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 Vol. 9February, 2011
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Motorum 2048ST
Thinking about automation?
Michfab Machinery
Retractable Forming Tools
Personnel Update
Process Integration
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 Motorum 2048ST
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Lloyd Keller 


The New Year has us in scramble mode. Scrambling to do demonstrations, to prepare quotations, to pull machines from stock for shipment and scrambling to get them installed. This year is looking better every day.

Now is the time to review that turret punch and see if it is ready for the challenge of the coming market demands. Our new machines offer new capabilities with speed, efficiency and reliability.  Automation is a must for added production efficiency utilizing your present labor. 

Let us evaluate your application and production with our latest weapons to meet this rising challenge.   

Best regards,

Lloyd Keller
National Sales Manager
New Motorum 2048ST
  Functionality, Power & Speed!



The new Motorum 2048ST builds on proven Motorum technology in production since the mid 1990's.  It provides high speed processing with reliability and accuracy.  It features a 4' x 8' table, a 28 station turret (push/pull 114 style) including 4 (3.0") auto index stations and a 22 ton punching capacity.  This machine is a more economical choice, but includes all the latest technologies.

 2048ST Graph

The servo-controlled ram allows use of the latest tooling to conveniently add more value to your parts.  The ST also offers a urethane ball transfer table which allows quieter operation and scratch prevention of parts.


The ram axis servo motor controls the ram stroke directly, resulting in higher punch speeds and increased productivity.  The ram axis drive uses an efficient motor that runs cooler and requires less energy.  Thick side frames increase frame rigidity and provide stability in the punching process.


The Motorum 2048ST can raise your overall productivity through process integration of deburring, forming, tapping and other processes together with reduction of time to setup and program.   


Contact your local Muratec dealer if you would like more information.


FF JournalThinking about automation? 
D&R Specialties got it done!
We were pleased to see our customer,
D&R Specialties, Navasota, TX, featured in the January, 2011 issue of FF Journal magazine. 


D&R Specialties, a one-stop shop for machining, fabricating, welding and powder coating, serves industrial electronics industries building electrical enclosures, brackets and other components.


D&R purchased a load/unload system with their Motorum punch press in 2005.  After six months, the load/unload proved how it could increase productivity.  It led to D&R purchasing a new Muratec press with  load/unload to take the place of two other punches.  Adding automation also allows the operation to keep working four to five hours daily after the shop closes.


We hope you will take a few minutes to read about D&R Specialties' success and the positive impact automation has had on their operation.


Click here to read the article. 



Michfab Machinery, Inc. Joins Dealer Network


We are pleased to announce that Michfab Machinery is our new dealer in the lower peninsula of Michigan.  Michfab offers a broad spectrum of machine tool solutions and will be working with Cary Teeple, Midwest Regional Manager, to meet customer needs.   


Michfab Machinery, Inc.

4855 Starr SE

Grand Rapids, MI  49546


Scott Richmond, President

TEL:  616 940 1400 

Michfab Website 


Blake 2
Don Angel
Retractable Forming Tools

By Don Angel, Applications Engineer

Issue:   You have forming tools you use all the time. However, because of the raised dies, they require special programming; they scratch the material, and stations next to this tool may not be able to be used.


Retractable Forming Tool

Retractable Forming Die

Solution:  Using a retractable type forming tool, the forming die is lowered to die height. This eliminates special programming to avoid it, scratching of the material is reduced or eliminated as it rides over the die, and stations next to the forming tool are available to be freely used.   In many of Murata's turret punch presses, this is a standard feature.  


All that is required is a special die holder and a special forming die. The die has a shank that extends through and hangs below the lower turret.  The tool is defined as a retractable type forming tool in the machine's tool library.   Click here to continue reading.



Darryl Davis Best

Darryl Davis

Technical Support Specialist

MMUSA Personnel Update
Darryl Davis 

We'd like you to meet the latest addition to the Service Department, Darryl Davis.  Darryl is from Shelby, NC and served in the Marine Corps for 12 years as an avionics technician. 

Since joining Murata, Darryl has been busy working with machines on the factory floor and traveling to customer sites for service calls.  Once Darryl's orientation is complete, he will be working with Matt Herd at the service desk.  On a personal note, Darryl is a talented singer, and he and his wife have been married for 27 years.
Process Integration:

The Key to a Profitable, Lean Punching Operation

Cary Teeple

Cary Teeple



We're proud to announce that Cary Teeple, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, has an article published in this month's edition of Metal Forming magazine.   Cary has been with Murata for 11 years and works with our customers and dealers in the Midwest, Mexico and central Canada provinces.
For ideas on how to increase profitability by reducing operating expenses and inventory, click here to read the article:  Process Integration - the key to a profitable, lean punching operation. 

In Closing . . .

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