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Merry Christmas and thank you!


Boy with gifts
Westwood students were loaded down with gifts at their Christmas party, sponsored by Allied Waste.

Because of your generosity our families are guaranteed a wonderful Christmas this weekend. All of our families who needed gifts had their wishes fulfilled.


Many of you sponsored Christmas parties for children and adults. Wendy Garcia, director of the school-based LightHouse programs said she, the kids and the volunteers were so overwhelmed they all cried as Allied Waste brought gifts for the children at Westwood Elementary.


In the midst of making a candy necklace at First Methodist's party, 8 year-old Tyron reflected on what the LightHouse means to him: "It's a great place for kids to grow and learn."


Christmas gifts are a critical part of our annual fundraising efforts, and we thank all of you who will help us continue to help children like Tyron.


Unfortunately, monetary donations are down 7 percent from this time last year. If you can help in anyway, click on the donate button to the right, call us at 221-2669 or e-mail debbie@voanorthla.org.


To see more of the smiles you created, watch this Christmas slideshow . And on behalf of all the men, women and children who come to us, thank you.


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Needed: A flag for the veterans

The new Veterans Transitional Living Facility has a flagpole, but the flag is too small!
Can you help us show our patriotism and pride in our vets? We need a  5' by 8' flag to best fit the pole. Call 221-2669 if you can help!

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Thank you for your support of Volunteers of America of North Louisiana.  Please know that donations  large and small make our work possible.   Contributions may be sent to Volunteers of America of North Louisiana, 360 Jordan Street, Shreveport, Louisiana  71101 or call 318-221-2669 for more information. 
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