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March 2010
Healthcare Art Report

This time of year I am even more excited to cross the country visiting clients because I am able to experience spring over and again. Upon my arrival at a hospital, I head directly to the gardens to see what has grown since my last visit. Two such gardens that send me straight outdoors are Anne's Garden at Northeast Georgia Health System in Gainesville, GA and the many magnificent gardens at TriPoint Medical Center in Concord, Ohio.

Engel Anne's Garden not only creates a visual barrier between the hospital and the approaching road but also offers a quiet area centered around a beautiful sculpture rising above a lily pond and fountain surrounding you by aromatic and flowering plants.

TriPoint's perimeter tree line surrounds the hospital creating a perfect setting for their nature themed campus and art program. On each visit , I look forward to spending time discovering new growth in the Gratitude Garden, Sensory Garden and three rooftop gardens.

Evidence shows that exposure to nature helps the healing process. Interior art programs depicting familiar local surrounding elements of nature can help to integrate exterior and interior environments. But what else do we know about their impact? DAS is looking forward to conducting research at TriPoint in conjunction with the Center for Health Design. We'll be studying patient, staff and visitor responses to the gardens, bedside controls, stair usage and other design elements that relate to the art program along with preference and patient satisfaction regarding the digital patient room art program. We plan to share our preliminary findings at the September 2010 CHD Pebble Meeting.

To fully appreciate the beauty of TriPoint's unique hospital setting, check out the feature article on TriPoint Medical Center in the February 2010 issue of in Healthcare Design Magazine!


Barbara Harriman
Distinctive Art Source

Greening Your Art Program

Sustainable framing and printing has arrived. Our partners in the frame and mat board industries have adapted many of the products used in "greening" a building which provide exciting new art and framing options.
Images can now be printed with water based inks with minimum VOCs. They can be printed on 100% eco-friendly cotton canvas or directly on renewable sources such as fine art bamboo paper and bamboo itself, resulting in artwork that has a soft, natural glow and a smooth finish which can be framed or unframed. Printing on brushed aluminum made of recycled post production aluminum provides yet another printing option.

Green Frame

                                                                              Artist: Peter Kitchell

Quality frames become green when they are made from renewable resources or from components with high recycled content. Green frames are available in clean contemporary profiles, offering customers both quality and style in a limited variety of wood finishes. DAS has been thrilled to discover that green frame pricing is often more competitive than traditional frame options due to fabrication materials. Green frames can be paired with mat boards produced from 100% renewable materials such as cotton, which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Art programs can also adopt "green" purchasing practices. Purchasing local art creates community interest and involvement while also establishing a green practice when art is purchased within 300 miles of the site.

While "green" framing will not affect a LEED certification goal, many facility owners may adopt sustainable art as a way to continue good stewardship. If you would like more information about sustainable framing options, contact us.. We'll also tell you how to ensure your frames - green or not -- are protected against beetle manifestation.
Need Funding?

Check out these resources for possible funding opportunities for your healthcare art program.
The Art Connection

Looking for original art just waiting to be donated to your hospital? Take a look at The Art Connection in Boston, or one of the similar programs in LA, New York, Washington, DC. If you are an artist or art collector, consider how you can make a difference by donating artwork to a community service organization in need.

Oncology on Canvas

Do you have a story to tell about your cancer journey? Perhaps a patient has expressed interest in creating original art that depicts a cancer experience. The National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship and Eli Lilly and Company are seeking entries for an Art Competition and Exhibition. Winners will receive a grant for the cancer charity of their choice.

Click here to learn more about Oncology on Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition

Community Engagement:
Why Some Hospital Art Programs Continue to Grow

Successful art programs can engage the community long after opening day. A well-developed art program expands hospital boundaries and makes the most of internal and external resources by establishing ongoing relationships within the community.

Click here to download a free white paper from Distinctive Art Source that explores three ideas for creating dynamic ongoing healthcare art programs.
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Art and Artists of Note

Visit  these artists' for a peek at their unique nature inspired creations for fresh project ideas.
Laura Breitman
Mixed media fabric and
paper collages.

Jon Michael Route
Sculptural and decorative metal artwork and wall pieces.
Job Opportunity

Know someone who wants experience creating art for hospitals? The folks at Foundation for Hospital Art are seeking candidates for a summer internship.
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Distinctive Art Source is a turnkey art consulting firm working exclusively in healthcare. We guide clients through the process of creating customized patient and evidence-based art programs centered on research, owner, architect and designer input.

Our goals are twofold: to introduce unexpected art options and to involve local artists whenever possible. Distinctive Art Source's architectural background allows us to blend seamlessly into the design process, providing facilities with necessary timelines and budgets to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Established in 2003, Distinctive Art Source has served a pivotal role in creating patient-based art programs in millions of square feet of hospital space. Distinctive Art Source connects clients with hundreds of artists throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.

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