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 Vol. 5 April, 2010
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Global Finishing Solutions
Motorum 2558T
Price Increase
Adding Value to Parts
West Coast Training
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Motorum 2558T

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There's a Motorum 2558 Hybrid, M2044EZ and NPS with F1G-1250, Type 3 loader ready for preview on our demo floor.
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Whenever you're in the Charlotte area, you are always welcome to visit,
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MagazineMotorum 2558T Generates 40% Energy Savings for Green Manufacturer

We were pleased to see our customer Global Finishing Solutions featured in the March 2010 issue of Canadian Metalworking magazine.
Global Finishing Solutions is the world's leading manufacturer of paint booths and finishing systems for industrial coating and finishing, automotive body shops, aerospace, truck and large equipment finishing.
When the company's US manufacturing operation in Osseo, WI, decided to upgrade its fabrication operation, it wanted equipment that could cut energy consumption, improve production and support its environmentally-green corporate philosophy. Global chose to purchase Muratec's Motorum 2558T.  Another primary reason for choosing Muratec is "their outstanding service" states Larry Will, Osseo's Operations Manager.
We hope you will take a few minutes to read about Global Finishing Solutions' successful operation, business strategy and the positive impact the Motorum 2558T has had on their operation. 
Click here to read article.

Motorum Brochure Front
Motorum 2558T
CNC Servo Motor-Driven Ram Turret Punch with Thick Turret Type Tooling

 How can the Motorum 2558T turret punch benefit your fabrication operation?

  1. It's versatile - consolidates processes and reduces holding time for work in process saving valuable production time
  2. It's powerful - servo motor with 27.5 US tons punching capability
  3. It's fast - higher auto-index speed up to 125 rpm with a faster hit rate to 400 hpm!
  4. It's eco-friendly- possible 30-70% decrease in energy consumption; servo motors instead of hydraulics eliminates need for messy oils or refrigerant coolers
  5. It's quiet - full control of the ram speed is maintained within one punching cycle to achieve ultimate noise and vibration reduction.
Click here for machine specifications or to read more about the M2558T.

Lloyd Keller
Price Increase - May 1, 2010

By Lloyd Keller, National Sales Manager

Like Jack, in the movie Titanic, he let go after a long struggle to hold on tight; MMUSA has held tight to our machine pricing until now.  On May 1, 2010, we have to turn loose with a price increase.

We held our prices for the last two years for two reasons:
  1. to be more affordable to our customers in a tough economic time
  2. to be more competitive in a battling market place
The exchange rate of the US dollar has fallen against the Japanese yen the last few years as well as the European Euro. Our machines are manufactured in Japan and we pay our parent company for these machines. The weakening dollar has made it more expensive to purchase and import.  So with much reservation, we have increased our prices.

12 Station Varitool
Marking Tools
By Don Angel, Applications Engineer
You have parts that need marking on them.  It may be a part number, a part identifier for parts coming out off a dynamic nest, a marking indicator for an upcoming process or assembly, a company logo, etc.
40 Station Varimark

Solution: Tooling is now available to mark your parts in a variety of ways.  Based on the type of marking, the material, time to produce and flexibility, there is probably a tool that can do it. 


The Varimark tool goes into an auto index station and provides 40 stamping tools.  Only 1/8" high, it provides all letters of the alphabet, numbers and additional characters.  If a limited range of marking is required with larger characters, the 12 station Varitool can use stamping tools in each station.

Scribing Tool
Motorum Brochure Front

The ultimate in flexibility is provided by a scribing type tool.  A diamond tip tool can be used to "draw" any type of design you can imagine.  Different profile diamond tips and spring loads control the marking in different materials.  An ink marker tool is also available to draw on parts.

Contact your local tool salesmen to find the tool that is correct for you.  Murata's turret punch presses support all these types of tools for your manufacturing needs.                         
Click here to see additional tool pictures and examples.

Machine Training Classes to be held on West Coast
By Ron McConnell
     Regional Manager

MMUSA is pleased announce plans for a three-day West Coast Machine Control and Maintenance training class for Muratec users.
Centrum, Magnum, Motorum and Vectrum Series machines along with all automation equipment will be covered in the training.
Dates:   June 8, 9, 10, 2010
Time:    8 am - 4:30 pm
Location:  Wilbur Curtis Company
                  6913 Acco Street, Montebello, CA  90640
Hotel:  Hampton Inn - Foothills Ranch, CA
            Transportation will be provided from hotel
Trainer:  Dennis Niesborella, Applications Engineer
Training Itinerary:  Same as Charlotte Classes
Cost:  $200 per person
Lunch:  Will be provided on class days
Manuals:  $75 each
Travel and hotel expenses not included
To sign up, contact Ron McConnell at
Only a few seats left in this class!

Applications Engineers

MMUSA's Applications Department is lean in numbers but not in talent and experience.  Jerry Cathey manages the department for both the Turning and Forming Divisions. 

Dennis Niesborella and Don Angel are the core of the forming unit and the "go to" guys for engineering time studies, demos, order prep and solving difficult customer applications issues. Dennis also conducts all training classes, develops curriculum and supervises our trade show setup.

Jerry Cathey
Jerry Cathey, Applications Manager

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC
Years at Murata:  19
Enjoys:  Hiking, working on classic cars, grandchildren

Dennis Niesborella
Dennis Niesborella, Applications Engineer

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA born and raised, but Huntersville, NC is now home
Years at Murata: 37
Enjoys: family, volleyball, hiking and target shooting

Don Angel
Don Angel, Applications Engineer

Hometown: Bath, NY
Years at Murata: 21
Enjoys: golf, playing trumpet, traveling

In Closing . . . 

Thank you for reading this issue of Murata News.
Murata Machinery offices will be closed Monday, May 31, in honor of Memorial Day.