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Request your Christmas angels soon!


Only a week into Caring Gifts season, and nearly half of the 4,000 angels have been sent to bring Christmas joy to the recipient and to the families we serve.


The annual campaign allows you to give a tangible gift to your friends and families while making a donation that will change lives like this one:


Shamell and family
Shamell says 8-year-old Morgan is her biggest supporter and a huge help.

Medical devices fill the home of Shamell and her two children. Christian, her 3-year-old son, is currently being fed through a tube in his stomach. This is just one of his medical problems.

Shamell, a single mom and college student, had problems late in her pregnancy with Christian and had to stop working and spend most of her time in bed.  Christian was born early, and had a host of medical problems from the start-acid reflux, hernia, others.  Shamell had an extremely difficult birth and was not able to return to her normal activities until months after he was born.

They came to Volunteers of America to be part of the Parents as Teachers program through the Parent Information Resource Center. Shamell has been diligent in working with Christian to make sure his physical disabilities don't prevent him from learning.

One of our staffers said that "Shamell is always in a good humor, and has such a deep faith in God."   She is always so grateful for anything that is done for her.   She returns items that are given to her and that Christian has outgrown-always in perfect condition-so that others children may enjoy them. "You have been so good to me," she says, "and I want to do something to help someone else."

If you would like to participate, click on the Caring Gifts link and fill out the form. Or you can call 221-2669. For a donation of any size, beautiful, wrapped angel ornaments will appear on your designated recipients' doorsteps. Order should be placed by Dec. 20 for a Christmas arrival.

On behalf of Shamell and Christian, thank you!



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