Quarterly Hearth Letter
Issue #2  May 2009
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 wisteria heart medallionHEART: Drum for the heart at South Gathering
Children, women, and men gather on Vashon Island, June 19-21, to drum for peace and earth healing and to honor Solstice in alliance with prayer ceremonies around the world. Camping is available in the meadow; bring your own food. Come and go as you desire.
Gather with us at the sun's zenith--a potent time to honor what's growing and flowering in our hearts, minds and lives. Join us in prayers for 7 generations Friday evening. Deepen into our Mother Drum's heartbeat as 24-hour drumming begins 6 AM Saturday and concludes 6 AM Sunday. On Saturday, the community conversation to talk about next steps for Red Lodge is open to all.
ARP is opening hearts
Many of us were surprised by the profound experience of sharing our dreams, fears, hopes and concerns about Red Lodge as we began the process of a community conversation into what's next for our fledgling non-profit. When the Action Research design team introduced "a survey" at our spring Wisdom Council, you could almost hear the energy in the room dissipate. However, most women found themselves intrigued. In one-to-one sharing, women opened their hearts to reflect deeply about where we are and how we may be able to create change --- in Red Lodge and in our communities -- as we focus our energy and commitment to meet the challenging opportunities of these times. The conversation continues at South Gathering, June 20 on Vashon Island. All are welcome.
HEAR: A tribute to quintessential Kendra
kendras ear
Kendra's passion and drive have been reflected in the way she embodies the whole culture of Red Lodge. For her, it's about being alive and enlivening the divine feminine and wanting that for all women. She believes that Red Lodge gives us permission to stretch into more of who each of us is and who we are meant to be. She modeled that energy and commitment in so many ways in Red Lodge, from her role in the dreaming years to her participation on the Working Group in 2005, then as the first Vice-Chair in 2006. Subsequently, Kendra served as the Chair of the Program Council, and then Chair of the Conflict Evolution Council before stepping off the board this year. We are grateful for Kendra and for her service!
 poetry moonART: Beauty from the East Gathering
The magic of the web of connection that is growing in Red Lodge was shared by more than 30 people who gathered in Enumclaw for East Gathering. And yes, the crowd did include men and children!
Bobbi opened us into the East with Grandfather Rock and the Mother Drum. The Conflict Evolution Council paired us up for a searching and intimate exchange in listening for each other's essence. As the weather outside turned from rain to wind to hail to snow and back again, we launched the first event of our community conversation about what's next for Red Lodge by pairing up to share from the heart as we delved into our Action Research Project survey. The food was great, the flute and clay workshops were fun, and the evening entertainment....well, you had to be there! It was fabulous.  
Painting from the heart 
Healing comes in many forms. Guided by mentors to experiment with accessing her deepest vulnerability through creative expression, Kelly shares her recent explorations in painting.
 sweatlodge earthEARTH: What's cost got to do with it?
In the fall of last year, conversations about the cost (price) of things began weaving their way into the web around me, fueled by a continued national economic decline. I decided to listen a bit - it seemed it was a good time for a reminder about looking at the concept of cost - is cost only the price tag? How deeply do we consider cost when we are purchasing things, and what does the term mean to individuals? How do we define and differentiate the terms cost, value and price? In a culture that seems to predominately place value in money/money symbols, it seems we may need to think a bit deeper about these labels.
In This Issue
HEART: Drum the Earth's heartbeat at South Gathering ARP is opening hearts
HEAR: A Tribute to Kendra
ART: Photos and poetry celebrate the East Gathering Painting from the heart
EARTH: What's cost got to do with it?
Poetry: the music of words 
poetry moon
Saturday, May 9
Catherine Place
923 S 8th St.
 Celebrate Our Mother Earth through the music of words: Poetry!   Gather your pens, paper, drums and rattles for this expressive workshop! Anne Lohr facilitates.

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