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Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~
While we have been selling up a storm on Hilton Head Island, there are still some sellers and agents that seem to be waiting for the good ole days.  Those good ole days gave sellers lots of showings and offers to consider in the sale of their property.  For listing agents the good ole days meant they could sit back and wait for a buyer or another agent to bring them offers on one of their many listings regardless of price, condition and even location.  For the buyer agents, the good ole days meant they did not have to shop or sort through thousands of listings to find the perfect one, all they had to do is show the one or two that were available and ask the buyer to decide on one or the other.  Click here to read more+++
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Happy Summer Days on an Island!
Robbie Bunting
& Jane Hyers 
P.S.  ~ We have had several buyers make purchasing decisions over the telephone recently as they rush in to buy some incredible properties that offer compelling prices. If you are serious in finding a great property with compelling pricing, let us know and we will call you as soon as the best property match for you becomes available.  Simply email me at robbie@robbiebunting.com or call direct at 1-800-932-3652.  Thank you.
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