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Vol. 13
May, 2012
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Part Tabbing

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Fabtech 2012 
May 22-23, 2012
Gladwin Machinery & Supply-Omaha, NE
13232 Portal Drive #7
Omaha, NE  68138
TEL:  402 895 9300
Matt Francis, GM
Motorum 2558
in operation

Fabtech Mexico 
See Muratec at
Booth # 1839

North South Ad
Congratulations to
North-South Machinery
on their 15 year anniversary! 
You're invited to their new Showroom Grand Opening
June 13-14, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Come see the Motorum 2548T in operation!


Murata Machinery USA

2120 Queen City Drive

Charlotte, NC  28208


TEL:  704 875 9280

Toll Free:  800 428 8469

FAX:  704 392 6541

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Kevin Standing

Kevin Wigington

General Manager

We are pleased to announce a change in our forming sales team.  Effective April 1, 2012, Lloyd Keller has agreed to focus his efforts exclusively on the Regional Sales Manager responsibilities for the Eastern North American territory.  (Eastern U.S. & Canada)

For the last several years, Lloyd has been burdened with covering the Eastern territory while also acting as National Sales Manager.  This has been a lot to ask of one person but Lloyd has worked tirelessly to meet the demands.  In order to take the Fabrication Division to a higher level, a decision has been made to have separate personnel focus on each of the positions Lloyd was covering.

Lloyd's true strength lies in his ability to create relationships with customers, his extensive knowledge of the forming products and his intimate knowledge of the eastern territory.  By focusing on his existing territory, we feel this is a positive move for Lloyd and will bring the greatest immediate advantage for our sales efforts.

Best regards,

Kevin only

Overlanders Manufacturing Operates at 110% Efficiency with Advanced Muratec Equipment


Ron McConnell
Randy Lowry, General Manager (left) and
Ron McConnell, MMUSA Regional Manager

It was great to see our customer, Overlanders Manufacturing, featured in the March/April edition of A2Z Metalworker Magazine.  Overlanders is a leading  edge, high-tech fabricator of tubular and precision sheet metal assemblies located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.


In 2010, Overlanders purchased a Motorum 2548 turret punch along with a FG-1250 loader to bolster their productivity. 

We hope you will take a moment to read about Overlanders's successful operation and the positive impact Muratec automation has had on their business.

Click here to read article.
Mercado Machinery Joins Dealer Network


We are pleased to announce Mercado Machinery International, SA de CV has joined our distributor network and will be serving fabrication customers in Mexico along with our Regional Manager, Cary Teeple.  Mercado has three branches in Mexico, along a large sales and service support staff.  Their corporate office is in Rockford, IL.

Danny Mercado, President

Mercado Machinery International, SA de CV
Poniente 150 #838 A3-A2-1, Industrial Vallejo
Azcatopcalco, DF, Mexico  CP 02300
Tel 01 (55) 5567-2321
Fax 01 (55) 5567-2347 Fax 01 (55) 5567-2347
Chad VanRemmen Joins Field Service Staff
Chad VanRemmen


We'd like you to meet Chad VanRemmen our new field service engineer. 
Chad lives in New Auburn, WI with his wife and four children.  He has a background in industrial maintenance. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, bow shoots, fishing and four wheeling.  He's also a Nascar and Green Bay Packers' fan.
We're glad to have Chad on board and know he will be an asset to our Midwest fabrication customers. 

Adding Value to Your Parts 

Part Tabbing


By Don Angel - Applications Engineer

Issue: You want to nest parts on a larger sheet size. This allows improved machine production and possibly improved material costs using standard sheet sizes. But, the tabbing of parts in a "shake-n-break" is troublesome and affects edge quality. If not programmed properly, parts fall out during operation and wire tabs present a hazard.


Solution: Mate Precision Tool (mate.com) provides several tools that allow reliable nesting of parts and result in good edge quality. These tools can help with nesting of parts in thin to thick material.

Part 1
Mate EasySnap


The Mate EasySnap™ tool allows a large tab to be created that is scored by this tool. The part remains very stable in the nest, but is easily removed by the operator. The scoring also leaves a burr free edge. This tool is effective on material from .024" ~ .060" thick. 

Part 2
Mate EasySnap


The Mate Square EasySnap™ tool is similar to the tool above, but provides four scoring edges. This allows the flexibility of creating tabs on any side of a part as well as creating a tab between nested parts with a common punching edge. The material specifications are the same.


 Click here  to continue reading.

In Closing . . .
Thanks for reading this edition of Murata Machinery News.  Our Facebook page has had a facelift and is now dedicated solely to fabrication news and events.  Hope you'll check it out!

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