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 Vol. 10May, 2011
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Rolling Pincher Wheel
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Lloyd Keller 


Muratec started its new fiscal year April 1st after a record year of sales in the Machine Tools Division.  We thank our most precious resource, you the customer.  Without your patronage we would be a memory.  At Muratec, we are committed to providing our customers products and services that improve your investment, and we have been blessed by you.  


After the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, we were gratified by how many of you were concerned about Muratec's welfare.  We were very touched.  I am happy to report that we were hardly affected.  You may experience a delay on a part ordered through our Parts Department.  This is a far cry from the many hardships that are being felt from the area directly hit in Japan.  We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers and give to the Red Cross. 


If you need a solution to your fabrication challenge, don't forget your Muratec representative.


Best regards,

Lloyd Keller
National Sales Manager
The Big Picture in Turret Press Production


By Don Angel, Applications Engineer


In today's lean manufacturing environment, the variety of equipment and processes needed to produce parts efficiently is daunting. Controlling cost and time are critical to producing parts in today's extremely competitive world-wide market.   So, what advantages can Muratec equipment offer you?

Motorum 2548
Motorum 2548


The obvious benefits of a turret are the forming capabilities. Standard part forms like extrusions, lances, embosses, knockouts, louvers and many others are a given. New tooling concepts are always being developed to take advantage of the controllable strokes of hydraulic and servo- controlled ram axes.


Recent years have provided ribbing and forming operations using wheel type tools, scribing tools to mark parts, bending operations, tapping holes and deburring of interior or exterior part edges. Previously, many of these operations created significant work in process as parts were manually moved around the factory. Potential for delay, damaged and lost parts was high.


Using larger standard sheet sizes to create dynamic and static nests of parts provides many benefits to part production. Purchasing large quantities of standard sheet sizes is more cost effective, easier to forecast usage, and more manageable in a busy shop environment than a multitude of cut-to-size sheets that fit only specific product lines. Longer machine "green light" time is realized by eliminating dead time created waiting for a part to be pulled off and a new one loaded.

Loader 1
FG-1250, Type 1 Automatic Loader/Unloader


Handling larger sheet sizes and producing parts on a consistent and repeatable basis can be accomplished by adding an automated load/unload system to the turret. A "full sheet" load / unload system is extremely productive when running cut-to-size parts or simple nests. However, the "pick and sort" system, where parts are removed from the nest on the turret and stacked on a pallet, provides the most efficient system

(view video).

Loader 2
FG-1250, 8 Shelf, Pick & Sort System


Murata FG Pick and Sort automation comes in a variety of configurations. After the operator prepares the system, they are free for other work while the system runs. When the scheduled work completes, the operator has a stack of parts ready to move on to the next process

(view video)



Manual loading and unloading are eliminated, breaking out parts is eliminated or minimized, cleaning up tabs from a shake-n-break type nest is eliminated, and handling of the skeleton / remnant is reduced to a fork truck carrying it away. No manual handling of material or parts is required. During this time, the operator is more of a manager and can prepare the next job for a quick change over, run another system, or during "lights out" production, an operator is not required.


Click here to continue reading.

Blake 2
Don Angel
Rolling Pincher Wheel

By Don Angel, Applications Engineer

Issue:  You run rectangular shaped parts on light gauge material.  You would like to improve material utilization and reduce cycle time.


Solution:  Using the Wilson Tool Rolling Pincher Wheel you can accomplish this and more.   Using a scoring type operation from the punch and die side of the tool, the tool is adjusted from the machine control to penetrate into the material. The wheel is then programmed to score the outer edges of the parts using a common line. Here are the benefits realized when using this tool.

Rolling Pincher
Rolling Pincher Wheel


        Common line nesting can improve utilization.


        The wheel can be run at close to table speed to create a single pinch line that allows parts to be separated.


        The nest of parts is more stable than using tabs and can run at higher speeds for the whole nest.


        After parts are broken apart, the edges processed by the pincher wheel have no burrs, scallops or tab marks to manage in a secondary process.


This tool is available for use on most of Murata's Vectrum and Motorum turret punch presses.  Check with Murata Machinery or your Wilson Tool representative to see if this is an option for you.


Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who died in our nation's service.  Murata Machinery USA proudly remembers and honors our Armed Services and those who have given their lives for our country.

In observance of Memorial Day, Murata Machinery will be closed Monday, May 30, 2011.