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 Vol. 4 February, 2010
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Special Pricing on M2044EZ
Concept Frames - A Motorum Success Story
Adding Value to Your Parts - Rolling Form Tool
Getting to Know MMUSA - Project Managers

Motorum 2044EZ
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Leasing Agent
Manufacturer's Capital, LLC 
Dave Goose, President
Tel:  386 668 6890
Cell:  386 624 4379

Did You Know?
Murata Machinery has a new demo floor at the Charlotte headquarters?
Currently, there's a Motorum 2558 Hybrid, M2044EZ and NPS-01 with F1G-1250, Type 3 loader ready for preview.
Whenever you're in the Charlotte area, you are always welcome to visit, just give us a call. 

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Welcome to this issue of Murata News, a bi-monthly newsletter focused on providing our customers and contacts with helpful information and the latest news from Murata.
What better time to offer a sweetheart deal on Muratec's Motorum 2044EZ than this month (see details below).  In this issue there's also an article about the positive impact Motorum presses have had at Concept Frames in Newton, NC.
In our efforts toward continuous improvement, you will meet several of our project managers who are assigned to each machine project to insure customer satisfaction.  This is a continuation of our series of articles, Getting to Know MMUSA.
Your feedback about how we can improve the newsletter and make it more beneficial for you is always appreciated.   E-mail the newsletter editor at
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LIST PRICE:  $185,000

SALE PRICE:  $150,000Bells Blue
Muratec Offers Special Pricing on
Motorum 2044EZ 
With the new year in full swing, chances are you are reviewing goals and thinking about how to improve production.
With Muratec's Motorum 2044EZ demo sale, now may be an ideal time to meet with your Murata salesman to discuss upgrading your equipment.
Murata is clearing the inventory at their dealer showrooms and offering a great deal on the Motorum 2044EZ.  Included in the $35,000 price reduction are the options for 114 punch holders (a $6,000 value) and 18 and 22 station configurations selling for the same price.  Manufacturer's Capital is also offering 5.75% financing.  
Click here to read more about the Motorum 2044EZ. 
Click here
to view YouTube video of M2044EZ in operation.
Motorum Turret Punch -
A Good Investment
We were pleased to see our customer Concept Frames, featured in the November/December issue of FF Journal.
Concept Frames, located in Newton, NC, employs more than 56 people in its 30,000-sq.-ft. facility and is a leading manufacturer of custom hollow metal frames and doors.
We hope you can take a few minutes to read about their successful operation, business strategy and the positive impact Motorum presses have had on their operation.
Click here to read on-line article.
Rolling Form Tool
By Don Angel, Applications Engineer
  What can a Rolling Form Tool do to add value to my part? 

Mate Roller Ball 

Solution:  Both Wilson Tool  and Mate Precision Tooling provide Rolling Form type tools. Although there are other specialty tools in this area, the typical tools produce ribs or offsets. The rolling tools take advantage of our machines' capability to lower the ram and move the X and Y table axes in a synchronized motion. 

                                                                                       Mate Roller Ball
Bells Blue
The forms created by these tools can be produced with special forming tools in a punching sequence, however, the results are often less than satisfactory and time consuming. The rolling tools generate smooth forms faster and without the nibble marks.                                                                                                      
                                                                                          Roller Ball Example
Most software CAM systems support these types of tools and generating machine code can be as easy as a couple of mouse clicks. Ribs can be produced for panel stiffening, allowing thinner, less costly material to be used.  Offsets can produce raised flanges or oversized embosses that previously had to be produced in a secondary operation.


Murata supports the use of all wheel type tools in our machines.

Click here to see more tool pictures and examples.
Project Managers
 By Mike Duggan, Supervisor
     Project Management
At Murata Machinery, a Project Manager is assigned to all punch press orders to ensure the project is processed accurately, smoothly and on time.  After receipt of a purchase order, the PM will make sure all components and accessories are ordered and staged for delivery with the machine.
During the project, the PM monitors the design phase, build phase, and execution to ensure on-time delivery of your machine order.  Throughout the order process, the PM updates the customer on the project progress and works through any details that arise.
At project completion, the PM coordinates delivery and installation.  After delivery and installation on the customer's floor, the PM resolves all open issues and makes sure personnel are properly trained to guarantee maximum productivity from your investment.
Blake 2
Mike Duggan, Supervisor
Project Management
Hometown:  Fort Mill, SC
Years with Murata:  3
Enjoys:  golf, playing the drums, traveling
Dan Lott serves as the primary Project Manager for Murata's Forming Division.
Blake 2
Dan Lott, Project Manager
Hometown:  Concord, NC
Years with Murata:  13
Enjoys:  spending time with my three daughters and wonderful wife

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Thank you for reading this issue of Murata News.