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May 2012
Healthcare Art Report
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Designing Art Programs for Multi-Site Health Systems
Kudos to Northeast Georgia Health System
IPFCC Roundtable
DAS Educates Students at LSU
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VisionWe've had the privilege of working with hospital and architectural teams across the country to help define the vision and goals of their art programs. It's one of my favorite parts of the process - brainstorming and gathering creative ideas that come together to form the guiding principles that direct each art program for many years.


Here at Distinctive Art Source, we too have a Mission, Values and a Vision that continually guide us in our work. Our Mission: empower hospitals and their communities to create positive patient experiences through distinctive art programs.


At the root of our Mission are Values. All of us at DAS share the same core Values that serve as our guiding principles:

  • We Inspire Creativity because we believe the most powerful tool we bring to our clients and their communities is the ability to create a distinct program that remains active and is truly their own.
  • We Drive Innovation to ensure that selected artwork supports our clients dedication to innovative clinical care.
  • We Exceed Expectations because for us, it's not enough to do just what's expected.
  • We Build Relationships because art programs should make connections by touching lives, telling stories and build bridges into communities.
  • We Live with Integrity professionally and personally because, for us, there is no other way.
  • We aim to Be the WOW in every way! We want to amaze with the quality of the artwork, the surprisingly smooth process and the dramatic and emotional responses received from patients and visitors.

Along with our Values, we have a Vision to be the preferred healthcare art consultancy in the United States. Not the biggest. Not the one with the highest revenue. Not the one with the longest client list. But the preferred. And we know that happens only when we provide superior service and top-notch quality.


Thank you for allowing us to live out our Values and Vision by serving both you and your community.




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Barbara Harriman, IIDA  

President/Creative Director
Distinctive Art Source 


P.S. Need help defining your art program vision? Download this free whitepaper from DAS on "Defining Your Vision: 12 Questions to Consider when Creating a Healthcare Art Program."  

Designing Art Programs for Multi-Site Health Systems

Blue printHow do you create a hospital art program and then continue to build on that program in other areas of the facility or other sites within a healthcare system? That's the million dollar question in our industry these days. Hospitals and health systems have moved beyond the need for understanding the value of healthcare appropriate art. They've fully embraced the "WHY?" The pressing question now is "HOW?" 
  • How do you take what you develop at one location and introduce it to another facility without creating repetition?
  • How do you plan ahead for projects that may outlast many of the team members around the table?
  • How do you establish unique identities at multiple locations while maintaining visual continuity throughout the system?

At Distinctive Art Source, many of our clients are multi-site health systems who face these same challenges. Not every hospital begins a project knowing that the art program will eventually expand to another location. But inevitably, the success of the art program creates a demand for similar programs elsewhere in the system. In order to prepare for future expansion we suggest that you begin with the idea of expansion in mind - even if you don't fully define the specifics of future sites.


Three Strategies for Designing Art Programs for Multi-Site Health Systems


1. Establish a vision and goals for the art program. These guiding principles serve as design directives allowing you to continue the growth of the art program in a scalable and replicable format. Need help defining your art program vision? Download this free whitepaper from DAS on "Defining Your Vision: 12 Questions to Consider when Creating a Healthcare Art Program."


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NGHS Joins CHD's Pebble Project 


Kudos to our client Northeast Georgia Health System on being selected as one of five new partners to join the Center for Health Design's Pebble Project Research and Design Initiative.

Meet us at IPFCC Roundtable


IPFCC If you're planning to attend the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care Conference in Washington, DC next month, be sure to stop by the Distinctive Art Source booth and say hello! Barbara Harriman, president and creative director of DAS, will present a breakfast roundtable on Tuesday entitled "How to Create a Distinctive Art Program on a Budget."  


Join this creative brainstorming session and learn innovative ideas that will allow you to envision a dynamic art program that can engage your community, tell powerful stories, stretch the budget and achieve your facility goals.  


DAS Educates LSU Students 


Distinctive Art Source president and creative director Barbara Harriman was honored to present at her alma mater, Louisiana State University on March 12. Barbara, an LSU interior design graduate, presented The Role of Art in Healthcare Today: Creating Evidence and Patient Based Healing Art Programs.

Take a Virtual Vacation   

Need a vacation? Create a Visual Therapy Experience on your computer at home or in the office! Download a soothing screensaver sure to help you relax and enjoy a break at home or in the office.


Visit our website for your free screensaver from the team at DAS!


 About Distinctive Art Source
Distinctive Art Source is one of only two premiere healthcare art consultancies working exclusively in healthcare in the U.S. We believe that thoughtfully developed art programs contribute to a positive patient experience. Our work goes beyond evidence-based design and patient-centered care. We help clients create customized art programs that tell the story of the community, reflect the unique facility goals, foster mutually-beneficial relationships and support a cohesive visual experience.

Established in 2003, Distinctive Art Source has served a pivotal role in creating patient-based art programs in millions of square feet of hospital space. Distinctive Art Source connects clients with hundreds of artists throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.


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