA Acupuncture College & Clinic, Suite A-230, Classroom E. 


Soul Masters

Soul Masters 

Friday, June 17, 2011 - 7:00pm


This documentary takes an in-depth look at the work of alternative health practitioners Dr. Sha and Dr. Guo, who combine the principles of traditional herbal medicine, massage, and spiritual philosophy to promote healing. 


The Legend of Drunken Master The Legend of Drunken Master

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 7:00pm 

When Chan mixes up his luggage during a train trip, he finds himself at odds with evil foreigners trying to steal sacred imperial treasures. Never before have such elaborate, acrobatic fight sequences been captured on film.



9000 Needles Poster

 9,000 Needles 

Friday, August 19, 2011 - 7:00pm  


Having faced the confines of the American health care system, a forty year old stroke patient travels to Tianjin, China in search of the rehabilitation he needs. (Donations accepted for the Devin Dearth Foundation) 

Please refrain from bringing outside food or beverages.  

Water, tea and popcorn will be provided.


Summer Community Movement Classes

(May 23 - July 25) 


Have you experienced the benefits of our movement classes yet? Build your core strength, boost stability and coordination and  nourish your joints through yoga and acu-yoga classes. Try Tai Chi or Qi Gong to awaken your natural spirit and build your qi.  

More classes have been added to the summer schedule!  

We now offer Tai Chi classes twice a week. We've added a Thursday 6pm yoga class for those coming home from work. And ideal for PIHMA students yet open to the general public, a Saturday afternoon Stretch & Renew class has been added to restore and refresh your mind and body.   

Qi Gong

Summer Movement Class Schedule (May 23rd-July 25)




Brian Williams


Qi Gong


Dan Bedgood


Tai Chi


Kevin Kolasa




Adabelle Quintana




Brian Williams


Tai Chi


Shelley O'Dell-Brock




Brian Williams




Kat Myers


Stretch & Renew


Adabelle Quintana

Packages & Rates 


1 Class



5 Classes



10 Classes



20 Classes

Monthly Unlimited 



PIHMA Student, Staff & Faculty rate.......only $5 per class!!      

Experience the benefits for yourself. 

Come in and get moving!  


Attention NursesNurse & Child

PIHMA Acupuncture College & Clinic  


Practice With Passion 

A Holistic Nursing  

Professional Advancement Series 


Expand your knowledge about how to blend East/West holistic theory, principles and practice, get an introduction to integrative and Asian modalities, and become a champion of holistic healthcare. 5 Weekends over 5 Months (starting August 2011). For more information and to register, email sroe@pihma.edu.  Not a nurse? Tell your nursing friends!


Don't miss this exciting opportunity!



2 Fortune Cookies

 Summon Your Inner Confucius    

Ever thought you could be the next great fortune  writer? Now is the time to show off those skills. We are excited to announce PIHMA's first ever Fortune Cookie Contest! Fortunes can be clever, poetic, silly, sad or profound - your hopes and dreams, your fears and foibles. This is a test of skill and conciseness so please limit your entries to no more than 64 characters (including spaces).   


You can submit entries by: a post on PIHMA's Facebook a mention on PIHMA's Twitter, filling out entry forms on campus, or emailing them to cthoreson@pihma.edu.  Selected entries will be published in our July Newsletter which is sent to over 4,000 subscribers.  The Grand Prize is  a monthly unlimited package of Community Movement Classes! Contest ends Sunday, June 26th.   


Submit your entry today!



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