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JULY MONTHLY for Friends & Members of WWRL
Issue #33-2008
Enlivening the Sacred Feminine Through Education, Service and Sustainability
A CALL TO: The Edge of the Nest Council
fledgling at edge of nest

Seeking 3 to 4 members.  Job description: You enjoy noticing when women are ready to take off with their power.

You are willing to call up individual women to tell them about Red Lodge leadership needs (we'll give you a list).You can listen compassionately to fears and questions and reflect the strengths you see in another.

You want to help sisters explore how their gifts could blossom by stepping up to the Board.  You encourage them to attend a Board meeting or conference call to get their feet wet.  You picture yourself as a mama eagle, perched on the Edge of the Nest Council, celebrating fledgling flights as you help us with the 2009 Red Lodge Board Nominations process. Commitment: now through October.  Contact by July 15. 

Why start now? Here's the timeline for Nominating 2009 Board members.  There is no August Newsletter.  
  • By August 20, Board members decide if they plan to continue on the 2009 Board.
  • September Quarterly eNews (articles due by August 20) announces OPEN POSITIONS and puts out the call for nominations. (Two positions, Abundance and Communications Council Chairs are already open, so you could start calling out women now.)
  • October Monthly (articles due by Sept 20) features articles describing the work of each Red Lodge Council, with links to web pages that describe how our leadership model works (ByLaws, Leadership Document, Decision-Making Agreement, 15 Principles).  
  • Fall Festival, Oct 4-5 offers an opportunity for in-person conversations.
  • By October 15th, the nominations slate is sent to the board.  
  • At a conference call on October 17th, the Board reviews and approves the slate.
  • November Quarterly eNews (articles due by Oct 20) announces the 2009 Board Members
  • At the Dec 2-3 Annual Meeting, the outgoing and new Board members are celebrated and the new Board begins their year-long term.
Thanks for considering joining the Edge of the Nest Council! Contact by July 15. 
Edge of the Nest Council
Making a Peace Banner
West Gathering: WWRL Fall Festival
Re-Weaving Community: Hoop News
A Climate for Evolution
Turtle Women Rising to Drum in D.C.
South Sound Drum Circle
Poetry: The Weavers
Reflections from the Editor
Reader Contributions
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peace flags
Thanks to Robin of the Vashon Hoop of Service, who inspired and guided six women to make this Peace Banner for World Peace and Prayer Day.  To make your own, gather with several friends (only 1 needs to know how to sew).  In 3 hours, you'll have a banner like this!

What to Bring:
  •  favorite fabric remnants (images of people, critters, symbols, plants, fun colors)  
  •  sharp scissors, a straight edge and pencil
  •  iron and sewing machine
  •  2 packets of a colorful,wide folded bias tape
  •  1 spool of colorful ribbon
  •  twine to hang the finished banner
  • To begin, meditate together in nature. Sing about peace.
  • Have fun looking at the fabrics and decide how long your banner will be.
  • Then, each person cuts and irons several rectangle "flags".  Width and length of flags can vary (the ones in the photo above are from 3 to 7 inches wide and 5 to 8 inches long).  Use  straight edge and pencil to get edges even and corners square.
  • Leave flag edges unhemmed, for the wind to "finish".
  • Arrange (and re-arrange!) flags in an order that feels good. Smaller flags work well at the ends.  Add random ribbons.
  • Then, in order, bring each flag to the seamstress, who will know how to:
    •  top-stitch together the edges of the folded bias tape for about 4 inches
    •  insert top of each flag snugly into folded bias tape, then topstitch it in place
    •  if running out of bias tape, seam together the two packets
    •  when all flags have been sewn in, continue to topstitch edges of bias tape together  for about 4 inches, then cut.
    •  fold each banner end over 1-1/2 inches and stitch it down, to make a loop
  • Hang your banner between 2 trees and enjoy the peace of co-creation!
WEST GATHERING:  Fall Festival Vision comes to Ground

fall bear in meadowSATURDAY-SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4-5, 2008 at Sacred Groves, Bainbridge Island
Our visions for a rich, abundant Fall Festival are coming into fruition!  Save the date to bring family and friends to Bainbridge Island for a weekend of sharing of ourselves and our stories, creating sacred ceremony to honor the West, and feasting on fabulous foods.
Harvest your inner groove with the Djembe performance and workshop, renew yourself with our Earth Mother Spa and bodywork area, enjoy creative offerings from fellow craftswomen, and invoke our creative spirit with a community mural in the meadow.
Camping is available on Sacred Groves beautiful land Saturday night. Then awake Sunday morning for a closing gathering and meditation before heading off to share the wisdom of the West with those we meet.
For more information, or to volunteer or sell crafts, please contact Cathie at

planetary webAll over the planet, women are meeting in hoops and circles to re-weave the web of earth-based, spiritual community. We celebrate the diversity of these circles--each one springing up to meet the needs of local women. 

Red Lodge offers a program called Weaving the Hoop to assist Lodge Sister members in starting women's circles in their own communities.  To inquire about starting a Red Lodge hoop in your area, contact

Hoop News from the Plateau:

Once a month, women on the Osceola Plateau are gathering in an intentional way.  We come together in spirit, community and friendship, opening up to share our inner beauty and wisdom and make connections with other women that feed the soul.

When we first put up posters calling women to gather for Weaving the Hoop, we facilitators (Deb, Melanie and Willow) didn't know what the response would be.  Within days our vision of women in sacred community started to be realized.  We were meeting women in the Buckley/Enumclaw area who long for the same experiences we want.
During our first facilitators' meeting it became clear that we would tailor the original program to fit our own community.  Using the bones of the Weaving the Hoop Handbook, we fleshed out our own unique way of creating hoop.

The women who answered our call are clearly ready to be a force in guiding how this group grows.  They have stepped up to share their own traditions by offering to prepare the altar in ways they had learned.  Several have joined Red Lodge.  We share of ourselves in deep and profound ways and when we meet each other on the street or in the grocery store there is a sense of sisterhood that stays throughout the days. 
Because these women were willing to take the risk of gathering with others they may or may not know and are conscious enough of their own spiritual needs to see the open door to greater and deeper connections, our spot on this planet is richer in many ways.

- Willow Dreamfeather
2 women talkingIn a climate of curiosity and anticipation, 6 members of the Conflict
Evolution Council (CEC) attended a workshop in May with trainers Celeste Gabriel and Stephanie Bell to learn about 'The Work', an inquiry process invented by Byron Katie.  This learning day grew out of our Council's goal to create more opportunities to grow our toolbox for evolving through conflicts.

Our curiosity grew when we learned Katie's intention is to end suffering in the world.  As suffering begins the moment we judge ourselves and others, we spent the day learning to use 4 powerful questions to listen with fresh ears to what is.  What's really curious is that when we simply listen to what is, turning it around and looking at it in different lights, it begins to shift, all on it's own. Here's a great tool for conflict evolution. For more information on The Work, visit:

During June and July, CEC members are practicing The Work with each other, to hone our familiarity with it. If you are experiencing a conflict within yourself or with others about Red Lodge, and would like to explore how CEC may help you get clear, contact:
TURTLE WOMEN RISING: October Peace Drumming in D.C.
Turtle Women Rising Flyer
Turtle Women Rising
is an organization of women
committed to making a difference in
the world. We bring the heartbeat of
the drum in response to our
Mother's Cry.
 We are standing for Peace. Our presence, our drums, our prayers and songs unite to help heal the wounds caused by global violence to All Peoples and to our Mother Earth.
Our Drum Prayer is a remembrance of
the power that women have to create
and nurture life, and our unlimited
power to manifest peace in the world.

We need willing hearts and hands to support this ceremony of Unity and Connections:
Volunteers *  Donations *  Organizers *  Drummers of All Cultures * and All our Relations who stand for peace.  Please join us! 

Eli Painted Crow is the holder of the vision for this project which is sponsored by the Center for Sacred Studies, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, through the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Two Red Lodge members, Sarah B. and Zora S. are already planning to attend. For more information and to register, see:
tall photo of drummers
Cedar Center, 906 Webb St SE, Lacey, WA
$5 suggested for facility rental + Hearth Fund donation encouraged

Join an intimate circle of women to drum, sing, and share ceremony, prayer and wisdom teachings in an informal, friendly monthly gathering. Experience the healing power of working with a women's Mother Drum, hoop drums, rattles, and song as you connect with women through drumming.  No experience needed. Open to all women. Contact: Barbara at
rainbow reflectedThe weavers
Sparkling, glittering, rainbow colored fairy dust
Movement, swirling
Grounding, loving, encompassing mother earth
Light as air
Heavy as life
Movement, swirling, stirring up
Gentle as the zephyr breeze
Encompassing as the arms of mother earth
Twirling up the magic in the air

Life force washes thru me
Sadness, blackness, pain
Rise from deep within
Sobbing, gasping for the air
It slowly rises out of me
Like a bubble trapped
Deep underwater
To be released, recognized
Sent on its journey

I have learned another lesson
I am progressing on my journey
To unlearn fears
I learned as a child
To become more of my
We rode the crest of the storm
Each time
Falling gracefully
Into the fold
As wave after wave
Washed over us

Three people, weavers
Rarely in my life
Yet helping me create
A magnificent tapestry
                                     - Debbie Fank, 08
colorful moonEighteen years ago, I danced with 100 women under a full moon in a California meadow, my belly globe-shaped with my seven-month son in utero. I danced for a peaceful world, a world where my son could grow up discovering his gifts and finding his way to share them in community.

This year on Solstice, during our 24-hour vigil for peace, my son joined me in holding the beat steady on the Red Lodge Mother Drum for an hour and half. His deep voice harmonized with mine as we sang out songs to Great Spirit, songs for peace and freedom. Life was singing to life, and happiness resonated all through me! Later in the day, a young couple arrived with their baby son who crawled right over to the drum, stood up and rested his hands on the drum, delighting in the vibration.  In the middle of the night, my sister tells me, the drum became the Universe, her sounds touching all, moving as one with all life. What is there beyond these Present moments of fullness?  May the full July moon transport you to an awareness of our interconnectedness. And may many women's hearts drum the moon full over Washington D.C in October!   Blessed Be.
-Kristina Turner, Editor

Reader Contributions

Submissions to The Monthly are welcomed from WWRL Members.  Send photos, artwork in jpg format (especially images celebrating the sacred feminine and all our relations), brief paragraphs with news of Red Lodge events, programs, poetry or human interest stories. Deadline is the 20th of the month preceding JAN, MAR, MAY, JUNE, JULY, OCT and DEC. Send to:

WOMAN'S WAY RED LODGE is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

We are grateful that contributions and co-creative members support our programs and ongoing services in many Northwest communities. We are excited that several Lodge Sister Members are percolating visions to bring WWRL to more states.

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