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Happy New Year! You helped make 2010 an amazing year, and we look forward to continuing the good work in 2011.


In this issue:


reportA look back at 2010 

Bossier volunteer and LightHouse student
Our LightHouse sites had another successful year, with 100% of students staying in school.

LaGregory, a junior in the Highland LightHouse summed up our year well as he spoke about his experience: "All people are welcome and given an opportunity. Who wouldn't want to be here?"


As we pulled together year-end reports, we were humbled and grateful by all you helped us accomplish. Each year, we have to raise about $2 million in private funds to keep these programs going.


Together, we can change lives, like LaGregory's. Here are a few highlights from 2010:  

  • We operated 57 programs in North Louisiana (that includes Shreveport, Monroe, Alexandria and surrounding areas)
  • 94% of LightHouse kids promoted to the next grade.
  • 96% of those living in our housing for people with mental illness stayed out of the hospital.
  • 9,649 meals were served to seniors at the Highland Center.
  • We opened the Veterans Transitional Living Program.


tutorsLEAP Tutors needed

leap tutor and student
Tutors and students go through a workbook to review for the high-stakes exams.

Local fourth and eighth graders need your help to get ready for the LEAP test. It's easy. It only takes two

hours a week and you can make a huge difference. 


It also benefits the tutors.


"My girls and I have found this to be one of the most gratifying and rewarding things we have done with our time," said one tutor, who volunteered with her daughters.


Read more for details on how to get involved.


deductionTax deduction for this year only!


Since Congress acted so late in the year on the tax bill, some of you could complete an IRA Charitable Rollover through January 31, 2011 and still count it as a 2010 IRA Charitable Rollover.


Donors aged 70 and 1/2 or older can give up to $100,000 a year directly from their Individual Retirement Account to a qualified charitable organization and receive the equivalent of a 100% income tax charitable contribution deduction.


If you're interested, read more on our website about rules, restrictions and for a sample letter to your IRA Custodian.


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Tour The LightHouse
11 a.m. Wednesday Feb.2
802 Travis St. 

About 30,000 children in Shreveport-Bossier live in poverty. The LightHouse is our answer to breaking the cycle.

Come visit and hear from a student who has been changed by the program.

Tax letters


If you donated any amount to us last year, by now, you should have received a tax letter summarizing your contributions. If you have not, please contact Jennifer Lawrence at jlawrence@voanorthla.org to request your form and update your contact information.

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