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Packing List, Stuff To Do & A Crystal Ball!
Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~
We would like to share our crystal ball with you.  Jane and I have been tracking the market for over two years by compiling a Monthly Market Trend Report.  It tells us where we have been and gives us a "snapsot of the market" focusing on current Home, Villa and Lot trends for Hilton Head Island in all price ranges.  It is not complicated and very easy to read and shows buyers and sellers the way....READ MORE HERE+
Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers
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This report can save you money if you are a future buyer or seller. Look at the example below.  If you are a buyer or seller this report  matters.  The example below actually happened!
List Price: $ 799,000
Sale Price: $ 699,000
Variance: 15% (negotiations can vary)
Please email us at Monthly Market Trend and start following the market today!