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Vol. 12
March, 2012
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Magnum 5000 Redesign
In-Turret Bending
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Magnum 5000

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We hope your new year is off to a smooth start and great things come your way in 2012.  At MMUSA, we began our year with a new president and CEO. 
Futoshi Miyamoto

January 1, 2012, Futoshi (Toshi) Miyamoto succeeded Masahiko Hattori as President and CEO of MMUSA.  Mr. Miyamoto has many years of management experience with his most recent position being Manager, Strategic Planning Office-Kyoto, Japan.  The last few months of 2011, he spent time with Mr. Hattori ensuring a smooth transition to his new responsibilities.

Mr. Miyamoto is married and has two children who will be joining him in the US in March.

Masahiko (Mark) Hattori completed his term at Murata and has accepted a management position in Global HR Affairs at the Kyoto Headquarters.


The Magnum 5000 Returns

Turn to Muratec, the sheet metal fabrication experts 


By Lloyd Keller-National Sales Manager
Lloyd Keller 1
Lloyd Keller

The Magnum 5000 has been redesigned for 2012.  We talked with Magnum users, looked hard the market utilizing the Magnum, and made the proper adjustments.  Today's new Magnum 5000 has a 100 inch X axis, a user--friendly 38 station turret, a control offering  the latest features and cell ready for plug-and-play automation all on a 45 ton punch drive. 
You can now process five-by-eight foot sheets of quarter inch material without repositioning.  The turret has two K/L stations separate from the G/H/J's for less tool change-outs.  The control monitors hits of each station and gives the operator the option of a first-piece part inspection of multiple nests.  You can program at the machine or utilize the high speed ethernet.  All hardware and software are built into the machine allowing you to add a load/unload automation system with ease.

If contouring is your requirement, add the hypertherm plasma system, a 200 amp water-cooled cutting torch with a heavy particle dust collector included.  You supply the regulators and gas.

For more information, visit our website or contact your Murata Machinery USA representative for details.

Adding Value to Your Parts 

In-Turret Bending  

Don Angel
Don Angel


By Don Angel - Applications Engineer

Issue: You have or want to create bend profiles in your parts. These may be for edge flanges or internal bends for mounting hardware. The problem is you have to setup a press brake, they are backed up with work, internal bends are problematic, and a lot of non-value time and expense is added to the part.


Solution:  Use one of the several bending options available to create these bends in your turret. Reduced labor, more efficient production, improved forecasting and pricing of parts production can be realized.


The ultimate in flexibility can be achieved by adding Murata's Up Forming option to your next Z Bendmachine purchase. A servo-driven mechanism is used to raise a die block from below the lower turret.  This feature allows controlled upward forming operations with specially designed forming dies.  Adjustment of the forming tools is done through the tool library data in the machine control. The mechanism provides 2.2 tons of upward force and a stroke of 0.346" (8.8mm).


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Cascade Capital Machine Sales
Joins Dealer Network
We are pleased to announce Cascade Capital Machine Sales has joined our dealer network and will be serving fabrication customers in Cascade Capital MachineBritish Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

Ian Tate, President

Cascade Capital Machine Sales
17819  - 66th Avenue
Surrey, BC, Canada  V3S7X1
TEL:  604 575 7012
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