Quarterly Hearth Letter

Sept 2009 Issue #3
TahuyaLate summer. Abundant harvest. A new slant to the sun. Cooling nights with the smell of change coming. Blessings of the HEART.

Listening for who we are already becoming, we
HEAR our stories, our songs, our drum and lean in to Life.

Near the heart of Spirit, our
ARTrises within and pours into the crucible of our daily walk, shared out.

The EARTH moving towards the balance of Equinox, towards the mystery of Fall, turning, turning to
                                                                    the West -- calls us to attention. Be aware. Be alive.

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HEARTmandalaJoin us  for our West Medicine Wheel Gathering  at ENTER  AUTUMN! Festival, a Woman's Way Red Lodge celebration of Fall, at Sacred Groves on Bainbridge Island, Saturday, October 3. The day includes ceremony and workshop opportunities to explore your creativity, local crafts, potluck lunch and catered dinner. Red Lodge crones are calling us in to listen, dance, sing and share the beat of our Mother Drum.
Autumn, the time of the West, is about the waning time, time of aging. As one option at ENTER AUTUMN!, four initiated crones offer an all-afternoon workshop for peri-menopausal women to hear about crone initiation and consider their personal journey to step into Becoming A JUICY Crone!

READ ARTICLES; schedule, registration and vendor info

Dive into Red Lodge's fall harvest!
An abundance of fall gatherings
offers great opportunities to come together, contribute to the momentum that is building, and deepen our connections to others, to spirit, to Red Lodge, to our own lives, families and communities. The beat of the Red Lodge drum is beckoning, calling us to listen for who we are already becoming and lean in to Life! Plan ahead to join us, and look for more information in the October Monthly. Highlights:

Saturday, Oct 31         Celebrate Samhain: 13 Grandmothers and Community Drum Circle
Thursday, Nov 5          Beat for Peace --- spiritual drumming with Christine Stevens
Saturdays, Nov14/21   Exploring the Spirit of Clay
Saturday, Dec 5          North Medicine Wheel Gathering

HEAR: A journey to the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

HEARprayerbanner Imagine walking into a room where the feeling of love and peace is so palpable that you are transported to a place where you want to stay forever? Our Elder Council Chair Pam had that feeling when she walked into Chinook Winds where the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers were gathering.
"Listening to Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim and her son pray for the Earth and the generations to follow brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. As a farewell blessing, the Grandmothers walked around the room touching and hugging us, saying prayers, and words of wisdom," Pam says.
Red Lodge elder Sarah Blum did attend the four-day gathering at which 12 of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers shared ceremony, prayer, and prophecy. She had her own life-deepening experience which she shares in this article. Sarah will also share stories and the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers' DVD when we gather for a community drum circle to celebrate Samhain, Oct. 31 in Tacoma.

READ ARTICLE by Sarah Blum

Appreciative Inquiry: discovery, dream, design, destiny
On Sunday, Oct. 25, WWRL Conflict Evolution Council sponsors a one-day workshop on Appreciative Inquiry, a process that invites people to learn and transform themselves, their relationships, their organizations and their communities through personal stories of accomplishment and aspiration.

Our trained presenter, Bridgid Normand, describes Appreciative Inquiry as "a tool for deep positive change and a method for articulating and reaching dreams!"

READ ARTICLE by Christiann Howard; registration info
In This Issue
HEART: ENTER AUTUMN! Festival and Becoming A JUICY Crone
HEAR: A journey to meet 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and Appreciative Inquiry
ART: A poem of gardens, wind and ocean
EARTH: Talking Gender and Nature in Sweden and Sustainability Shorts

Who Are We?


A Community Conversation

Saturday, Sept. 5
  9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
at Sahale, near Belfair
FREE!  (Bring lunch)

We seek:
* Clarity in ways to talk about Red Lodge

* Insight on how to respond to the global call for change, as we bring woman's way to women and men, elders and youth

* To honor and nourish the roots of relationship
between Long Dance and Red Lodge

 In the ebb and flow of sharing woman's way resources, what is it time to commit to now?

For directions and to reserve optional dinner and overnight lodging, contact kim@wwrl.org

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Fall Programs

For our fall schedule, please see the last page of Fall Harvest
 ART: A poem of gardens, wind and ocean

ARTwisteriaSage Abella returned from Long Dance and deep listening in service to the blood mysteries to write this poem.

     I walk through the garden
     My body smells like the ocean.

     Still, she said,
                               When you walk through the garden
                               before you reach the gate
                               you will be the ocean.

READ POEM by Sage Abella
EARTH :  Talking gender and nature in Sweden
Last winter, Madrone was invited to Uppsala, Sweden, to give one of six keynote talks at a conference focused on the changing roles in resource management. "When nature is seen as a living entity," Madrone writes, "it is difficult for human beings to act negatively toward nature. This is why our language choices are so important. I tried to present my ideas in ways that worked to invite the listeners to consider language as they speak of the Earth and to encourage them to explore how these symbolic constructions relate how humans treat nature by humans. I feel I planted a small seed and left a thread for further weavings to develop over time. Education leads to awareness, and awareness leads to change. In this way, helping audiences to re-member the Earth as organic entity was one drum beat of the arm of Woman's Way Red Lodge sounding at a gathering of 80 people in Sweden.


What are you doing on the web today?
In the words of Connor Sauer, "Live with attention to intention." Every choice, step, breath, action sends out a vibration on the web that connects us all. Suzanne Lichau suggests links, books, movies, and businesses to support to help you commit to some small change in your life. "Think of it as saying YES! to a healthy planet and the preservation of our precious resources - the daily gifts of the earth's body, blood and breath that sustain us all," she writes.

READ ARTICLE by Suzanne Lichau 
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HEARTH  =  Hear  Heart  Art  and  Earth     

Quarterly Hearth Letters from Red Lodge gather reflections, stories, poems, and images so we can connect by sharing what's going on in our lives, in our communities, and in Red Lodge. In publishing these, we hope to continue tracking our WWRL herstory and build helpful, healing, and inspiring resources in our WWRL archives.

In this Sept 2009 issue, we are very grateful for beautiful, heartfelt, and timely submissions from a host of new and familiar contributors. Thank you, thank you to Cathie, Therese, Sarah, Christiann, Sage, Madrone and Suzanne (wisewomanmedicine.com) for the written pieces; to Colette, Kristina, Christine, Sarah, Jim and Madrone  for the images; to Pam for proofing; and to Kristina for her patient support. 

Your creative contributions to Red Lodge Hearth Letter are welcome! Four sections feature your reflections, poetry, stories, essays, and photographs as well as news and views from the Red Lodge hearth. Hearth Letter is published four times a year. Send inquiries and submissions to hearthletter@wwrl.org. The final Hearth Letter in 2009 will come out in December.

Please do take time to connect to the links in this issue. We hope you are moved, inspired, and connected by what is shared here.
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