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Real estate and ice hockey...

Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

Real estate is like hockey.  I started thinking about this the other day when I was watching my son play ice hockey in Charleston. My son's coaches tell the players to "keep their heads up" as they skate with the puck down the ice.  Hockey players keep their heads up or become easy targets by the other team members!  As I thought about this advice, I realized that this was smart advice for hockey or in business.  By keeping our heads up our attitudes are better and we are less likely to get knocked down as we head towards our goal.  CLICK HERE+++
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Loving the fall on an Island~

We are~ 
Robbie Bunting
& Jane Hyers 
P.S.  You may think it is too cool for ice cream, but when was the last time you visited HILTON HEAD ICE CREAM at 55 New Orleans #114.  Nothing better than cold ice cream and a warm blanket!
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