July 27, 2010

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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is asking American citizens to contact the White House and the Department of Homeland Security to request that "safe departure" border checkpoints be established to offer safe passage to illegal immigrants who are leaving Arizona and leaving the United States in response to state level enforcement of existing federal laws and Constitutional provisions.

Arizona is reporting a mass exodus of illegal aliens who are selling their property and moving to other states or back to Central and South America. This pattern of a peaceful and gradual exodus mirrors reports from other states that have passed immigration enforcement laws.

Illegal immigrants detected trying to get into or out of the United States at border patrol checkpoints will be barred from applying to legally immigrate to the US for a minimum of ten years. Safe departure checkpoints would allow illegal alien families to depart the US without fear or hindrance.

"We are asking the Obama administration to designate border checkpoints that illegal immigrants can use to leave the US, without fear of detention or prosecution for immigration crimes," said William Gheen. "The peaceful and gradual exodus of illegals from Arizona shows there is no need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty. Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement works and has the desired effect without mass deportations."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC represents the views of a vast majority of Americans who simply want our existing border and immigration laws adequately enforced. Increased enforcement on the state level, combined with the bad economy, has led to a reversal in illegal immigration.

While thousands of illegal aliens, many carrying drugs, sneak into America with paramilitary gangs each night, many more are leaving America than are coming in according to government sources, pro-amnesty sources, and pro-enforcement sources. Illegals are leaving because of the economy, state level enforcement, and increasing animus from the American population representing all races.

"This is about the only situation we would ever advocate that our immigration laws be waived, we want to encourage the illegals to leave America on their own and thus we ask Obama to provide them safe passage out of America," said William Gheen.

If the Obama administration will designate "Safe Departure" border crossings and release these locations to the Spanish media, more illegals will leave in an orderly fashion, instead of trying risky dessert crossings, paying money to the cartels for passage south, or fleeing to other states.

Citizens can make their appeals to Obama and Homeland Security by calling White House 202-456-1414 and DHS 202-282-8000


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