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It seemed to me that there were a lot of properties for sale the other day.  That was until an agent spoke up in one of our Dunes Marketing Group sales meetings.  Of the properties in a community he showed a client, only 20% of the sellers were actually "in" the market.  The other properties were over priced and the buyer did not even want to look at them.  I did some market research on this area and others and  discovered that 80% of the properties were on average 40% higher in price than the others.  Once he and his buyer realised this concept, a buying decision was made based on these "lower" inventories.   Please Click Here to Read More>>>

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Happy May Days!
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P.S.  ~  Hilton Head Regional Habitat for Humanity is in need of volunteers who would like to participate in A Brush of Kindness program.  All volunteers will be e-mailed with the upcoming schedule of projects and they will be posted on the volunteer calendar at www.habitathhi.org  as well.
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