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 Vol. 7August, 2010
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Fabtech Preview
FG Pick & Sort Automation
Help! My Machine Has Stopped

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We purchased our first CNC turret punch press (Centrum 1000) in 1985.  The machines have proven to be a piece of equipment we can depend on.  When service is needed, we have always been able to get the problem resolved quickly through phone support and occassionally an on-site visit.  Gary Smith and Eric Tucci are some of the best techs we've worked with.  Don Angel has been very helpful with the U/UL systems.
We are pleased to see the new features and designs that the Murata team continue to develop.  I always speak positive to my associates who may be considering a Murata turret press.
D&R Specialties depends on your team at Murata to help keep us competitive.
Gary Pasket
D&R Specialties
D&R Specialties, Inc., (Navasota,TX) purchased a new Motorum 2548 with an F1G-1250 loader in March, 2010

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Welcome to this issue of Murata News, a bi-monthly newsletter focused on providing our customers and contacts with helpful information and the latest news from Murata.

Connect with Muratec at Fabtech

Need ideas, inspiration for solutions to your manufacturing dilemma?  We hope  you will visit Muratec's booth (#2607) at Fabtech, North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, and finishing event, held Nov. 2-4 in Atlanta, GA.  We are looking forward to seeing you and providing Fabtech attendees with the first look at our new equipment.

Murata will have a 50' by 50' booth with three machines to include two new models, the Motorum 2048ST and the M2044UT-T, along with our standard M2548T.
Motorum 2048ST
The new Motorum 2048ST fills a hole in our product line left by the Motorum 2048LT. The ST will have a 4' x 8' table, 28 station turret in the 22 ton range. This machine is a more economical choice, but includes all the latest technologies.  The servo-controlled ram allows use of the latest tooling to conveniently add more value to your parts.

Motorum 2044UT-T
The new M2044UT-T is a spring-tooled machine on a 4' x 4' table that competes with any 4' x 4' thick tooling machine in the 22 ton range.  This machine has a more compact configuration, but still provides a major punch with its 46 station turret including four auto index stations.  It also uses the latest punching technologies with its patented servo-controlled ram mechanism.

We hope to see you at Fabtech November 2-4 in Atlanta at Booth #2607!

Don Angel
Blake 2
FG Pick & Sort Automation
By Don Angel, Applications Engineer
You want to run larger sheets of parts to improve utilization and increase the run time on your turret punch press.  But, the large sheets are difficult to handle by the operator, a lot of time is required to break out the parts, and many parts are scratched or damaged in the process.
Murata's "FG" Pick and Sort automation can resolve all these problems. The FG loader provides the ability to:
FG Loader Diagram
  1. Load full size sheets
  2. Punch dynamic nest of parts
  3. Unload and sort each part to a finished parts station
  4. Unload the remaining sheet remnant (skeleton) 
The FG system uses servo controlled X, Y and Z axes to provide fast and accurate positioning.  The sorted and stacked parts can then be immediately taken to their next process.  The operator's responsibilities evolve to more of a cell manager.  Eliminated are the duties ofFG Loader Diagram loading material, unloading parts, breaking out parts, sorting parts and eliminating the remnant. This allows the operator to manage more than one machine, prepare for the next job, and transfer parts to the next process while the machine keeps on producing parts on a consistent and reliable basis.
Several layouts are available to fit the needs of your shop. Check out our You Tube video  online to see the FG in action. See your
Murata Dealer to help justify and determine the system that is right for you.

Dennis Niesborella
Dennis Niesborella
Help!  My Machine Has Stopped

By Dennis J. Niesborella, Applications Engineer

Believe it or not we hear this from time to time. A panicked customer calls in and relays that his machine stopped running, and they need our assistance. That is not a problem, we are more than happy to help, but we will need some information.

I received a call a long time ago from a customer with a down machine, so I asked him what kind of machine are we talking about? He promptly told me a green and tan one. Although I was hoping he'd tell me the machine title, I was able to figure out that he was describing a "W"-Line series machine based on the color. That's one benefit of being here as long as I have, but just in case you're talking with someone else, you may want to have the following information handy when you call.

In order to help, here's what we need:

  1. Machine type (Motorum, Vectrum, Saber, Magnum, Centrum) the list goes on...
  2. Machine serial number. Your S/N plate should be on the back of the machine or on
    Serial Number Nameplate
    the   maintenance cabinet door, and looks like this.          
  3. Control type. Fanuc 6M, 0-PB, 0-PC, 00-PC, 16-Pa....
  4. Alarm # and message. Eg. 1024 "Main Air Down"
  5. What were you doing when the alarm occurred?
  6. If it's a program alarm, do not hit the reset button.
    • Push the "Prog" button, and note where the cursor stopped. Your error will be below the cursor within the next two lines.
    •  If you still can't figure it out, see the next step.
  7. Email or fax the program to us marking where the cursor is, and the alarm #
If you provide us with this simple, but vital information, you will minimize our hunt for the correct information, and your down time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In Closing . . . 

Thank you for reading this issue of Murata News.
In celebration of Labor Day, Murata Machinery offices will be closed Monday, September 6, 2010.  Have a safe and happy Labor Day!