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poppywings by anne lohr
JUNE MONTHLY For Friends and Members of WWRL
Issue #42 - 2009
flowersbacks by Anne Lohr South Gathering

Friday June 19 to
Sunday June 21st
Burton Hill, Vashon

Come gather to honor Solstice
Pray for seven generations
Drum for peace and earth healing
And move our community into action--
All are welcome!

FRI  7 PM    Prayers for Seven Generations
SAT 6 AM    24 Hour Drumbeat Begins
      9 AM    Opening Circle
                 Mandala Making
     10 AM   Community Conversation - Next Steps for Red Lodge
        2ish   Community Potluck
        4 PM  Hold the River Ceremony followed by Pipe Ceremony
SUN  6 AM  Closing Circle

Come and go as you desire.  Camping and outdoor cooking/eating area available.  $15-35 Hearth Jar donation suggested.  For directions, contact:southgathering@wwrl.org

Click here to download a lovely flyer to print and share with friends (to save ink, print only page 2).
photo by Anne Lohr, Burton Hill Prayers for Seven Generations

Friday, June 19
South Gathering on Vashon
7-9:30 PM

Mary and Kristina will facilitate this ceremony inspired by wisdom teachings of the Haudenausee and Joanna Macy's Work That Reconnects.   Come with intention to enter into deep time and open our hearts to the seven generations. Bring an altar gift from nature, layers to wear, and a blanket or low chair to sit on. Weather allowing, we'll meet in the stone circle on Burton Hill. Overnight campers welcome. For directions, contact: southgathering@wwrl.org.
Letter from a Hoop Sister
Hoop Sister - Lisa
When we moved to Vashon I was still very young. I grew into a woman on that island. I was a mother and wife but not a full woman. . . When I needed to grow I reached out for a challenge and found it. When I found the Hoop it was so needed at that time in my life.
Going to the Hoop allowed me to start unfolding, moving towards my next phase as a mother, wife, and WOMAN. I grasped the essence of me. By sheer intuition and the faith restored in me to see clearly, have an open heart, and be strong on my path, I moved my family to California.  This would not have been possible so easily without the guidance of the Hoop. Each month I would think and ponder and ingest the hours we spent together. Some of your stories would reach to me, as they do even now, guiding me to another place. Some of the things I worked through with my family and partner would not have been so positive on the other side had I not had growth as a woman.
The year following our 9-month Hoop, we would see each other in town and during our Hoop of Service meetings. I was always so pleased with the serendipity in our meetings. Of course, I grew more. I grew more into where I needed to be--to prepare to leave the island.
It was hard. We thought we would never leave Vashon. Now that we are here we see how we needed to leave for us to fulfill our dream of a Natural Living Center. Doors are open for us here that we only dreamed of. The housing, the work, the land! We have made friends pretty easy and the next step just keeps on happening.
Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for all that you shared with me. Thank you for being who you are and I will forever take you with me.

- Lisa R.

*Lisa was one of 13 women who participated in Weaving the Hoop on Vashon in 2007 and continued on in 2008 with our Vashon Hoop of Service.  Contemplating starting a Red Lodge Hoop in your area? Contact weavinghoops@wwrl.org.

bonnie lee Join Our Community Conversation!

A hearty thanks to 52 members and subscribers who participated in our Action Research Project surveys! Now we enter into a lively conversation about what's next in Red Lodge.  The Design Team, Bonnie Lee, Kim, Mariah and Mary have winnowed all your responses into themes they'll present to the Board June 4th.  Look for an e-mail next week, announcing three themes all will be invited to consider. 

At the South Gathering, join an open community conversation to choose one theme we're ready to put into action. Didn't fill out a survey? Don't fret--now is your chance to have input!  Everyone is welcome.  Bring a chair and a potluck dish for the feast afterwards.  Arrive in time for the  Opening Circle with Pam Tillson in the Cedar Grove at 9. Conversation begins at 10. For directions, contact: southgathering@wwrl.org
poets at mother drum Poets at Mother Drum

rocking music
word by word
into rhythm of magic:

Cinquaine (five line poem) written by 5 women attending
 Anne Lohr's workshop:
Poetry! Music of Words

In This Issue
South Gathering
Prayers for 7 Generations
Hoop Sister's Letter
Community Conversation
Poets at Mother Drum
Congratulations WOW
Moxy Sisters!
In Honor of Grandmothers
Maiden Ceremonies
Opportunity Knocks
Red Lodge Links
Women of Wisdom Book Cover
Such exciting news!
This award-winning collection of women's wisdom compiled by Kris Steines, founder of Women of Wisdom, is a finalist in Best New Non-Fiction in the National Best Books 2008 Award and a finalist in the Independent Book Publishers Award.

Our beloved Red Lodge member Drai Bearwomyn McKi did the cover and interior layouts! Awesome!

You'll find
 poems, music, artwork and women's empowerment stories from a wealth of women mentors...Jean Houston, Isabel Allende, Marion Woodman, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Nicki Scully, Frances Moore-Lappe, Angeles Arrien, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Barbra Marx Hubbard, Judith Orloff and Riane Eisler
and more!
Lorraine Bayes, Jennifer Berezan, Shawna Carol, Lisa Castine, Sue Coccia, Joanna Powell Colbert, Montserrat, Marcia Moonstar, Melissa Layer, Deborah Koff-Chapin, Rev Judith Laxer and more more more!
$21.00 includes shipping.

To Order, visit the WOW website today!

Moxy Sisters!
Connor on the land
Our beloved Connor Sauer,
one of the visionary founders of Red Lodge, is featured on the website of Women Taking Care of Business as their April Moxy Woman! To see a trailer of Connor's upcoming story, click this link, scroll down the page that comes up and be sure to turn on the volume. Lyrics from Woman Am I and Tower of Strength are woven into the theme song, recorded by
Christine Stevens, our inspiring Red Lodge drum sister. Christine was February's Moxy Woman!  Congratulations to both our Moxy Sisters for
all the ways they are
stepping out!!

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Drums at Evergreen 2009 In Honor of Grandmothers

Grandmothers from around the world are calling us to take better care of the Earth. In response, our hearts are drumming: "Thank you, grandmas, for the wake up call!"

On May 8th, at the closing ceremony of a week-long colloquium with 4 grandmothers from the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, resounding thanks radiated from 5 big drums gathered at Evergreen College, including Otter Woman, Thunder Moon and the Red Lodge Mother Drum.  We came to say: "Thank you grandmas, for sharing your wisdom!"

We met first indoors, in a circle that overflowed the large meeting room--students and faculty, local tribal and community members, and several women from Red Lodge.  What heart, in this circle!
We shared delicious food, witnessed gifting, and heard prayers and songs from the grandmothers and their companions that brought tears to many eyes.

Deeply moving tributes and thanks were offered. "Listen to the Grandma's," said a native woman from Alaska, who spoke softly with great power, "You have to find the Grandmas who will tell you how to leave all that baggage, so you can move forward and take the next step. When you turn 61 you'll realize, 'Wow!, they were right!'"  She moved around the circle as she spoke, her heart touching us all: "It's the Grandmothers who will carry us even when they are gone." The room went still. "We are not alone. The unseen grandmothers are with us."  The presence uniting us was palpable.

many drummers
Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein from the Yup'ik had merrily twinkling eyes as she danced around the circle singing to us, first in her native tongue, then in English:  "I love you. . .and you love me." Pouring spring water into a center bowl on the altar, all the grandmothers and companions offered blessings.

After the ceremony closed, many spilled into the courtyard to drum and sing. "A real community builder!" says Barbara, keeper of Otter Woman. Curious students joined in, saying "Tell me what this is about." Door of our hearts, open into the future!
                                                                                                                     -Kristina Turner
 Maiden Ceremonies at Sacred Groves
by Therese Charvet

maiden-and-priestessesMany women did not receive a Rite of Passage Ceremony in adolescence or early adulthood that honored and welcomed them into the sisterhood, and continue to feel a yearning to have such a ritual.  Therese says: "Better late than never!"

This summer at Sacred Groves, three Maiden Ceremonies are scheduled and we would love volunteers from Red Lodge to help out as Priestesses and Escorts. Dates are: SUNDAY, JUNE 7, WEDNESDAY, JULY 23 and THURSDAY, AUGUST 20.

The ceremonies happen in the afternoon so I'll need people here from about 1 to about 5 PM.  In exchange for your time, energy and love I'm offering food, gas money and/or ferry fare.  Here are the details:

The June 7 ceremony is for women of all ages--part of a week-end retreat called "Women's Rite" that I offer once a year here at the Groves.  Some of you have helped out in years previous. If you know women ready to step into the fullness of their woman power and woman wisdom by deepening their connection with their body and spirit, please send them to the Sacred Groves website and/or e-mail me their contact info (and I'll follow up with them).  Do help me spread the word about this opportunity that is coming up in just a month.  And let me know if you want to participate as a priestess or escort!!

The July and August ceremonies are for teen girls (ages 12-14) that have been out on a 3 week Rite of Passage backpacking trip with the group Rite of Passage Journeys.  They come to the Groves at the end of their trip for a sweatlodge and this ceremony; this has happened every year for several years here and some of you have participated in previous years. It's such a heart-warming thing to see these amazing girls experience this ritual at such a young age.  Very rewarding!

I hope some of you will see the richness of participating in one (or more) of these sweet opportunities to support new sisters coming into their power in this amazing way!! 
Please contact me at:  therese@sacredgroves.com.

Great photos of Willow's Rattle and Amulet Making Class in April!

amulets rawhide rattles stitching a rattle rattle makers

Opening to Opportunity
In these times of financial upheaval, we have the opportunity to create new models for what is deeply valued in our society.  When you think about Red Lodge in the future, do you see us reaching out to more women and families with our programs, supporting a sister's right livelihood by hiring a part-time executive director or administrative help, receiving grants for service projects that bring the sacred feminine alive in more communities?

Here's an opportunity to learn about real, practical steps to help our Red Lodge visions manifest!  A Non-Profit Fundraising Conference sponsored by the Center for Non-Profit Success  is happening in Seattle, July 14-15. It looks chock-full of good information.  Interested in attending as our representative? Check out the conference schedule.

Registration for event and workshops will be covered through our Red Lodge Women's Leadership Fund, in exchange for your willingness to be in a conversation with the Board about what you learn.  Contact Chair@wwrl.org.

Ongoing Events

South Sound Women's Drum Circle

otter woman2nd Fridays, 7 PM
Cedar Center, 906 Webb St. SE, Lacey, WA.
$5 suggested for facility rental + Hearth Fund donation encouraged
Open to all women
Contact Barbara at southsounddrum@wwrl.org

Join an intimate circle of women to drum, sing, and share ceremony, prayer, and wisdom teachings in an informal, friendly monthly gathering. Experience the healing power of working with a women's Mother Drum, hoop drums, rattles, and more and have fun connecting with other women through drumming. Bring your own drums and rattles if you have them. No experience necessary.

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