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 and Building
  in North and
  Central Louisiana
Bells are ringing in the hallways of local schools signaling the start of a new year of learning. Your continuing support gives us great hope for the children we serve!
In this issue:
LightHouseLightHouse kids need help for college
The 2010 graduates are excited to start their new lives as college students!
Highland Center LightHouse seniors
This fall 29 LightHouse graduates will enroll in college classes around the state.
Our 2010 graduates are packing for their college journeys with dreams ranging from  law enforcement to physical therapy, but they are in need of some extra assistance in getting their dorm rooms put together.
Please pass this on if you know of someone else who could help. Call Tella Henderson at 221-8404 if you can help with any of the following needs:
1.Shaneryka - Southern University
Iron/ironing board
Washing Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
Bed Sheets twin size
Graphing Calculator
2.Exzavier - Southern University
Iron/ironing board
aphing Calculator
Kitchen towel
3.Brianna - Southern University
Laundry Basket
Washing Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
Graphing Calculator
Kitchen towels
4. Shamika - Northwestern State University
Dorm room refrigerator
Dorm room microwave
Comforter/sheet set twin
Bath towels
Laundry and cleaning supplies
Graphing Calculator
5. Angelo - BPCC
Backpack/ laptop carrying case
Graphing Calculator
College dictionary and thesaurus
3-ring binders
Notebook paper
Mechanical pencils
Portfolio/ book report folders
Book covers
6. Cortez - ULM
Twin mattress cover
Bath/hand towels
Cleaning products-wipes, broom, dust pan, bathroom cleaner
Laptop case
TI-3 or TI-4 calculator

LoyolaLoyola art students offer twice the help
Nearly 10 years ago, LightHouse student Keshana painted brightly colored flowers on a canvas for the annual LightHouse Jamboree.
LightHouse students received a painting lesson and a chance to help the program.
LightHouse student works on her painting
Loyola College Prep art teacher Susan Brady bought the then 6-year-old's work,
 and has it hanging in her kitchen.
A few weeks ago Brady met the artist, who was working on a new picture of flowers - this time a detailed composition of flowers in a vase - for a new auction sponsored by the Loyola Art Club.

The club regularly volunteers at the after-school program, but this year's president Megan Mitton wanted to do something more.

"This is something we know and love," she said. "I hope it brings the whole community in."

The Loyola students spent most of a day working with the LightHouse kids on sketches and paintings, mixing colors and offering tips.

"They're so talented," Megan said. "It's amazing what they'll do when you put a paintbrush in their hands."

Details on the auction are still being worked out, but Brady is hopeful something will happen in the fall.
Keshana didn't remember her first painting, but was happy to help the new effort.
"We're a great program," she said. "We learn and do homework and it helps our futures."
HighlandWork continues at Highland Center
You might have seen a giant crane towering above the Highland Center today. It's just one more sign of progress on the renovations to the building complex.
So far, the first two phases of ceiling replacements are nearly complete. 
Contractors expect another seven weeks of work.
We could use your help starting the last phase of work! Next Friday (Aug. 20), the Child Development Center will again be rearranged. We could use any and all hands to move furniture. Work will begin at 9 a.m. Aug. 20 in the center!
Call Brian Byrd at 425-0618 if you have any questions. 
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