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August 14, 2012 | Vol. XVII  No. 9          
  You Don't Need a Home to Vote!
Use the Tools Below to Help HCH Consumers Register


One of the central missions of HCH projects is to empower those experiencing homelessness. Few endeavors are more empowering than participating in the democratic process and casting your own vote - maybe for the first time in years. The National HCH Council has collected resources from various nonpartisan organizations to assist HCH projects in promoting voter registration and engagement. Please review the selected resources and suggestions below and make voter registration and engagement a priority this fall!   

Voter Registration and Education    


It is legal to engage in nonpartisan voter registration. A HRSA PAL on the matter reinforces the role FQHCs can play in voter registration and you can view a fact sheet on allowable activities here. Of course, always remember to stay nonpartisan in your efforts!  


It is our hope that many HCH projects will include voter registration in their daily work. Providing voter registration materials in the lobby, including voter registration forms during the intake process, and discussing voter registration during case management visits are all ways staff can help empower consumers at your project. Additionally, your Consumer Advisory Board is an excellent resource for conducting voter registration. Planning a voter registration drive, especially in concert with other events and/or with other community groups can be a great way to get involved.   


In addition, the proliferation of new identification and citizenship requirements in many states makes educating yourself and your clients especially important this year. You can go to Vote411 to obtain all of your specific state's requirements and make sure consumers from your project are prepared.    



Nonprofit Vote: The Nonprofit Vote website has an extensive collection of voter registration/engagement information including posters, fact sheets and webinars on just about every topic.


Community Health Vote: Our partners at the National Association of Community Health Centers launched the Community Health Vote campaign earlier this year to promote voter registration at health centers. Check out their site for toolkits, sample forms, and available technical assistance staff.


National Coalition for the Homeless: The 2012 Voting Rights/Registration Manual provides extensive information about voter registration, voter engagement, and the voting rights and requirements for homeless persons in all 50 states.


National HCH Council: The Voter Registration page has all these resources and more. Please use these tools and contact Dan Rabbitt with any questions.


The 2012 Election will be extraordinarily important!  

Let's make sure everyone has a voice!

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