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 Vol. 11October, 2011
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Lloyd Keller


With Fabtech 2011 quickly approaching, we look forward to seeing you at this year's show.  At Muratec's booth (#2111), you'll get an up close look at two Motorum Series machines - the Motorum 2048ST and Motorum 2548 along with an F1G-1250 automatic loader/unloader.
Be sure to map our booth to your Fabtech visitor's itinerary.  Also, send me an e-mail if you'd like to schedule an appointment during the show. 
Hope to see you at Fabtech 2011!

Best regards,

Lloyd Keller
National Sales Manager
Need Reliability, Accuracy, Functionality?
Turn to Muratec, the sheet metal fabrication experts 


In today's economy, manufacturers need equipment providing reliability, accuracy, functionality, power and speed.  Muratec's Motorum Series turret punch presses exhibit each of these characteristics with their excellent technological properties and use of computer control. 


At Muratec's Fabtech booth, you'll see the Motorum 2548 powering automation with an F1G-1250 Automatic Loader/Unloader and the economical Motorum 2048ST.


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Don Angel
New Operator Support Product

By Don Angel, Applications Engineer

Murata is introducing a new software product "CAMPATH TRM+".   This has been developed as an operator support tool for shop floor operations at our turret punch press and loader systems. It aims to improve the machine operation rate and quality of the products by providing guidance to the operators for processing NC programs and tooling data. It provides many functions to do this.Operator Panel

  • Scheduling Operations: Scheduled job production guides the operator on a standalone machine and controls automatic operation using a loader system. A running production count is tracked as each part is run. NC programs are automatically downloaded to the machine control improving operator efficiency during standalone and automatic operation. Operator panel 2


  • Optimized Scheduling Operations: This function creates an efficient production schedule by analyzing the production data. The software determines the optimum sequence to minimize "Material", "Tool Change" and "Work Holder" setups. Click here to continue reading.


Cary Teeple

Cary Teeple

Process Integration

Cary Teeple to Present at Fabtech


Cary Teeple will be presenting at Fabtech this year, so we hope you'll be sure to sign up for his session. 
Cary's presentation, Process Integration,The Key to Profitable Punching in a Lean Environment, addresses cost reduction through process integration, automatic tool/turret changing, hybrid technology, and parts sorting. 


Cary is Muratec's Regional Manager for the Midwest and has over 20 years experience in the machine tool industry.