Enlivening the Sacred Feminine through Education,
Service and
Solstice Prayer for Peace
AUGUST MONTHLY For Friends and Members of WWRL
Issue #43 - 2009
Mother Drum Sings Can You See Who We Are?

Who we are in Red Lodge is a mystery unfolding. As the intrigue grows, we're delighted that families are arriving to play and pray with us. On Solstice at Burton Hill, Mary's neighbor came by with his two children. Enchanted by the drum, both kids had twinkling eyes and sang right along to
'The Dance of the Moon and Sun"  and "Mother I Feel You Under My Feet"!

A Vashon hoop member brought about twenty folks in her extended family to drum for peace and celebrate her 60th birthday! 
They joined us to make visible prayers for peace--beautiful mandalas inspired by the natural materials Kelly and Ann provided for us.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the South Gathering.
We are as beautiful as our prayers! 
                                                                         - Kristina Turner

rose petal mandala     prayer mandala
  Full Heart Mandala
  peace prayer mandala                       
         peaceful mandala

Bonnie celebrates our decision A Joyful Theme

At the Summer Gathering on Vashon Island June 20th, a group of 15 sisters shared their hearts and feelings about three selected themes from the Action Research Surveys.There were circles which discussed the themes Healing, Leadership, and Who We Are.  While we felt each of these themes were significant and vital for the health of WWRL, we decided to further the ideas presented in the Who We Are theme. This theme provided excitement, joy, and gave us clarity of focus.Our hope is that the healing and the need for leadership training will occur organically via our future meetings, listening councils, and trainings/programs offered.

Much gratitude to all those who participated in these circles!

                                                                 -Bonnie Lee Cleverdon

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See Who We Are?
A Joyful Theme
Visiting Teacher
Moonsongs CD
Manifesting Who We Are
Following the Drum
Enter Autumn!
Offering it Out
Life is a Bowlful
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Visiting Teacher
August 15-16
2 Workshops
at Burton Hill
Trudy Welty:

Spiritual Counseling

Trudy Welty

Trudy led our Opening Ceremony and taught at the WWRL East Gathering in 2008.

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red lodge hands in circle.jpg Manifesting Who We Are!
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
At Sahale - Sweet Land!

Come gather, Sisters and Brothers, we hear your call. In ceremony, meditation and fun, let's come together to define Who We Are.

Let's answer the questions brought forward by our members and subscribers.

At Sahale, a retreat center near the Hood Canal, we will gather in listening circles to:

  •  Describe Woman's Way Red Lodge in our own words.
  •  Discuss, define and look for new ways to communicate Red Lodge's role in responding to the call for global change, enlivening the sacred feminine, and sharing woman's way with men and families.
  • Discuss the benefits of a tagline and brainstorm what it might be.
  • Prioritize what we want, who we serve, and where we serve as we go out into the world with our programs and service.
  • Recognize, clarify and nourish the relationship between Long Dance and Woman's Way Red Lodge.
Throughout the day we will have times to listen to the unified heartbeats of Otter Woman and Mother Drum to guide us in our purpose of claiming Who We Are!

If you are unable to join us and wish to share your ideas on these topics please write actionresearch@wwrl.org.

All members and subscribers are welcome.  Cost:$7.50 for lunch or bring a sack lunch and come for free! Overnight lodging is available Friday or Saturday for $25/night, dinner $12, breakfast $5. Register by August 25th to reserve meals and lodging. To register & for directions, contact: kim@wwrl.org

Following The Drum
Fresh from the profoundly deepening gift of Long Dance, the Red Lodge Mother Drum is leading us out again in the world. Having received the call from Otter Woman, the beloved Long Dance drum, to join in celebrating her 20th birthday, our drum was honored and blessed with the love and attention of her mother drum and the 60 women gathered. She was invited to drum the heartbeat with Otter Woman at many ceremonies, and she offered out her own abundant healing medicine. Together the drums renewed and nourished the deep resonance of Long Dance and Red Lodge.

She has since graced the Vashon Hoop with her fullness as women offered Universal Dances for Peace, sang, drummed and honored the goddess in the shade of the maple tree on Burton Hill. Now, she is again honored by a call to offer Opening Ceremony for Inner Twinings, Vashon Island's first-ever spiritual festival.

Inner TwiningsCreated and coordinated by Lorna Cunningham, Inner Twinings is partnering with the Vashon Island Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #3144 (how's that for making new connections!!!) to support the Vashon Island Food Bank. After the Red Lodge Mother Drum opens the festival at 10 AM, Saturday, August 8, there will be speakers, booths, psychic services, food, music, and more. It's a free event, August 8 and 9, 10 AM to 5 PM at Ober Park on Main Street in downtown Vashon. Click here for ferry info

We will also have the opportunity to listen deeply for our drum's guidance as we gather Saturday, Sept. 5 at Sahale (retreat center on Hood Canal) to continue our exploration in Manifesting Who We Are. She seems to be sending out rumblings regarding her name as well. Clearly she is opening the way for us, guiding us forward, and we will be listening attentively. (See related article.)

Please join us.
                            - Mary G.L. Shackelford
Invoking Mystery Enter Autumn!
A Woman's Way Red Lodge Gathering

Saturday, October 3, all day
Save the Date!

Celebrate Autumn with us
at Sacred Groves, on Bainbridge Island, WA
Creative workshops with Simone LaDrumma
and Kimber Songweaver
Artist booths and more. . . .
Cathie and Therese are cooking up fun and mystery Vendors and volunteers welcome!
Contact westgathering@wwrl.org

Offering It Out This Fall
let's dance our passion!Would you like to share your passion? Do you want to show up in the world in new ways? Would you like to weave woman's way into your life, into your community? Are you a Red Lodge member with some experience offering workshops?

This fall would be a great time to offer a Red Lodge workshop! Some ideas? making altars; using smudge; creating sacred tools; weaving baskets; sharing yoga as a sacred practice; writing poetry to access connection;  dancing as a doorway to the divine. It can be a simple 2-hour gathering offered in the woman's way. It can be for men, women and/or children. It can be anywhere in the country.

If you are willing to offer a Red Lodge sponsored program, we can expand our offerings, reach out into new communities, and draw in new people. Among Red Lodge members, there is an abundance of possibility bursting to be manifested. We welcome your ideas and energy. We deeply appreciate your enthusiastic participation; we gratefully acknowledge your contribution.

Red Lodge can help by publicizing your event through the Monthly and on the website calendar and providing Red Lodge materials and MoonSongs CDs. And we can offer support and guidance if you desire. Yes, this puts the ball in your court. You would dream your workshop, arrange for the space, determine costs and set fees, and publicize your workshop in your own community. The workshop should align with 8 of our 15 principles (http://www.wwrl.org/files/our_principles.pdf). As a Red Lodge sponsored event, we ask you to contribute 10% of the net proceeds after you have paid all expenses.

It's really important to plan now for fall programs. Please contact chair@wwrl.org with your workshop ideas. We also welcome your energy to help us empower and encourage others to offer Red Lodge sponsored programs this fall.

Bring Red Lodge home to your community. Together we can create change.
- Mary G.L.Shackelford

Lovely South AltarLife is a Bowlful

My thanks to all who dove into a flurry of e-mails to help me create this issue. Did you notice there was no July Monthly? No entries arrived from anyone. Which, in the full bowl of my life was just fine.

By mid-July, when there were still no submissions, I rallied my sisters by saying "Hey, I'm not doin' this alone".  My sense is that for all of us in Red Lodge this has been a full-hearted season, a time to be present, give and receive, know our limits, and seek center.

As an elder in the Code Purple Prayer Circle, I have received so many e-mails this month seeking compassionate prayers for friends and family in life transitions.  Life is precious. Bless us all.  Keep the prayer requests coming to the Crones at:  codepurple@wwrl.org

May we all be nurtured by the sweetness of Summer, and the calm between each breath.  

Kristina, Editor

Ongoing Events

South Sound Women's Drum Circle

otter woman2nd Fridays, 7 PM
Cedar Center, 906 Webb St. SE, Lacey, WA.
$5 suggested for facility rental + Hearth Fund donation encouraged
Open to all women
Contact Barbara at southsounddrum@wwrl.org

Join an intimate circle of women to drum, sing, and share ceremony, prayer, and wisdom teachings in an informal, friendly monthly gathering. Experience the healing power of working with a women's Mother Drum, hoop drums, rattles, and more and have fun connecting with other women through drumming. Bring your own drums and rattles if you have them. No experience necessary.

Visit our Online Calendar to browse or submit more Events of Interest

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