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 Vol. 6June, 2010
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Welcome to this issue of Murata News, a bi-monthly newsletter focused on providing our customers and contacts with helpful information and the latest news from Murata.
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Lloyd Keller
Muratec FabTech Preview

By Lloyd Keller, National Sales Manager

It looks as if the upcoming FabTech Show in Atlanta will be a good one.  Murata will have a 50' by 50' booth with three machines to include two new models, the Motorum 2048ST and the M2044UT-T, and our standard M2548. 

The new Motorum 2048ST fills a hole in our product line left by the Motorum 2048LT. The ST will have a 4' x 8' table, 28 station turret in the 20 ton range.

The new M2044UT-T is a spring-tooled machine on a 4' x 4' table that competes with any 4' x 4' thick tooling machine in the 20 ton range.  Details on both machines will follow in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing you November 2-4 in Atlanta at Booth #2607!

Don Angel
Blake 2
Can We Talk?
By Don Angel, Applications Engineer
Your new Murata turret punch press is being installed and you need to get NC programs from your computer loaded into the machines memory.  What are your options?

Solution:  Although you can always manually program the machine at its control, this is very cumbersome except for the simpler programs.  Most companies use a software (CAM) system that allows parts to be easily programmed and NC code generated.  There are several options for getting these NC programs downloaded to the Fanuc program memory of the turret punch press.
Memory Card

Memory Card.  The current Fanuc 18iPB controls come with a PCMCIA card slot next to the CRT on the control panel.  This slot allows a CompactFlash memory card mounted in an adapter to be plugged in.  From the Program Edit screen, the files on the memory card can be displayed and downloaded.  Programs can also be run directly from the memory card.

Direct Numerical Control

DNC.  The term DNC (DirectNumerical Control) is a fairly generic term we use for all styles of RS232 communications to the Fanuc control.  All Fanuc controls come with an RS232 communications port.  By connecting directly to the Comm port on your computer or via a variety of cabling methods, the control will allow data files to be read directly into its memory. There are a large number of software products that can be used on your computer to transmit the NC text files.

Click here to continue reading about Fanuc Ethernet and Calimotion solutions.

Traffic Coordinator

You've purchased a new machine and are anxious to get it into production, so who's the contact for getting your machine shipped?  That would be Alisa Criswell, Traffic Coordinator.  

Alisa is relatively new to the Traffic Coordinator position, but has assumed the responsibilities with energy and enthusiasm.  Her relationship building with customers, carriers and custom brokers has brought a new level of efficiency and organization to the position.  In addition to her shipping responsibilities, you may know Alisa best as our trade show coordinator, website administrator, and marketing contact.

Be sure to contact Alisa whenever there is a question or concern about your machine shipment.  Email:  Direct:  704 977 2229

Alisa Criswell
Alisa Criswell

Alisa Criswell, Traffic Coordinator

Hometown:   Charlotte, NC
Years at Murata:   17 years
Enjoys:  Alex's baseball games, reading, gardening, spending time with friends

Dennis Niesborella
Dennis Niesborella
The Art of Changing Tools

By Dennis J. Niesborella, Applications Engineer

Changing tools in a turret punch is an art. That's what I said, "art. According to Webster, art is . . .

  1. human creativity
  2. skill
  3. any specific skill or its application
  4. any craft or its principles
These are just a few, but you get the idea.

Whether you believe it or not changing tools requires skill, attention to detail, and a desire to do the job right the first time. Now, I'm not going to give you a complete procedure here.  If you want that, you should refer to the Operator's Manual provided with the machine. If you can't find it, I suggest you contact our Parts Department. 

In order to start, the operator should be provided with a set-up sheet, and all the necessary tools. These tools are not just what will be installed for the production requirements, but the hand tools needed for the proper installation of those punches and dies. These tools include the inch and metric Allen wrenches, punch holder lifter, the "tee" handle for tightening the dies, brass bar for seating the dies, and the special torque wrench used for the "ETP" bushings.

I have been in many customer facilities and I've witnessed numerous questionable tool change practices.  One that seems to be constant from shop to shop is the operator beating the shaped dies into the die holder without lining up the orientation pin. The alignment slot in the die holder should be crisp and straight. If it appears to be egg shaped, or as they say down south, "wollered out,"  that means the operator is not lining up the dies properly. They simply beat it into submission with the brass bar. If that continues, the die holder will need to be replaced because of excessive tool wear. With the fixed stations, die holder replacement can be postponed because you have multiple orientation slots.

Click here to continue reading Dennis' procedure for changing tools and supporting pictures.

Open House - Capital Technologies, Inc.
July 20-22, 2010

Atlanta Technology Center  
Capital's Atlanta Showroom
Capital Machine Technologies, Inc. extends an invitation to all Muratec customers in the Southeast to attend an open house July 20-22 at their Atlanta Technology Center. 

The open house is a great, local opportunity for you to see Muratec's Motorum 2558T turret punch in operation along with the latest metal working technology products that Capital Technologies represents.  Lloyd Keller, our National Sales Manager, will be in attendance as well as financial consultants who can provide a cost analysis to help your operation run more cost efficient.  See how technology can make a difference in your bottom line!

Click here for details and to register.

In Closing . . . 

Thank you for reading this issue of Murata News.
In celebration of Independence Day, Murata Machinery offices will be closed Monday, July 5, 2010.  Have a safe and happy July 4th!