Quarterly Hearth Letter                         Issue #1 February 2009
Dear Friends and Members of Red Lodge,

Welcome to the Hearth Letter, quarterly reflections from the Board sharing the pulse of our Red Lodge organization.  Many words are contained within Hearth:  hear, heart, art, earth. Warming ourselves at the Red Lodge Hearth, we  listen inside for what matters most, what nurtures and sustains.   Thanks for taking time to reflect with us on what is possible as we build this Lodge together.

julietaylorphotography.com Country Rainbow A Rainbow of Connections. . . .

Amidst the storms of these times, perhaps nothing brings more hope than the sustaining rainbow of connections we build with each other. 

In 2009, Red Lodge aims to build mutually sustaining relationships with our members, within our community, and with the communities in which we all live, work and play.

To light up this goal, we are calling on the rainbow of YOU, our friends and members!

Only you know the specific ways
in which your communities hunger for woman's way. 

Only you can tell us how Red Lodge can be sustained as we serve.

The Board is reaching out to you today
with an invigorating Hearth Letter from our Chair, Mary Shackelford and the Design Team of a new Red Lodge Action Research Project. This is exciting stuff.

So, tag, you're it! Put on your rainbow specs and read on. . . .  (click here)
 Country Rainbow Courtesy of julietaylorphotography.com

East daffodilCome Join the Buzz at Spring Wisdom Council
3:15 - 6 PM at the
East Medicine Wheel Gathering

Saturday, March 7
VFW Hall in Enumclaw

Let yourself beeeeeee drawn!  Our Enumclaw sisters are buzzing. . .planning a full and fun day for us as we begin our community journey around the Medicine Wheel in 2009.

All are invited to participate in Red Lodge Spring Wisdom Council, from 3:15 - 6 PM, when we'll launch our Action Research Project to learn one-on-one how friends and members of Red Lodge want to spark and nurture the changes that will help us GROW. Come participate from the ground up in a spirited and lively project!

The whole day includes
ceremony, workshops, craft vendors  blooming talent, lunch and dinner, drumming and dancing! Click here to see the full schedule

RSVP by February 21st - For directions to the VFW Hall, and to print and mail in your registration form, click here.

The Board meets in Enumclaw at Debbie and Julie's, Friday March 6, 4 to 9 PM, with
a potluck at 6. All are welcome. Contact Deb for directions to Board meeting.

stag contemplates action! Action Research Project Launch

OK. I can hear you thinking.  "Why is Woman's Way Red Lodge embracing a project that sounds so. . .masculine!???"

Reconsider one of our Red Lodge Principles. . . .
Balancing Feminine and Masculine:  We honor the beauty, passion, power and expression of the dance of the inner feminine and masculine.

Wanna dance?  Read our project goal. . . (click here)

               WWRL BOARD
The 2009 Board Invites You to Join Us as We Commit to:

*  Learn how our members want to grow Red Lodge
*  Claim woman's way as we step into the fullness of our feminine & masculine power
*  Practice discernment and transparency
*  Thrive in the paradox of Budget and Mystery
*  Show up to weave the connections
The Numbers That Count

Thanks to our success in turning a projected deficit into a healthy net gain, we are starting 2009 with a good nest egg!
Isn't this a grand adventure?

We envision vigorous growth this year as we continue to offer medicine wheel gatherings, workshops, sweat lodges, hoops and other celebrations. I
nvesting in our growth, we will reach out to serve more communities. Capitalizing on our healthy cash position, the Board has again passed a budget for 2009 with a projected deficit. And, we hold an intention for grounded abundance. 

With your help, our programs will serve many. Be assured that your membership support, Hearth Jar donations, participation in events and all you donate in time, transportation and materials make a difference! 

Thank you for our abundance.


Hooray for our Members!
76 Current Members  *  47 Lodge Sisters  *  29 Support Circle

numbers that count
* In 2008, our friendraiser netted about $2500.  2009 revenues may be boosted substantially if we schedule a friendraiser or add programs.
** In 2008, we projected a budget deficit of -$2775. We set an intention to balance the budget and, with your help and support, actually achieved a $2288 net profit!

Blessings in this month of the Heart!
Mary G.L. Shackelford, Chair
Woman's Way Red Lodge