17 Stonewall Circle
Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates!
The goal of our weekly posts is to provide a local connection to Hilton Head Island.  We have recieved excellent feedback and support.  As we move into our second year, we would like to post content that is both interesting and important to you, so we have a favor to ask.
Please take a moment and email us suggestions or ideas that you would like to see in the year ahead.  In the past our goal with this blog was to pull clients, friends and fellow associates off the fence.  Now as the market starts moving once again, we will continue with our goal and publish articles that are both local and interesting about this wonderful Island we call home.

Some of the blogs that recieved the most comments included: 
Happy Hilton Head,
We are~ 
Robbie Bunting
& Jane Hyers 
P.S.  ~ Please e-mail Jane Hyers your ideas for future articles at islandrealtor@hargray.com. Thank you.
                                               Please forward this to a friend or two!  Thanks so much!