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JUNE MONTHLY for Friends & Members of WWRL
Issue #32-2008
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Enlivening the Sacred Feminine Through Education, Service and Sustainability
EAST BEGINNINGS plant seeds for more!
basketweaver East Gathering
Weaving pineneedle baskets at the East Gathering May 2-4 in Enumclaw, we learned small mindful steps can spiral into satisfaction! At this first of four directional gatherings in 2008, over forty folks wove in and out, enjoying the creative blend of ceremonies, Red Lodge Wisdom Council, crafts, dancing and learning. Kudos to everyone who contributed their time, energy, music, awesome cooking,and teaching skills. And much gratitude to Trudy Welty for the East teachings which brought us together in the joy of beginning.

Breakout groups at Wisdom Council brainstormed: how to reach out and encourage women to grow into Red Lodge leadership; ideas for an abundantly nurturing West Fall Festival at Sacred Groves on Bainbridge, Oct 4-5; building men's participation in Red Lodge (three men came this weekend--which was fun and meaningful for us all) ; and visions for our North Gathering in Pt Angeles, Dec 2-3, focused on the wisdom of being prepared.  We have much gratitude that our net income for this event was over $700, as we continue on our path to balance the budget in 2008.
East Beginnings
Mother Drumming Solstice Vigil
Happiness: Teaching for Red Lodge
Gratitude to Kelly
Welcome Our New Treasurer
West Gathering
Sweat Lodge Work Party
South Sound Drum Circle
Our Vulnerable Strength
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Aloha to New Members
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MOTHER DRUMMING FOR PEACE:  24-Hour Solstice Drum Vigil
The Cedar Circle, Burton Hill on Vashon

Solstice is an excellent time for communities to plant prayers for peace that resonate far and wide, as many peoples around the planet honor the spiritual opening available to us all at the sun's zenith. 

As the wheel turns South, the Red Lodge community and Vashon friends will host a 24-hour Solstice Drum Vigil in our second celebration of World Peace and Prayer Day.  One of four gatherings Red Lodge plans this year honoring the medicine of the four directions, we open to the South for energies of strength, passion, growth, creativity, nurturance and healing.

Wherever you are on Solstice, we invite you to join us in drumming for peace. Drum in a park or your backyard. Drum with friends. Or come to Vashon and join us on the Red Lodge Mother Drum, as we attune our heartbeats to peaceful co-existence and the right of all beings to flourish. Bring your own hoop drums, rattles and songs. Pipe Ceremony and Hold the River Song Cycle will be offered in the evening. All are welcome.

Come for as much of the day as you wish. Those who maintained vigil for the entire 24 hours last year attest to the power and depth of that commitment. Others appreciated the ease of coming and going, knowing the drumbeat was being held steady. Camping is good in the front field; you are welcome Friday or Saturday night. Bring food to cook your own meals in an outdoor kitchen. Hearth Fund donations are requested. For information and directions contact:
HAPPINESS : Teaching for Red Lodge!
happy batikers
Six adventurous women gathered at my Silken Wind Studio on May 10th to create personal expressions of the Goddess with wax batik.  Proud students took home silken art they can frame, suspend from a dowel or branch and hang on a wall or in a window, make into a flag, or sew into a pillow top.

Batik is quite arduous and takes all day to finish one piece.  I pampered my hard working students with a catered lunch eaten in the gentle spring air, giving us a much-needed rest so we could push on to completion in the afternoon. Ages ranged from 12 to 65 and I was delighted as lunch time conversation naturally evolved into mentoring our youngest member toward her own emerging place among women, through our shared wisdom stories. The warm embrace of the Red Lodge bowl holds us in our women's work.

batik classMaking and teaching sacred art is a healing process. Women voiced surprise and delight as their creations slowly took on life and color and their fears of failure were laid to rest. Most had little or no previous experience with batik. Traditional wax batik asks the beginner for a great leap of faith.  By stepping in to this challenge, she strengthens her connection to Source and affirms her power to make beauty with her own hands.

Because of Red Lodge, I am doing things I never dreamed I could do--taking woman's way art into the world. This is the second Red Lodge class I have taught.  I started small with just 6 students. It has inspired me to teach even larger classes of up to 14 people at a time in the general public.

I am so pleased with the ease of the Red Lodge education process. The Program Council is so helpful, the E-news team publishes creative promotional articles and advertising, and my classes filled up quickly. I believe all of us have talents and wisdom to share, and it is economically feasible to present a class, make a profit, and contribute a portion to our Red Lodge budget too.
We are stepping out, ladies--what knowledge will you shape into an educational offering? I expect to hear about new and exciting classes being offered by my Red Lodge sisters with hidden talents--talents just waiting to reach the greater world. Oh, and I will see some of you at my next inspired art workshop too.  The Goddess and I are dreaming it up right now.

               Love from Julia Bear Heart,
               Artist for the Goddess,
               Keeper of the Beauty Way  

kellyWhen "Coffee Kelly" Ziniewicz answered within 24 hours the call we put forth for a new treasurer at the December '07 Wisdom Council,we felt mightily blessed!  Along with her bright spirit and willingness to serve, Kelly brought years of accounting experience in running a business, complete with in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks, the accounting system we were struggling to transition into.  In the past 5 months, she has helped us to put in place foundational business practices that will serve us for many years. And having Kelly's goodwill and common-sense wisdom on Board meetings has been a plus!

At the Board Meeting on May 2, Kelly let us know that her life is too full to continue in her role as WWRL Treasurer (for example, her family espresso parts business is in such a boom she's had to hire her own accounting help!). She offered to stay on until we found the right replacement. . .and voila (read the next article). Kelly, how can we thank you enough for all you have done?  We are so glad to support you in your decision for self-care. Thanks for modelling this for all of us.

cathieCathie joined Red Lodge at the Fall Festival in West Seattle. Eager to come to the East Gathering in May, she arrived early Friday evening and was a bit surprised to be invited to sit in on the Board meeting. When Kelly announced her intention to resign as Treasurer, inside herself Cathie was saying "Oh my gosh."  For the past 7 years Cathie has been financial manager at a local sexual assault center.  She loves working with numbers. Feeling a natural connection to the Red Lodge vision, Cathie was looking forward to discovering how she could participate and be of service in our community.  After the meeting, she bravely approached Mary, WWRL Chair,and began a conversation about becoming Treasurer. Could the timing have been better?

Within a week, Board members were delighted to receive a warm e-mail from Cathie sharing her accounting experience and her interest in serving.  At a conference call on May 18th, the Board waived the ByLaws requirement stating that new Board members must have been a Lodge Sister for a minimum of 1 year, accepted Kelly's resignation, and gratefully approved Cathie Stone as our new Treasurer.  Welcome Cathie! 
Bear in Heaven
Sacred Groves, Bainbridge Island

Visions  are taking shape for an abundant, earth-based West Fall Festival on Sacred Groves beautiful land, including:

Self-made crafts for sale
Spa/Bodywork area
Plant Walk
Delicious food
Fireside conversations
Singing, Dancing and Drumming
Djembe workshop and jam session
Overnight camping

FALL FESTIVAL PLANNING MEETING AT SACRED GROVES, SUNDAY. JUNE 8, 11AM -1 PM    Enthusiasts welcome to show up--the more the merrier! Call a friend and invite them along to walk the land and look at the sites and spaces open to us.  Let's dream and ground the vision in the spirit of building community and friendraising. Please carpool and bring a sack lunch. Click here to let Paula know you are coming.

Want to sell crafts, add your input or volunteer? Contact Cathie:
tall photo of drummersSUNDAY JUNE 8, 10 AM TO 3 PM,  Burton Hill Lodge, Vashon Island

Pitch in to honor and renew this lodge, which serves so many throughout the year!
Please bring gloves. 
Clippers, knives, sharp hatchet and loppers are useful. 
Also, food and juice to share.

Weblink for ferry information
tall photo of drummers
Cedar Center, 906 Webb St SE, Lacey, WA
$5 suggested for facility rental + Hearth Fund donation encouraged

Join an intimate circle of women to drum, sing, and share ceremony, prayer and wisdom teachings in an informal, friendly monthly gathering. Experience the healing power of working with a women's Mother Drum, hoop drums, rattles, and song as you connect with women through drumming.  No experience needed. Open to all women. For info contact
OUR VULNERABLE STRENGTH: reflections from the Editor
trillium Julie Taylor.jpgAs Northwest spring temperatures seesaw from 40's to high 80's, my body, mind and emotions are asking daily, "What do I need to do next, to play my role in this drama of global warming?"

Trillium brightens my soul and offers a mirror, as she pops up in the woods, full of delicate strength. My own spindly arms grow stronger, hauling compost to the garden, digging a hole for a dogwood tree, hauling the laundry up from the basement to hang on the newly acquired clothesline. Every choice matters, in this determination to keep showing up for what sustains life. One of my Red Lodge sisters has bought chickens and is building a hive for bees. Another is downsizing her stuff to live creatively in two small trailers perched on the edge of a beautiful expansive meadow, so she can "walk out my door into beauty." 

Each of is preparing in her own way, during this warming season  of increased light and energy, to make it through what looks inevitably like tough times coming. We tread as lightly as we can. . . embracing the paradox of our vulnerable strength, while we re-weave ourselves more consciously into the web of life.
In Sisterhood,
Kristina Turner, Editor
Thanks to Julie for the trillium! (see

Readers Write for Us. . . .

Submissions to The Monthly are welcomed from WWRL Members.  Send photos or brief articles (a few paragraphs only) with news of Red Lodge events, programs or human interest stories. Deadline is the 20th of the month preceding JAN, MAR, MAY, JUNE, JULY, OCT and DEC. Send to:

ALOHA - Welcome New Members!
aloha leiAt the East Gathering, 3 new members joined, and have let us know they greatly appreciate the Moonsongs for the Goddess CD which is now included in our New Member Packet.  Heartfelt welcome to:
1 Lodge Sister from Sumner, WA
1 Lodge Sister from Enumclaw, WA
1 Support Circle Member from Black Diamond, WA

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