June, 2012
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Omron NB-Series HMIs
FlexPak 3000 Replacement Guide
Hammond Power Solutions Custom Transformers

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At Vision Control & Automation, our job is to keep you informed and up to date with all the latest products and technologies. In order to best serve you, we continue to add the products you require to our inventory. 

While our #1 thrill at Vision Control and Automation may be bringing the market the latest innovations in motor control, we also enjoy taking time out to see what other cutting-edge things people are doing.  Take a few minutes to watch the video below to see how other people are applying technology in exciting new ways.



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Longer Lasting, Superior Quality HMIs From Omron



Omron's new NB-Series Operator Interface Terminals feature a wide display, long-life LED backlight and a 
color TFT that makes it easy to arrange text and images. The terminals come in 5.6 inch and 7 inch, and feature a 65,536 color HMI. The long-life of 50,000 hours and 128MB of Flash memory allow graphics and content to be generated freely without any power disruption. 
The NB-Series Operator Interface Terminals allow for advanced functions for compact solutions by providing animated GIF support, pop-up and transparent windows, built-in fast selection and task bar, and data logging and trending. The terminals also allow for 32 users and 16 levels of password protection.




ABB Now Offers a Replacement Guide for FlexPak 3000


ABB now has a replacement guide for the Reliance FlexPak 3000, making it easier to install a DCS800 to replace the now obsolete FlexPak 3000. The newly revised FlexPak 3000 to DCS800-EP replacement guide (rev. B) is now available electronically and in print. In addition, Vision Control & Automation has incorporated user suggestions into the document to make the most comprehensive guide available to date. One of the additions, for example, is the new parameter cross-reference table, which identified which DCS800 software parameter is the functional equivalent of the FlexPak 3000 parameter. Over 40 FlexPak 3000 parameters are cross-referenced.


Get Custom Wound Transformers from Hammond Power Solutions

Hammond Power Solutions offers a variety of dry-type transformers with standard three phase ratings up to 1000 kVA and specials to 34 MVA. HPS also features state of the art technology and manufacturing processes, and designs and manufactures many unique specialty and custom transformer products. 
Hammond Power System transformers are suitable for any commercial, industrial, manufacturing or production process application and can be engineered for any environmental condition. In addition to conventional indoor applications, our dry units can be built for outdoor locations, where airborne contaminants pose a risk to electrical equipment. 
The Hammond Power System Transformer Products Catalog not only provides information about their available transformers and autotransformers, but gives an indepth look into general transformer knowledge, terminology and transformer types, making it easy to pick the correct transformer for your application.