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We are so excited to bring a special training opportunity for the many of us who will someday care for elderly relatives. Also, the LightHouse is in need of supplies, volunteers and mentors.

caregiversExpert to train caregivers  

Please register today!    

Seating is limited.   



Dementia does not mean our loved ones are "gone."



Instead, reaching elderly loved ones requires a different approach. Volunteers of America is excited to bring internationally know expert Naomi Feil to Shreveport for a one-day workshop for all caregivers.




Naomi Feil

Naomi Feil presents a hands-on workshop for professional and family caregivers.

Over the course of the day, Feil will explain the theory and practice of Validation, a method of communicating with and helping elderly people coping with dementia, even those we might think are "too far gone."


The workshop will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 22 in the Hunter Activities Building of First Methodist Church of Shreveport. The cost is $10, which includes lunch. Advance registration is required by Sept. 12.


Read more about Feil and register for the event here. Or call Carolyn Hammond at 221-2669.


We hope to see you then!


LIghtHouseLightHouse needs help for new year




leap tutor and student

LightHouse needs your help to continue its success.

School is back in session and so is the LightHouse. Hundreds of children rely on our after-school program for help with homework, guidance and just a safe place to hang out with friends.



Each year our LightHouse kids out-perform their peers, meaning our community has fewer dropouts, teen moms and incarcerated youth.  But they can't succeed at that rate without your help!


Each of our sites has some volunteer and material needs. Please let Sondra Dixon, 429-7510 know if you can help:


Travis Street - Needs small prizes to use as incentives, arts and crafts supplies, a working new or used computer mouse and mouse pads. Also seeking volunteers for a jewelry making workshop, piano lessons, an enthusiastic storyteller, and a regular volunteer or two who could spend 6-12 hours a week providing tutoring and other assistance.


Highland Center - Needs folders with prongs and pockets, one-inch binders, and yoga mats for weekly yoga lessons.


Bossier City - Needs basic school supplies (pencils, crayons, paper). Seeking volunteers to help with homework, specifically math help for the middle and high school students.


School based sites - Need basic school supplies (pencils, crayons, paper).  Seeking volunteers to help with homework.


mentorsMentors - We are always in need of more mentors to provide one-on-one guidance to our students. You don't have to have all the answers - just a willingness to spend time with a young person. A back to school bash for all former mentors, volunteers, and anyone interested will be held 6 p.m. Sept. 22 at the Highland Center gym!











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11 a.m. Sept. 7
1700 Buckner Square
Come see our newest program! The center provides seniors and people with disabilities a safe, nurturing place allowing them to live at home longer.
The tour only lasts an hour and guests are welcome! 

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The Adult Day Health Care Center is accepting applications! Medicaid and private pay accepted. Call 212-1703 for more details.

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