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Hilton Head Real Estate Prices are too low
In the last few years, we all have learned that that the Hilton Head Island real estate market can move very quickly from an extreme "Sellers Market" to an extreme "Buyers Market".  Most markets bounce a little bit from a "Normal Market" right or left, but Hilton Head has bounced big time.  Just two years ago prices were frothy and somehow we overcompensated for this and our prices now seem too low.  The important thing to know is that this too will not last forever and normal will return.  Please click here to read more>>>
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Happy Summer Days on an Island!
Robbie Bunting
& Jane Hyers 
P.S.  ~  A nice note from one of our readers..I too love your newsletter. I especially like the fact that you tell about the new openings on the island. Thanks so much, SD Georgia. Next week...we will focus on everything new on the Island with new restaurants, new shows, new happenings and new things to do! 
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