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MAY MONTHLY for Friends & Members of WWRL
Issue #31-2008
Enlivening the Sacred Feminine Through Education, Service and Sustainability
WHY RED?  reflections from the Editor
tall photo of drummers

Although Red Lodge is a young non-profit, we are sprouting from deep roots. For twenty years the loose-knit community of women who founded Red Lodge have been coming together at annual gatherings to witness each other's commitment to personal change.  In the way of woman, we have bled, wept, rejoiced and transformed ourselves together, in service to all life. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing community.

I have also been blessed for the past 16 years to be growing roots in my Vashon Community.  And what a convergence of energy flowed through my heart when I stood up to introduce Red Lodge to Vashon at our Friendraiser last month! I shared this poem, which many have asked me to print:

So Why Red?

Red is the color we see when what's inside
Emerges to meet what is outside.
Red is the color of ruby lips, speaking words of love.
And red is the color of birth--reminding us that
Each of us was born from the red of mother's womb
We have this in common--
Our body knowing the deep red feminine.
Red is the color of molten lava
And the unfurling rose.
Red is the color of revolution.
And surely this is the time for a revolution of
Consciousness on our planet--
Time for what is deep inside each of us
To come to the surface,
Bringing up our wisdom and compassion
In service to Mother Earth.
Red sings to us a new kind of revolutionary song--
Inviting us to go inside and touch that tender place
That cherishes life,
That knows the drumbeat of Mother's heart,
And trusts we can do this together.

                                    -Kristina Turner, March 2008
Why Red? Editorial
Our Songs Greet Members
Friendraising Success
World Peace & Prayer Drum Vigil
Sweat Lodge Work Party
The Work
Plateau Drummers Solstice
South Sound Drum Circle
WWRL Financial Summary
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Aloha to New Members
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tall photo of drummersNew members to Red Lodge are now greeted with a welcome packet that includes a free copy of our Moonsongs for the Goddess CD! Also in the packet is a very special card, with a photo of Maureen, taken by her husband Gerald, as she stands exuberantly at the center of the Labyrinth at Chartres in the year of her victorious healing.  Lyrics to Suzanne's Labyrinth Song are included on the card. . ."I'm walking to the center of my soul. . .Each step I take takes me deeper within. . ." Thanks to Drai for the graphics, and to Nan, our new Red Lodge greeter, for mailing each new member our heartfelt welcome-- wrapped with a red ribbon, a sprig of fresh cedar, and our blessings.
vashon friendraiserThe Red Lodge Vashon Friendraiser was successful beyond our vision!  Many circles wove together to create a beautiful sacred space in the old Grange Hall. Men, women and children were inspired and moved by connecting with our Mother Drum.  Great food appeared for the community potluck, and Jami Sieber's poetic and spirit-filled music lifted hearts and voices toward the power of song, change and hope.  Over 100 people attended, including at least 75 new faces.  We welcomed 7 new Support Circle members, a new Lodge Sister, and another Lodge Sister was inspired to renew.  While we anticipated a net income of around $300, we brought in over $950 to bolster the Red Lodge general fund.  Deep gratitude to all!

WORLD PEACE AND PRAYER DAY: 24 hour Solstice Drumming
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SATURDAY JUNE 21, 6 AM to SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 6 AM      Burton Hill, Vashon

Turning South on the Medicine Wheel, Red Lodge aligns with international celebrations of World Peace and Prayer Day with a 24-hour Solstice drumming.  We are blessed to share our Mother Drum medicine and invite women, children, and men to join in. We will look for 2-hour commitments to hold the Mother Drum beat steadily for the 24 hour vigil. Together with Pipe Ceremony shared by Jim, Richard will offer the song cycle that has come through him as the Hold the River Ceremony.  Kelly is gathering materials so everyone can make their own prayer flags for South, for prayers, for peace.

We will gather in the cedar circle on Burton Hill, Vashon Island. Come for as much of the day as you wish. Campers are welcome Friday and/or Saturday night in the front field. Campstove and sink are available for your outdoor cooking.

We are also looking for people to help prepare the land, set-up, and spread the word about this event.  Hearth donations are requested. To sign up to hold the Mother Drum beat for 2 hours, contact

tall photo of drummersSUNDAY JUNE 8, 10 AM TO 3 PM,  Burton Hill Lodge, Vashon Island

Please bring gloves. 
Clippers, knives, sharp hatchet and loppers are useful. 
Also, food and juice to share.

Weblink for ferry information
THE WORK for Listening Council Volunteers
ear listening
SATURDAY MAY 25, 10-5, Lynnwood

Conflict Evolution Council has arranged this one day training with Stephanie Bell and Celeste Gabriel, two facilitators of Byron Katie's Work. The Work is a communication process that facilitates getting intimately clear with self and others.  The training is open to Red Lodge members who want to expand their communication skill-base and are willing to be  available this year on an as-needed basis to serve as compassionate witnesses on CEC Listening Council Teams. (For more info on Listening Councils see pp. 6-7 of April eNEWS, 2007). Previous experience in Compassionate Listening Trainings and/or NVC is recommended, but not necessary. Class size limited to 12 and the fee is paid by WWRL. Register by May 11. Contact: CEC@WWRL.ORG

PLATEAU AREA DRUMMERS Celebrate Summer Solstice
summer sun
FRIDAY JUNE 20, 7 PM, in Enumclaw
At the home of Julie and Debbie
Open to Women and Men.  Hearth Fund Donations encouraged. 

At Summer's height, on the longest day and shortest night of Earth's solar year, we celebrate the completion of the cycle that began at Winter Solstice. Take a moment to reflect on your journey.  Celebrate victories no matter how small. Learn from mistakes, make a plan for improvement, and come drum together! For directions, contact:
tall photo of drummers
Cedar Center, 906 Webb St SE, Lacey, WA
$5 suggested for facility rental + Hearth Fund donation encouraged

Join an intimate circle of women to drum, sing, and share ceremony, prayer and wisdom teachings in an informal, friendly monthly gathering. Experience the healing power of working with a women's Mother Drum, hoop drums, rattles, and song as you connect with women through drumming.  No experience needed. Open to all women. Contact:
"The few and the mighty!" quipped our Program Chair Deb, with a grin.  The WWRL Board has whittled down to six women, as both Abundance Council and Communication Chair positions are unfilled and we are getting creative with distribution of tasks. (If you feel the inner nudge to step up, nominations for next year's board begin in September). 

Board members extend our heartfelt thanks to all the Council Members who bring their enthusiasm and dedication to co-create eNEWS, the website, and new programs!  All is well.
                                                            Year-end 2007     2008 Budget   Jan-Mar 2008
Membership                                                     2110                 2500                  1225
Donations: Hearth Jar & Leadership Fund          3884                  5735                   653
Programs and CD sales                                      3153                 5195                  1626
Total Income                                                  9147               13,430                  3504


Red Lodge programs & development                 9915                16,205                 4354
Total Expenses                                               9915                16,205                 4354
Net Gain or Loss                                            
-768                  -2775

2007 carry-over to 2008                         
Projected carry over to 2009                                                 

In 2007, Red Lodge granted $110 in Leadership Fund requests.
In 2008, Red Lodge budgets $1050 in Leadership Fund requests.

In 2007, Red Lodge had a net loss of $768 for the year. (Our projected loss was $2295).
In 2008, Red Lodge projects a net loss of $2775 for the year.

The Board has set an intention to eliminate that loss and move into the black.
We ask for everyone to align with this intention and help us manifest it in 2008.
We can do this by increasing participation in programs and events and
by generous donations to our Hearth Jar.
We can do this if everyone joins us in holding this intention and pitches in.

Readers Write for Us. . . .

Submissions to The Monthly are welcomed from WWRL Members.  Send photos or brief paragraphs with news of Red Lodge events, programs or human interest stories. Deadline is the 20th of the month preceding JAN, MAR, MAY, JUNE, JULY, OCT and DEC. Send to:

ALOHA - Welcome New Members!
aloha leiRed Lodge welcomes 2 Lodge Sister Members and 8 Support Circle Members from the following locations who joined us in March!

Enumclaw    3
Olympia       1
Pt Angeles    1
Seattle         1
Vashon         4

Ashley AdamsThis month's feature image of the Grape Hyacinth was photographed and contributed by Ashley Adams, daughter of Drai Bearwomyn. Spring is showing up in magikal and beautiful ways...

"Everything is blooming most recklessly;
if it were voices instead of colors,
there would be an unbelievable
shrieking into the heart of the night."
~Rainer Maria Rilke

WOMAN'S WAY RED LODGE is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

We are grateful that contributions and co-creative members support our programs and ongoing services in many Northwest communities. We are excited that several Lodge Sister Members are percolating visions to bring WWRL to more states.

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