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 Vol. 1 July, 2009
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Muratec Introduces Motorum 2558 Hybrid
Summer Special Pricing
Murata Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Add Value with Tapping Tools
Motorum 2558 Hybrid 

M2558 150 pizels
Laser Punch Machine
with 4KW Fanuc Resonator 

You may know us best as Murata Wiedemann. In 2001, our name changed to Murata Machinery USA, Inc.   

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Welcome to the first issue of the Murata News, a newsletter focused on providing our forming customers and contacts with helpful information and the latest news from Murata.  
We are very proud to announce that Murata Machinery is celebrating its 75th year anniversary in the sheet metal forming industry.  We want to thank all of our customers for helping us to reach this milestone.  We hope you'll take a moment to read about the evolution of the Muratec brand in the article below or you can click here to view our 75th anniversary video on You Tube.


Muratec Introduces Motorum 2558 Hybrid
Murata Machinery recently added a laser punch combination machine to its product line.  The Motorum 2558H integrates laser cutting with punching, forming, and tapping all in one machine.  The machine benefits include:
  • increased productivity
  • better product quality due to multiple processing with a single workpiece  
  • greater manufacturing flexibility
  • shorter lead times and lower running costs reduced number of machines and in-process inventory
NPS01 Best
Summer Special Pricing on Muratec Stock Machines
If you are considering a machine purchase, Murata has summer special pricing options for your selection on inventory machines. 
Contact your
local dealer for special pricing details.

75th logo
Murata Forming Division Celebrates its 75th Anniversary
Murata Machinery USA, Inc., is celebrating its 75th year as a world leader in sheet metal forming technology. Murata is a pioneer in the sheet metal forming industry, with innovations dating back to the first turret punch press without a center post, the R2.
The R2 was designed in 1932 and manufactured for the market by the Wiedemann Machine Company in 1934.  Over the decades, manufacturers turned to the company to increase parts production and improve production methodologies, even as it changed hands to The Warner & Swasey Company in 1964 and Murata Machinery Ltd. in 1989.

Tapping Tool
Adding Value to Your Parts  -  Tapping
By:  Don Angel, Applications Engineer
An Issue:
 Are you currently performing secondary operations on your parts to tap holes or add pemserts?
A Solution: Use your turret punch press to tap holes faster, eliminate additional parts handling and reduce opportunities for parts damage. Challenged with goals to improve the fabricating process, our customers are looking for innovative methods to cut overhead and time/dollar consuming secondary operations. Many are finding that the time taken away from punching holes to add tapping operations in the turret punch press is more than an even trade.
Available from d/k technologies and Wilson Tool, is an in-turret tapping tool for our Motorum, Vectrum and Magnum line of machines. Tools are available for both the Wiedemann 114 and thick turret style turrets. These tools use roll type taps. The tapping units are durable, only basic maintenance is required and taps are easily replaced.
In Closing . . . 
Just a note to let you know that our machine videos are now available on You Tube.  You can use the Machine Video link listed above under Quick Links or type in MurataMachinery (no space) to search on You Tube.
Thank you for reading this issue of the Murata News
We'll see you again soon.