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March 3, 2009



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John Koster's eNewsletter
 John Koster
Snohomish County Council
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Barbara Chapman, Legislative Aide
Wenberg Park Closed?  Not On My Watch! 
One of the real "jewels" of north Snohomish County, Wenberg State Park, could become a casualty of our current State budget woes.  With foresight from our county leaders, Snohomish County should waste no time in moving forward to adopt this priceless asset into the county's park system. 
Providing public access to the 46-acre Wenberg State Park offers the only boat launch available to the public on the lake. In addition, there are campsites, kitchen shelters, 50 picnic tables, concessions, and hiking trails.  People can go boating, camping, swimming, hiking, bird watching, or simply enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.
What a shame it would be to allow this park to close, especially in these difficult economic times!  Our local parks provide affordable access to wholesome and healthy activities for young and old alike.  By adopting Wenberg, Snohomish County will preserve this valuable resource for our community. 
Wenberg is a draw for tourism and brings in scores of people from places outside of Snohomish County.  The tourism generated by the park  contributes significantly to our economy, supporting local jobs and businesses.  A quick Google search will find Lake Goodwin and Wenberg State Park on numerous websites.  Many of these websites include links to Snohomish County hotels, motels, restaurants, and sporting goods stores.
Snohomish County's leadership and Parks Department are properly poised to expand the programs available at Wenberg.  By utilizing a model that has been successful in other parks around the county, we can improve access to a variety of programs at Wenberg including possible summertime youth camps, kayaking, canoeing and fishing.  With some investment in the coming years, Wenberg's facilities could include recreational opportunities that would create an even larger draw for tourism.
Some may argue that it is not the county's responsibility to adopt Wenberg into our parks system.  I say we cannot afford to lose such a valuable community asset.  Without the county stepping up, Wenberg may be closed, with very limited public use.
As the state legislature wraps up this session, the county should step up to the plate and commit to adopting Wenberg.  It's the right thing to do!
To comment, email:  [email protected]         
Send Written Comments to:       
Rex Derr
WA State Parks and Recreation Commssion
PO Box 42650
Tumwater,  WA 98504-2650

Request for Public Assistance Deadline

Applicant Briefing for Public Assistance due to the January 2009 Flood took place on Feb 26, 2009.  If for any reason you were unable to attend and plan to participate in the program you must complete and submit a Request for Public Assistance (FEMA Form 90-49) NLT by March 13, 2009.

Link to FEMA Form 90-49

Submit your request to Alysha Kaplan the EMD Regional Public Assistance Supervisor by email [email protected] or fax (253) 512-7405.

After EMD receives your application they will contact you to set up an appointment to brief you on the process.

DO NOT wait to have all of your estimates and costs compiled to submit your application - submit your application and establish a place holder for participation in the Public Assistance Program. 

Again I would like to reiterate that if you plan on participating in the Public Assistance program you must submit an application by March 13, 2009.  If you miss the application deadline you will not be able to participate.

If you have any questions please contact:
Mark Murphy
Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management
Response & Recovery Program Manager
(425) 388-5077 - Office
[email protected]
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John Koster
Snohomish County Council